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Beginning Theory

Beginning Theory

Author: Peter Barry

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719062683

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 308

View: 299

In this second edition of Beginning Theory, the variety of approaches, theorists, and technical language is lucidly and expertly unraveled and explained, and allows readers to develop their own ideas once first principles have been grasped. Expanded and updated from the original edition first published in 1995, Peter Barry has incorporated all of the recent developments in literary theory, adding two new chapters covering the emergent Eco-criticism and the re-emerging Narratology.
Released on 1988-01-01Categories Philosophy

The Beginnings of Nietzsche's Theory of Language

The Beginnings of Nietzsche's Theory of Language

Author: Claudia Crawford

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110862522

Category: Philosophy

Page: 335

View: 687

In der Reihe werden herausragende monographische Interpretationen von Nietzsches Werk im Ganzen oder von spezifischen Themen und Aspekten aus unterschiedlichen wissenschaftlichen Perspektiven veröffentlicht, vor allem aus philosophischer, literatur- und kommunikationswissenschaftlicher, soziologischer und historischer Sicht. Die Publikationen repräsentieren den aktuellen Stand. Jeder Band ist peer-reviewed.
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Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner Theory

Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner Theory


Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9781616777425

Category: Music

Page: 64

View: 750

(Faber Piano Adventures ). Correlated to go along with the 12 units of the Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner Lesson Book, this book provides valuable reinforcement of theory, concepts through writing, sightreading, and ear training activities.
Released on 2006-02-10Categories Social Science

The Strengths Model : Case Management with People with Psychiatric Disabilities

The Strengths Model : Case Management with People with Psychiatric Disabilities

Author: School of Social Welfare University of Kansas Charles A. Rapp Professor

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199775026

Category: Social Science

Page: 315

View: 387

Much has occurred since the publication of the first edition of this classic textbook. Recovery from psychiatric disabilities has become the new vision for mental health services. It has placed a new eminence on consumer resiliency, choice, self-determination, shared decision-making, and empowerment. Implementing evidence-based services has become a major focus of service system reform internationally. The Strengths Model, Second Edition firmly grounds the strengths model of case management within the recovery paradigm and details evidence-based guidelines for practice. In clear language the authors describe the conceptual underpinnings, theory, empirical support, principles, and practice methods that comprise the strengths model of case management. A chapter on the organizational structure and management methods necessary for successful implementation of the model make this a valuable tool for trainers, supervisors, and quality assurance personnel. This thoroughly updated edition reflects the dynamic nature of the strengths model. Practice methods have been added and refined and more detailed descriptions provided. Practice tools have been improved and new ones, like the Strengths Model Fidelity Instrument, added. New case vignettes have been added to give the reader a vivid picture of the methods in actual practice. A user-friendly guide for students and professionals, The Strengths Model remains the only book available that systematically translates the ideas and conceptions about the strengths model into a set of empirically derived practices for people with psychiatric disabilities.
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Introduction to Health Behavior Theory

Introduction to Health Behavior Theory

Author: Joanna Hayden

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9781284231922

Category: Education

Page: 366

View: 140

"Introduction to Health Behavior Theory presents behavior theory in a concise, practical, and easy-to-understand way geared specifically toward the undergraduate audience. The text focuses exclusively on the most common health behavior change theories, and each theory is presented its own chapter to support student comprehension and reduce confusion"--
Released on 2006Categories Medical

The Strengths Model

The Strengths Model

Author: Charles A. Rapp

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195182855

Category: Medical

Page: 334

View: 306

"Second edition grounds the strengths model of case management within the recovery paradigm and details evidence-based guidelines for practice. Describes the conceptual underpinnings, theory, empirical support, principles, and practice methods that comprise the strengths model of case management"--Provided by publisher.
Released on 2012-03-29Categories Literary Criticism

Key Terms in Literary Theory

Key Terms in Literary Theory

Author: Mary Klages

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441115737

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 144

View: 286

Students of literature, film and cultural studies need to understand key theoretical terms and concepts but often find it hard to get to grips with exactly what they mean. This book provides precise definitions of terms and concepts in literary theory, along with explanations of the major movements and figures in literary and cultural theory and an extensive bibliography. It is designed for the student who needs to know what a particular term means, how it is used, and where it comes from, and enables them to apply the terms and concepts to their own investigations. The three part structure provides clear definitions of key terms and ideas, introductions to major figures including biographical and historical overviews and an annotated guide to important works. This invaluable resource provides readers with an easily accessible and comprehensive reference guide to literary and cultural theory.
Released on 2021-08-17Categories Religion

This Present Darkness

This Present Darkness

Author: Kristen Welch

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725292987

Category: Religion

Page: 234

View: 476

As a Christian--as a college student--do you want to be a feminist? Why would anybody want to be a feminist? And what, if anything, have Christians done to advance women's rights? The answers lie in this book where the history of women preachers, the rise of the publishing industry, the creation of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century female seminaries and academies, and the work of feminist theologians is explored. This book introduces the Christian college student to a coherent story of First, Second, and Third Wave Feminism and how these interlocking histories overlap with Christian faith and practice. Designed for the student who has little or no knowledge of feminist histories, theories, and practices, this book offers timelines, reading lists, and glossaries to help orient the student in a field of study often filled with irony and contradictions. Furthermore, the influence of anti-feminists and the impact of visual culture tell a story of how power is made and how it is challenged. Throughout this book, students are invited to consider their relationship with feminism and to critically reflect on a position that holds true to their faith as they are experiencing it in the twenty-first century.
Released on 2005Categories Literary Criticism

Postmodern Medievalisms

Postmodern Medievalisms

Author: Richard J. Utz

Publisher: DS Brewer

ISBN: 184384012X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 262

View: 914

Studies of texts from the late middle ages to the contemporary moment, together they indicate, broadly, directions both in postmodern studies and studies in medievalism.
Released on 2010-01Categories Literary Criticism

Local Natures, Global Responsibilities

Local Natures, Global Responsibilities

Author: Laurenz Volkmann

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042028128

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 370

View: 529

In the New Literatures in English, nature has long been a paramount issue: the environmental devastation caused by colonialism has left its legacy, with particularly disastrous consequences for the most vulnerable parts of the world. At the same time, social and cultural transformations have altered representations of nature in postcolonial cultures and literatures. It is this shift of emphasis towards the ecological that is addressed by this volume. A fast-expanding field, ecocriticism covers a wide range of theories and areas of interest, particularly the relationship between literature and other 'texts' and the environment. Rather than adopting a rigid agenda, the interpretations presented involve ecocritical perspectives that can be applied most fruitfully to literary and non-literary text. Some are more general, 'holistic' approaches: literature and other cultural forms are a 'living organism', part of an intellectual ecosystem, implemented and sustained by the interactions between the natural world, both human and non-human, and its cultural representations. 'Nature' itself is a new interpretative category in line with other paradigms such as race, class, gender, and identity. A wide range of genres are covered, from novels or films in which nature features as the main topic or 'protagonist' to those with an ecocritical agenda, as in dystopian literature. Other concerns are: nature as a cultural construct; 'gendered' natures; and the city/country dichotomy. The texts treated challenge traditional Western dualisms (human/animal, man/nature, woman/man). While such global phenomena as media ('old' or 'new'), tourism, and catastrophes permeate many of these texts, there is also a dual focus on nature as the inexplicable, elusive 'Other' and the need for human agency and global responsibility. Laurenz Volkmann is Professor of EFL Teaching at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, where NAncy Grimm and Katrin Thomson also teach. Ines Detmers is a lecturer in English literature at the Technical University of Chemnitz.