Bobs Furniture Leather Sofa

Bobs Furniture Leather Sofa

Purchased a dining room regulate. When my wife dusted the new procure she found that the glue and paint were vigorous. Tried some up-sill but backed off quickly when I made it manifest that i wasn’t interested. I couldn’t suppose it and both of us needed up with glued fingers with murky image. Salesperson, Jocelyn, was jaunty and helpful. We journey to the manager RJ and he was indifferent of our situation saying that the delivery had NOTHING to do with Bob’s when the delivery roller was ladened with Bob’s visage and ads, we hirer the supply for delivery and the guys who delivered above-mentioned they worked for Bob’s. In the prosecute, the freeing man stepped on a heating inn on the floor which inducement it to break and then caused a whole in the cupola of the basement below. Goof Proof Plus is a deception that should no really be shut. I was told that once the outfit is speak, deficient or not, there are no refunds. If this were a one time incident it could be put down to a shameful or uneducated seller but upon investigation on this site, the BBB, Yelp and Bob’s Discount Furniture’s own Facebook page, the practice is pervasive through the company. You truly get what you pay for. Now, they are denying my assert to recompense for the damage due to lies from the delivery person. The manager RJ propound no support whatsoever. On 3.17.17, Debbie, from the Monroeville store, called to temper that they didn’t have all of my pieces in stock. You are better off preserving a little more and going with a better quality piece of furniture.

Short sweet sales prosecute. Someone glued and painted the issue. In and out in less than 30 minutes.


Scarborough, ME contriver RJ needs people skills. I was advised at the time that my coverlet would not be usable until 3.22.17, so I inventory delivery for that date. I designate to restore the dresser and get a refund. My mandate was PAID IN FULL–in cash–on the age of purchase. I went in to purchase a specific mattress. We called immediately and line a claim. Got what I failure. After weeks of being given the runaround, I was lastly able to pronounce to someone. We rescheduled surrender for 3.28.17 as it was controlling that I receive the furniture in one delivery. Upon making a claim we were told that the detriment wasn’t hooded because it was a hardware problem and the precaution only crusted mad. At this point I am acquisition frustrated with the lack of communication and customer benefit. The copartnery is knowingly infectious specie for a precaution plan the Bob’s Discount Furniture does not expect to cover any impair.Helpful?YesNo

I purchased a 6-piece chamber obstruct from Bob’s Discount Furniture (Monroeville, PA) on 3.2.17. A week inferior, on the day the dresser was to be delivered they showed up 4 hours soon and no one was habitat. My fault for not pericope the refined print and will certainly not be making any strive with Bob’s ever again. He never gave us government, never warn, etc.

Jen of Carmel, NY on March 17, 2017Satisfaction RatingBob’s discharge a inlay to my inn. When pronounce there was a broken blackleg on a chair and a chunk of the pedestal had strained off. I have photo test and have writing all calls and emails interchange.Helpful?YesNo

Christina of North Dighton, MA on April 7, 2017Satisfaction RatingMy begetter buy a bedroom prepare for my dauphiness from Bob’s Discount Furniture and procure the Goof Proof Plus plan in opinion that it hooded all occasional damage.