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Chambers Film Factfinder

Chambers Film Factfinder

Author: Camilla Rockwood

Publisher: Larousse Kingfisher Chambers

ISBN: UCSC:32106018791589

Category: Reference

Page: 488

View: 368

Packed with fascinating information, Chambers Film Factfinder is a lively, informative collection of reference lists, biographies, film trivia and facts on a wide range of film-related topics. Individual examinations of film-producing countries from Australia to Zimbabwe give an international perspective on the industry, while coverage of 25 major film categories, genres and franchises ensures something to interest film fans of all types. Accessible but authoritative, Chambers Film Factfinder is perfect for new fans and serious film buffs alike.
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Dictionary of Sports and Games Terminology

Dictionary of Sports and Games Terminology

Author: Adrian Room

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786457571

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 186

View: 628

The specialized jargon of some sports can be quite esoteric. Non-Americans, for example, are likely puzzled by baseball terms such as bunt, cut-off man, and safety squeeze, while the non–British may pause over cricket’s Chinaman, doosra, golden duck, off-break, popping crease, and yorker. This new dictionary gives the definitions of more than 8,000 terms used in sports and games from around the world, including mainstream sports like basketball and billiards alongside the more obscure netball and snooker. Entries cover sports equipment, strategies, venues, qualifying categories, awards, and administrative bodies, while a comprehensive system of cross-references offers assistance and clarification when needed. An appendix lists standard abbreviations of sports ruling bodies and administrative organizations.
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The Spirit of the Game

The Spirit of the Game

Author: Mihir Bose

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781849018265

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 529

View: 101

The spirit of the game was first nurtured on the playing fields of the English public school, and in the pages of Tom Brown's Schooldays- this Corinthian spirit was then exported around the world. The competitive spirit, the importance of fairness, the nobility of the gifted amateur seemed to sum up everything that was good about Britishness and the games they played. Today, sport is dominated by corruption, money, celebrity and players who are willing to dive in the box if it wins them a penalty. Yet, we still believe and talk about the game as if it had a higher moral purpose. Since the age of Thomas Arnold, Sport has been used to glorify dictatorships and was at the heart of cold war diplomacy. Prime Ministers, princes and presidents will do whatever they can to ensure that their country holds a major sporting tournament. Nelson Mandela saw the victory of the Rugby World Cup as essential to his hopes for the Rainbow Nation. Mihir Bose has lived his life around sport and in this book he tells the story of how Sport has lost its original spirit and how it has emerged in the 20th century to become the most powerful political tool in the world. With examples and stories from around the world including how the sport-hating Thomas Arnold become an icon; how a German manufacturer gave Jessie Owens a pair of shoes at the Berlin games of 1936 and went on to dominate the world of sport; how India stole cricket from the ICC; how an Essex car dealer become the most powerful man in Formula 1; and who really sold football out. Praise for Mihir Bose: 'Mihir Bose is India's CLR James.' Simon Barnes, The Times. 'Mihir's insider knowledge is unsurpassed' David Welch. 'His Olympic contacts are second to none. He knows everybody.' Sue Mott.
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Chambers Sports Factfinder

Chambers Sports Factfinder

Author: Patrick White

Publisher: Chambers Publishing Group

ISBN: 0550101616

Category: Sports

Page: 0

View: 743

Chambers Sports Factfinder covers more than one hundred sports from around the world. Includes rules and diagrams, terminology and slang, major competition results, biographies, and little-known facts -- this resource is current (as of 1 January 2005) and is presented in a clear, easy-to-use format. All sports included begin with a discussion of their origins, and description of the main features and rules of the sport.
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Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers 2006

Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers 2006

Author: Shannon Graff Hysell

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1591583802

Category: Instructional materials centers

Page: 380

View: 604

Based on the highly acclaimed reviews of American Reference Books Annual, RRB features only those resources that have been recommended for purchase by small and medium-sized academic, public, or school libraries. Written by over 200 subject specialists, the reviews will help librarians quickly identify the best, most affordable, and most appropriate new reference materials in any given field. All reviewer comments--both positive and negative--have been retained, since even recommended works may be weak in one respect or another. If your budget precludes ARBA, this tool will provide you with the necessary information for the development of your collection. Features 530 critical reviews of reference books, CD-ROMs, and Web sites from the years 2004-2006 written by academic, public, and school librarians or professionals in the field. The reviews are selected based on their appropriateness for school libraries, small college libraries, or small public libraries (i.e., lower priced, highest quality, etc.), and feature a coded letter (i.e., C, P, S) indicating the type of library for which the medium is recommended. The reviews are pulled from ARBA 2006.
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Chambers World Factfinder

Chambers World Factfinder

Author: Chambers Harrap Publishers

Publisher: Chambers Harrap Pub Limited

ISBN: UCSC:32106018831179

Category: Reference

Page: 648

View: 978

A comprehensive overview of world geography and politics furnishes thousands of facts about the individual nations of the world, as well as information on physical geography, key environmental issues, climate, culture, and more.