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The Cosmology of Love

The Cosmology of Love

Author: Laura Biswas


ISBN: 0692886001


Page: 130

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Experiencing love in life is the paramount wish for all of us. Join in with your loved ones to discover your specific needs so that greater love can flow in your life and to the ones you love. It is with grace that author, Laura Smith Biswas, elucidates many forms of love to allow you to build from small, specific steps to a love-filled life. Her proven discovery process will open your eyes to what you need and what those you love are seeking in return. Uncovering the ways that you desire to be loved will allow you to better communicate them and see the actions to foster deeper connection and intimacy. In addition, the Cosmology of Love will inspire you to lay the foundation for loving yourself more fully. The Cosmology of Love is supported by the companion book, Affirmations of Love that takes this discovery process further to provide over 400 affirmations for integration and practice of the ways of loving described in this book. Praise for The Cosmology of Love - "In our love relationships, we all need to stoke the fire at times, rekindling the essential joy and connection that brought us together. This book does just that - providing simple tools for you to ignite the underlying love in a couple or family and strengthen it through clear, powerful ways of loving." Rose Cole, Spiritual Guide.
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Journey into the New Cosmology

Journey into the New Cosmology

Author: David P. Judd

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469761718

Category: Self-Help

Page: 108

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For many years there has been a growing conflict between the evidence we have been accumulating and the assumptions we have had about the nature of reality. We can no longer maintain the belief in a strictly physical world composed of solid physical matter; our reality is much larger, more dynamic, and more malleable than that kind of substance would allow. In this book David Judd explores the evidence from quantum physics, academia and mysticism that is leading us to new understandings of ourselves and the world we live in. We have embarked on an exciting new journey that holds great promise for the future of humankind.
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The Cosmology of Love

The Cosmology of Love

Author: matti charlton

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1675053715


Page: 24

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matti takes the reader on a tour of relationships using the languages of the sciences - soft and hard - and gently guides through the arc of it all, all with genderless language via a flexible and dynamic voice. canada's eminent transgender poet delivers on their most famous work in the canadian gay and lesbian archives.
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Core Omnidoxy

Core Omnidoxy

Author: Cometan

Publisher: Astral Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 5687

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Immerse yourself into the most famous writings of Cometan; The Twelve Grand Disquisitions. This is where Astronism and the philosophership of Cometan truly began. The Core Omnidoxy publication compiles together the twelve disquisitions that form the "core" of the Omnidoxy. These disquisitions are the text's beating heart and they have held an incomparable impact on the development of Astronism. Buy your copy of Core Omnidoxy today and get all twelve disquisitions in just one book! Here's what is included in this publication: The Monodoxy: The Principles of The Aesthetic Cosmos The Duodoxy: The Principles of The Logical Cosmos The Tridoxy: The Principles of Aid & Stewardship The Tetradoxy: The Principles of Justice & Patience The Pentadoxy: The Principles of Ambition & Enlightenment The Hexadoxy: The Principles of Ontology & Perception The Septidoxy: The Principles of Cosmic Exploration The Octadoxy: The Principles of Advancement & Eschatology The Nonodoxy: The Principles of Epistemology & Ethics The Decadoxy: The Principles of Space & Time The Hendecadoxy: The Principles of Peace & Acceptance The Dodecadoxy: The Principles of Imagination & Freedom
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Introduction to Cosmology

Introduction to Cosmology

Author: Barbara Ryden

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316889404

Category: Science

Page: 277

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This second edition of Introduction to Cosmology is an exciting update of an award-winning textbook. It is aimed primarily at advanced undergraduate students in physics and astronomy, but is also useful as a supplementary text at higher levels. It explains modern cosmological concepts, such as dark energy, in the context of the Big Bang theory. Its clear, lucid writing style, with a wealth of useful everyday analogies, makes it exceptionally engaging. Emphasis is placed on the links between theoretical concepts of cosmology and the observable properties of the universe, building deeper physical insights in the reader. The second edition includes recent observational results, fuller descriptions of special and general relativity, expanded discussions of dark energy, and a new chapter on baryonic matter that makes up stars and galaxies. It is an ideal textbook for the era of precision cosmology in the accelerating universe.
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Society and Nature

Society and Nature

Author: Hans Kelsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317833178

Category: Social Science

Page: 462

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First published in 1998.This is Volume XIV of eighteen in the Sociology of Behaviour and Psychology series. This text is concerned with sociological inquiry into society and nature. Written in 1946, it investigates the idea that society and nature, if conceived of as two different systems of elements, are the results of two different methods of thinking and are only as such two different objects. The same elements, connected with each other according to the principle of causality, constitute nature; connected with each other according to another, namely, a normative, principle, they constitute society
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Worship and the New Cosmology

Worship and the New Cosmology

Author: Catherine Vincie

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814682975

Category: Religion

Page: 136

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What is the Christian response to developments in the hard sciences? What do discoveries at the macro and micro levels have to say about Christian theology, about a theology of God, Christology, pneumatology, and creation? How do the developments in systematic theology that do take the advances in cosmology and the New Sciences seriously come to bear on our worship life?These are the questions that are addressed in this text. It is an initial effort to bring cosmology and the New Sciences into dialogue with developments in systematic and sacramental theology. This book also suggests some ways in which these developments might appear in our worship. Overall, the author is concerned to reduce the cognitive dissonance between our scientifically informed everyday lives and our life of faith.
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The Christocentric Cosmology of St Maximus the Confessor

The Christocentric Cosmology of St Maximus the Confessor

Author: Torstein Tollefsen

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191608063

Category: Religion

Page: 254

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St. Maximus the Confessor (580-662), was a major Byzantine thinker, a theologian and philosopher. He developed a philosophical theology in which the doctrine of God, creation, the cosmic order, and salvation is integrated in a unified conception of reality. Christ, the divine Logos, is the centre of the principles (the logoi ) according to which the cosmos is created, and in accordance with which it shall convert to its divine source. Torstein Tollefsen treats Maximus' thought from a philosophical point of view, and discusses similar thought patterns in pagan Neoplatonism. The study focuses on Maximus' doctrine of creation, in which he denies the possibility of eternal coexistence of uncreated divinity and created and limited being. Tollefsen shows that by the logoi God institutes an ordered cosmos in which separate entities of different species are ontologically interrelated, with man as the centre of the created world. The book also investigates Maximus' teaching of God's activities or energies, and shows how participation in these energies is conceived according to the divine principles of the logoi. An extensive discussion of the complex topic of participation is provided.