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Understanding Your Purpose

Understanding Your Purpose

Author: Raymond Aisabor


ISBN: 9781483422589


Page: 232

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Purpose is the reason for which you are created; it's the reason for your existence. God has a unique purpose for each of us. Just as our fingerprints are different and exclusive to us, so is God's plan and purpose different for each of us. In Understanding Your Purpose, author Raymond Aisabor offers a blueprint for discovering and living out your life's purpose. Aisabor provides practical insights and examples to help you self-reflect on what God's plan for you is. He incorporates spiritual applications using Bible verses complemented with real-life examples of people who have pursued purpose. Understanding Your Purpose addresses the key facets of finding purpose, including clarifying the definition of purpose and discussing the obstacles to achieving your purpose, while explaining how wisdom and the mind play a part in discerning purpose.
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The Flower Remedy Book

The Flower Remedy Book

Author: Jeffrey G. Shapiro

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1556432968

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 282

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For beginners, intermediates, and advanced flower essence buffs alike, The Flower Remedy Book addresses the single most commonly asked flower essence question: how do you know which essence(s) to take? This vital companion guide takes the mystery out of essence selection, in a comprehensive and easy to digest manner. It diffuses the sense of confusion and overwhelm one faces, with so many reputable flower essences, and essence lines, presently available. In this book, Dr. Garsen Shapiro has provided credibility and dimension to an old healing art recently rediscovered.
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Wisdom Seekers

Wisdom Seekers

Author: Nevill Drury

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846948978

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 312

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Wisdom Seekers: The Rise of the New Spirituality explores the origins and precursors of the New Age movement, its consolidation within the American counterculture of the late 1960s, and its development into an international spiritual perspective in contemporary Western society. The book considers the influence on the New Age of metaphysicians like Emanuel Swedenborg, Mesmer, Madame Blavatsky and Gurdjieff; pioneering thinkers like Freud, Jung and William James; and the contribution to New Age thought of Indian spiritual traditions and transpersonal psychology. Wisdom Seekers also describes the way in which the New Age paradigm has absorbed the most recent discoveries of quantum physics and consciousness research, and it explores the New Age focus on personal spiritual experience rather than formal religious doctrines.
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Church Administration and Management

Church Administration and Management

Author: Dag Heward-Mills

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449712532

Category: Religion

Page: 544

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Achieving excellence in church management Vital information on proper, ethical conduct for God's servants Clear information on achieving the frugal use of resources A valuable and timely resume of the full-time ministry Takes you beyond mediocrity in church administration
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Cosmic Science of the Ancient Masters

Cosmic Science of the Ancient Masters

Author: Hilton Hotema

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 0787312819


Page: 104

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1969 If a man die, shall he live again? is reincarnation a fact? the sublime truths of the Universe. the Mysteries of Nature, of Man; the Grand cycle of Creation; Conscious & subconscious Mind; Intuition: Immortality; dormant Organs; the Mysteri.
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Kingdom And Wisdom’s Parables

Kingdom And Wisdom’s Parables

Author: Aldivan Teixeira Torres

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785041646967

Category: Religion


View: 108

Collection of short stories related to kingdom themes and wisdom.Each story aims to make the reader analyze and ponder the best choices in life. They are practical examples and very useful everyday. The book is intended especially for those who do not has found its way to evolution and well-being.
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Author: Miranda Rumina

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595245147

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 452

View: 872

Lydia is a true story, a fascinating tale about a brave young woman in search of love and total freedom. Lydia is an ambitious, strong-minded girl with a middle class background, that follows her dreams to discover her creativity and become an amazing artist. It is a controversial story about a small, unimportant girl entering a wide new world, starting from scratch, always finding practical solutions that change her life style rapidly. In search of her teacher, she dedicates herself to many different techniques that open the memory of her childhood and past incarnations, thus revealing the secrets of the unknown that keep following and frightening her from her birth. As she progresses, she loses weight, heals herself of cancer and other illnesses, overcomes other great difficulties, and step by step, comes from "thorns to the stars". But most of all, she makes her deepest wish come true - she finds her long awaited twin soul, with whom all parts of her life unite and make sense. Although she is connected with her higher self through her wise teacher, she is denied spirituality through the form of false prophets, and narrow-minded individuals in search of power and magic.
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The Complete Master Key System

The Complete Master Key System

Author: William Gladstone

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698171220

Category: Self-Help

Page: 512

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The Complete Master Key System builds on the classic work of Charles Haanel to teach contemporary audiences how to tap into their personal potential and manifest harmony, abundance, and fulfillment. Published in 1912, The Master Key System went on to influence Ernest Holmes, Napoleon Hill, and many others who sought to use mental power as a means of attaining success. In The Complete Master Key System, William Gladstone, Richard Greninger, and John Selby hark back to Charles Haanel’s original text, and develop exercises that heighten readers’ ability to implement Haanel’s core principles. Their Daily Manifestation Sessions incorporate the most effective focusing methods used today and integrate ancient meditative techniques with new insights in cognitive psychology. The Complete Master Key System is packaged with Haanel’s original Master Key System in the appendix and includes a foreword by Mark Victor Hansen and an afterword by Jack Canfield.
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Speaking Infinities

Speaking Infinities

Author: Ariel Evan Mayse

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812297058

Category: Religion

Page: 408

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A study of the life and work of 'the Maggid"—a major figure in the mystical thought of early Hasidism Enshrined in Jewish memory simply as "the Maggid" (preacher), Rabbi Dov Ber Friedman of Mezritsh (1704-1772) played a critical role in the formation of Hasidism, the movement of mystical renewal that became one of the most important and successful forces in modern Jewish life. In Speaking Infinities, Ariel Evan Mayse turns to the homilies of the Maggid to explore the place of words in mystical experience. He argues that the Maggid's theory of language is the key to unpacking his abstract mystical theology as well as his teachings on the devotional life and religious practice. Mayse shows how Dov Ber's vision of language emerges from his encounters with Ba'al Shem Tov (the BeSHT), the founder of Hasidic Judaism, whose teaching put forward a vision of radical divine immanence. Taking the BeSHT's notion of God's immanence as a kind of linguistic vitality echoing in the cosmos, Dov Ber developed a theory of language in which all human tongues, even in their mundane forms, have the potential to become sacred when returned to their divine source. Analyzing homilies and theological meditations on language, Mayse demonstrates that Dov Ber was an innovative thinker and contends that, in many respects, it was Dov Ber, rather than the BeSHT, who was the true founder of Hasidism as it took root, and the foremost shaper of its early theology. Speaking Infinities offers an exploration of this introspective mystic's life, gleaned from scattered anecdotes, legends, and historical sources, distinguishing the historical personage from the figure that emerges from the composite array of textual and oral traditions that have shaped the memory of the Maggid and his legacy.