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How the Railway Works

How the Railway Works

Author: Danny Harvey


ISBN: 0711038120

Category: Railroad travel

Page: 192

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Aimed at the enthusiast rather than the professional, this accessible and readable guide provides an introduction to all the different components of today's railways and how they work together to keep the railway in Britain operating smoothly.
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How Railway Systems Work

How Railway Systems Work

Author: Jongpil Nam

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496990112

Category: Transportation

Page: 220

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Railway systems are full of amazing scientific principles and elaborate plans. This book introduces the basic concepts of railways and their systems. And this book will answer most of your questions: ? How does a train overcome centrifugal force at a curve? ? How do vehicle bogies increase passenger’s comfort? ? How does a hybrid vehicle use two energy sources? ? How do some trains go up mountains? ? How does a train transfer to another track?