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Aqa GCSE (9-1) Design & Technology 8552

Aqa GCSE (9-1) Design & Technology 8552

Author: M. J. Ross

Publisher: Pg Online Limited

ISBN: 1910523100

Category: Design

Page: 306

View: 606

This is a brand new book that provides comprehensive yet concise coverage of all the topics and disciplines covered in the new AQA 8552 Design and Technology (9-1) specification, written and presented in a way that is accessible to teenagers and easy to teach from. It will be invaluable both as a course text and as a revision guide for students nearing the end of their course. It is divided into neat sections covering every element of the specification. Sections 5A to 5F of the textbook cover each of the six specialist technical areas. These sections would complement practical classroom experience. Solutions to all questions and exercises are provided in a free teacher pack available on our website. To accompany this textbook, PG Online also publishes a series of 12 downloadable teaching units. Each topic in a unit consists of a PowerPoint presentation, teacher's notes, worksheets, homework sheets and a final assessment test with practice questions. Each topic within a unit is expected to be taught over several lessons in a week. Units are sold as a lifetime site licence and may be loaded onto the school's private network or VLE.
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The Toxic Classroom

The Toxic Classroom

Author: Richard Steward

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000081589

Category: Education

Page: 178

View: 919

The Toxic Classroom offers a wide-ranging look at education today and explores in detail the pressures children experience as a result of constant change, digital technology and political interference. Beginning with what it is like to be a child in the classroom, the book goes on to provide a detailed analysis of the curriculum, assessment and accountability, school structures, educating for global citizenship and the plethora of social issues schools are now expected to solve. Written from the perspective of a successful headteacher with over 30 years' teaching experience, the book considers what needs to be done to put things right and outlines a more equitable and effective school system. Each chapter outlines the steps schools can implement immediately and the longer-term policy changes that are needed de-toxify the classroom and facilitate a genuine love of learning. Offering a challenging yet compelling argument for putting education back into the hands of teachers, this book will be of great interest both to the general reader and to those working within education such as teachers and professionals who wish to improve the ways in which children learn and develop.