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Turning Points

Turning Points

Author: Robert Foster

Publisher: Wakefield Press

ISBN: 9781743051757

Category: South Australia

Page: 168

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How distinctive is South Australia after all? South Australia has often been represented as 'different': free of convicts, more enlightened in its attitudes toward Aboriginal people, established on rational economic principles, and progressive in its social and political development. Some of this is true, some of it is not, but mostly the story is more complex. In this book, eminent historians explore these themes by examining some key 'turning points' in South Australia's history. Henry Reynolds considers the question of Aboriginal rights to land. Bill Gammage illustrates the nature of Aboriginal land management. Paul Sendziuk unravels the myth of the colony's convict-free origins, while Robert Foster and Amanda Nettelbeck reveal a surprisingly strong sense of 'nationalism' in colonial South Australia. Susan Magarey traces the histories of two crucial events in the advancement of women. Neal Blewett examines the political innovations of Don Dunstan. Jill Roe looks at life in the country in twentieth-century South Australia, and Mark Peel life in the city, in particular the migrant experience after World War Two. Finally, John Hirst asks: 'How distinctive was South Australia after all?'
Released on 1989Categories Medical policy

Just for the Record

Just for the Record

Author: John Cornwall

Publisher: Wakefield Press

ISBN: 1862542562

Category: Medical policy

Page: 244

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This is the first account of the Bannon years, indispensable because it's told by a former senior minister without hope or desire of reinstatement. It's a successful reformer's diary of some of the Bannon government's finest achievements.
Released on 2007Categories Governors

Roma the First

Roma the First

Author: Susan Magarey

Publisher: Wakefield Press

ISBN: 1862547807

Category: Governors

Page: 480

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Roma Mitchell contributed importantly to her times, pioneering a new kind of womanhood and becoming an inspiration in terms of opportunities and freedoms for women in Australia.
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Water Politics in the Murray-Darling Basin

Water Politics in the Murray-Darling Basin

Author: Daniel Connell

Publisher: Federation Press

ISBN: 1862876339

Category: Darling River Watershed (Qld. and N.S.W.)

Page: 241

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In January 2007 the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, announced a $10 billion plan to reform rural water management. Most of the effort will focus on the Murray-Darling Basin. In this book Daniel Connell explains why there is a crisis in the Murray Darling. He highlights the disastrous consequences of a century of fitful, reluctant "co-operation" between the six governments responsible for the region. Connell argues that a new institutional system is essential - but a Commonwealth takeover is not the best answer. Instead, the Commonwealth government should use its constitutional and financial power to force the States to adopt national policies - and stick to them, whatever the local politics. The States would continue to play a substantial role but the controls would be tighter, the framework more comprehensive. He also shows how the National Water Initiative, the great blueprint for water reform, has stalled with many of its most important recommendations ignored. So far the public debate about the future of the Murray Darling Basin has concentrated on new technical projects and increased water trading. Connell argues that unless institutional change is given priority, hundreds of millions of dollars of annual investment will be frittered away - and the crisis will continue.
Released on 2011Categories Communists

Red Silk

Red Silk

Author: Penelope Debelle

Publisher: Wakefield Press

ISBN: 9781862549562

Category: Communists

Page: 250

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Elliott Johnston is a working class hero. He and Elizabeth Johnston became Communists in 1941 and he resigned only to join the South Australian Supreme Court Bench.
Released on 2005-05-20Categories Social Science

Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality

Author: Chris Beasley

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761969799

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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About various theories of gender, sexuality, feminism and masculinity including queer theory, transgender theorizing, modernist liberationism and social constructionism.
Released on 2004Categories Women

Women in Society

Women in Society

Author: Magdalena E. Thorne

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 1590339428

Category: Women

Page: 232

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The path of women to achieve equal rights has been and remains a deeply uphill climb. The recent Martha Stewart case is a prime example of unfair treatment of women. Here is a women who could lose her business and go to prison for lying. The same act Clinton, Bush and Blair practice on a global scale. If all the Wall Street titans and soliticians went to jail for lying, we would have to build a prison on every street. Women are moving upward in rockets against great resistance. This book presents some of the achievements, risk and challenges women are trying to deal with at the beginning of the 21st century.
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The Cinema of Australia and New Zealand

The Cinema of Australia and New Zealand

Author: Geoff Mayer

Publisher: Wallflower Press

ISBN: 1904764967

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 284

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From The Story of the Kelly Gang in 1906 to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Australia and New Zealand have made a unique impact on international cinema. This book celebrates the commercially successful narrative feature films produced by these cultures as well as key documentaries, shorts, and independent films. It also invokes issues involving national identity, race, history, and the ability of two small film cultures to survive the economic and cultural threat of Hollywood. Chapters on well known films and directors, such as The Year of Living Dangerously (Peter Weir, 1982), The Piano (Jane Campion, 1993), Fellowship of the Ring (Peter Jackson, 2001), and Rabbit Proof Fence (Philip Noyce, 2002), are included with less popular but equally important films and filmmakers, such as Jedda (Charles Chauvel, 1955), They're a Weird Mob (Michael Powell, 1966), Vigil (Vincent Ward, 1984), and The Goddess of 1967 (Clara Law, 2000).
Released on 2006Categories New South Wales

The Wran Era

The Wran Era

Author: Troy Bramston

Publisher: Federation Press

ISBN: 1862876002

Category: New South Wales

Page: 310

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For over a decade, from 1976 to 1986, Neville Wran led the most successful Labor Government in New South Wales history.Now, for the first time, key ministers, advisers, public servants, party and union officials, and Wran himself, provide a critical retrospective on the era and its legacy today.It was an era of unrivalled electoral success - four electoral victories were won, including two 'Wranslides' in 1978 and 1981. Wran was a hugely popular leader who galvanised Labor supporters around the nation, and provided the model for modern Labor leadership and government.It was also an era of sound economic management and moderate progressive reform which transformed New South Wales in ways taken for granted today.Significant policy achievements, and some mistakes, are noted in health, education, transport, conservation, consumer affairs, Aboriginal affairs, the status and rights of women, industrial relations, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity law reform, the arts and heritage protection, the public service, and electoral and institutional reform.The contributions cover key policy areas, politics and elections. The candid views of the main players are balanced with those of academics, journalists and commentators. New interviews, original research and fresh analysis combine to provide a unique perspective on The Wran Era.The Wran Era in the Paper..."The Balmain boy who became a Labor Party hero: Neville Wran dead at 87", The Australian April 21, 2014 Read full article...