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Finding Amy

Finding Amy

Author: Carol Steward

Publisher: Steeple Hill

ISBN: 9781459207288

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Jessica Mathers enters the hospital confident that her little girl, Amy, is being cared for. But when Jessica awakes from surgery, her daughter and the sitter have disappeared.... As a favor to his mother, Detective Samuel Vance reluctantly assists on the kidnapping case, because his first impression of Jessica had not been favorable. Yet as together they search for Amy, Sam learns that Jessica is a caring, warm woman. Can they call upon their faith to help them find the abducted girl and forge a relationship?
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The Finding Home Series Books 1-3

The Finding Home Series Books 1-3

Author: B. E. Baker

Publisher: Purple Puppy Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 796

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★ Grab the first three full length, heartwarming romances in B. E. Baker’s Finding Home Series in one convenient set today! ★ ① Finding Faith: A woman who swore off marriage and children falls for a handsome widowed father. ② Finding Cupid: An event planner who never plans weddings meets a handsome billionaire playboy determined to change her mind. ③ Finding Spring: A single mom meets Mr. Right at exactly the wrong time and in exactly the wrong place, because he’s her boss and she needs this job. ♥ Fall in love with these spunky heroines and their swoon-worthy leading men. ♥ With more than 3700 five star reviews on Amazon alone, these three love stories will give you the break you need in the world today. Readers have called them “a vacation from life.” Publisher’s Weekly said of Finding Faith, the first book in the boxset, “Despite the complexities littered throughout this tale, Finding Faith reads like the honeymoon stage of a relationship. It’s filled with laughter, an idealized reality, and an endless craving for the story to continue. Luke’s and Mary’s love offers a temporary euphoria that shows romance is sometimes found where it is least expected." USA Today Bestselling author Elana Johnson called the first book, Finding Faith, "a heartwarming and brilliant story about love, loss, and learning what you really want." What do readers have to say about the first book, Finding Faith? ★★★★★ Could not put this book down. The story is delightfully clever and clean. One sweet romantic comedy. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. However, it is easily a stand alone read. Highly recommend this book!! ★★★★★ Loved the book and the characters! Bridget Baker is a great author, drawing you into the story from the beginning. My favorite character is little 5 year old Amy! She is so funny, but you need to read the book for the full effect.. don't want to spoil it for you!! I can't say enough good things about this book. I can't wait to read the next book in the series! ★★★★★ This is the first book I've read by this author. The dialogue was delightful. I really enjoyed the plot and character development. It is a very well written book. I will look for more books by this author. ★★★★★ These characters were so perfect for each other. I loved the character development, the cute dialogue, and the kids were great. Made me happy to read it! ★★★★★ Darling story - I loved this book so much - the romance felt real and believable and really nailed the slow burn. My fav were all the cute and witty conversations in person and through text that had me smiling through every page. I don’t say this very often but I’d go back and read this one again! ★★★★★ I loved this book! I loved the whole series, as well. The characters are likable, the banter between them is funny and entertaining, and "clean romance" does not make it any less "swoony". I highly recommend it! After you read the first one, you will definitely want to read the rest. Keywords: clean contemporary romance, romantic comedy, clean rom com, sweet contemporary romance, clean romantic comedy, billionaire romance, clean billionaire romance, hilarious romantic fiction, romantic women's fiction, clean love story, beach read, clean beach read, women's fiction, family saga, single dad romance, single dad, destined to be, happily ever after, complete series, binge a series, be baker, bridget baker, love story, love after divorce, second chance romance, small town romance, romantic suspense, pamela kelley, debbie macomber, lisa kleypas, robyn carr, nicholas sparks, jan moran, elin hilderbrand, elin hildebrand, lilly mirren, nora roberts, danielle steele, carolyn brown, nantucket, susan Elizabeth philips, rachel hanna, lisa kleypas, debbie macomber, for fans of debbie macomber, pamela kelley, lilly mirren, nora roberts, danielle steele, jan moran, rachel hanna, elin hildebrand, nicholas sparks, holiday romance, christmas romance, free first in series, mary kay andrews, ken follett, amy harmon, karen kingsbury, elin hilderbrand, brenda novak, jennifer weiner, nancy thayer, dorothea benton frank.
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“That’s how we do it…we treat them all the same”

“That’s how we do it…we treat them all the same”

Author: Fiona Cowdell

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443866637

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 305

View: 172

The prevalence of dementia is increasing rapidly as the population ages and there is a steady rise in people with dementia being admitted to acute hospitals. Media coverage of the care received by people with dementia in acute hospitals is almost wholly negative. The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed description of what the experience, both positive and negative, is really like from the perspectives of patients, lay carers, and health and social care staff, and to propose a model for improving care. The book comprises four elements. A literature review sets person-focused research in the context of dementia research as a whole. Research illuminates the experiences of acute hospital care for people with dementia through ethnographic description and narratives. To improve practice, a development model that engages staff on a cognitive and emotional level based on the philosophies of confluent education and situated learning is explained. Finally, the strands are drawn together to demonstrate that people with dementia, even those at an advanced stage and with superimposed physical illness, can be engaged in research that is both ethical and meaningful. Improvements in practice are possible and they need to be underpinned by a belief in the personhood of staff as well as that of patients. Areas for further research and practice development in this vital subject are identified.
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Delayed Justice

Delayed Justice

Author: Jack Branson

Publisher: Prometheus Books

ISBN: 9781616143930

Category: True Crime

Page: 232

View: 708

This book documents the heroic efforts of some of the nation’s most prolific cold case detectives. In collaboration the authors, these professionals share their insights, skills, and resources, using their most compelling cold cases as illustrations. The authors examine how cold case investigations differ from standard investigations and why cold case detectives sometimes have success where earlier investigators failed. They also discuss some of the pitfalls of reopening long-unsolved crimes, such as lost or compromised evidence and the difficulty of getting accurate information from witnesses who must rely on fading memories. Looking to the future, the authors discuss new technology that may someday allow investigators to drastically enhance surveillance videos and create a facial recognition database as accurate as DNA analysis and fingerprints. Both true crime readers and fellow law enforcement professionals will find the stories and expert insights described in this book to be fascinating and instructive.
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Slam Dunks and No-Brainers

Slam Dunks and No-Brainers

Author: Leslie Savan

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307264329

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

View: 458

In this marvelously original book, three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Leslie Savan offers fascinating insights into why we’re all talking the talk—Duh; Bring it on!; Bling; Whatever!—and what this reveals about America today. Savan traces the paths that phrases like these travel from obscure slang to pop stardom, selling everything from cars (ads for VWs, Mitsubishis, and Mercurys all pitch them as “no-brainer”s) to wars (finding WMD in Iraq was to be a “slam dunk”). Real people create these catchy phrases, but once media, politics, and businesses broadcast them, they burst out of our mouths as celebrity words, newly glamorous and powerful. Witty, fun, and full of thought-provoking stories about the origins of popular expressions, Slam Dunks and No-Brainers is for everyone who loves the mysteries of language.
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The Code

The Code

Author: Mukta Mahajani

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

ISBN: 9789387944602

Category: Self-Help

Page: 368

View: 998

Stories to guide you to success Awaken the hidden wisdom of your heart Live free of the seven deadly behavioral attributes that threaten to disrupt our lives! We can resolve most problems by applying the wisdom of our heart; all we have to do is listen carefully. However, in practice, a range of detrimental yet common attributes that we experience in large doses prevent us from listening to our inner voice. In The Code, author Mukta Mahajani identifies these negative attributes as the Ego, Over-Competitiveness, Jealousy, Overexpectations, Overambition, Anger and Procrastination. These attributes flare up when we face challenging situations. We explode when the world does not go our way and our relationships with others suffer as a result. Based on meaningful quotes from world leaders and revered religious texts, this book weaves short stories about the impact of these attributes. These narratives are designed to help us reset our mindset and resolve the issues we face in our day-to-day life. They help us understand that we have the inherent power to make the right choice at all times. Mukta Mahajani is an author and international speaker on Alternate Dispute Resolution methods with degrees in psychology, anthropology and law. In a career spanning over 20 years, Mukta has worked with the World Bank Group where her research has been published, and also guest lectured at New York City Bar Association, Mumbai University, ICADR Hyderabad and IIT Bombay among other institutions.