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Hygge: A Cosy Collection of Comfort Food & Drinks (How to Embrace the Hygge Lifestyle of Cosy & Simple Living)

Hygge: A Cosy Collection of Comfort Food & Drinks (How to Embrace the Hygge Lifestyle of Cosy & Simple Living)

Author: Elvira Smith

Publisher: Elvira Smith

ISBN: 9791220875271

Category: Self-Help

Page: 75

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Take a look at this short book to discover what hygge really is, where it originated from, how you can apply it to your daily life, and the common issues to be wary of. Hygge offers the opportunity to find happiness in a world that appears to be in constant turmoil. That’s a rare gift and one worth embracing. In this book i will share with you: • What hygge is • The history of hygge • Spontaneous hygge • Hygge through the seasons • Hygge vocabulary • What hygge isn't • Why the danes are so happy • And more! Whether you already practice one of these philosophies or you’re a complete beginner, this guide is your ticket to the world of hygge – along with a happier, more fulfilling life. With a range of daily hygge activities to help you put these ideas into practice, it’s never been easier to implement this happiness philosophy and begin seeing the benefits immediately!
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The Hygge Life

The Hygge Life

Author: Gunnar Karl Gíslason

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9780399579943

Category: Self-Help

Page: 168

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Equal parts cookbook and lifestyle guide, this cozy little book shows you how to cultivate comfort and contentment and embrace life’s small pleasures with the Danish practice of hygge. Hygge (loosely translated as "coziness") is centered around the idea of inviting comforting elements into day-to-day life while creating warmth, community, and intimacy. The Hygge Life teaches you how small gestures (putting wool blankets and warm cider out for guests) or larger undertakings (building bonfires and making campfire bread to celebrate solstice) can warm the psyche and foster hygge, with more than 30 recipes for cozy and comforting food and drinks.
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Hygge Habits

Hygge Habits

Author: David Craft

Publisher: David Craft


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Hygge Habits This book brings a popular Danish concept of living, hygge to you with a simple, easily understandable guide on how to embrace this lifestyle that most certainly brings more happiness and cheerful moments your way. This term hygge roughly translated means a feeling of well-being and cozy contentment and it really is bringing you plenty of happy vibes as soon as you embrace it. The book covers everything you need to know on this Danish concept with small tricks and tips on how to follow it correctly no matter at which part of the world you live in. Hygge is one of the main reasons why Denmark is at the very top of those the happiest countries in the world as the Danes have been following this concept for decades. Now, with this book, you can finally catch on to this magnificent lifestyle right away. Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn Here… What is hygge? What you should bring hygge into your life What is Danish contentment How to embrace hygge elements Which hygge basics you need to know What are hygge essentials you can bring to your home Different hygge seasons What are the main benefits of embracing this lifestyle And much much more... Get this book NOW and bring more happiness and cheerful moments into your life now!
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Author: Susanne Lagom


ISBN: 1914140486


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Would you like to reduce your stress levels using simple effective quick methods and appreciating what is to live a happy, comforting and genuine life? Would you like to discover easy ways to bring peace and harmony into your personal life and have the world around you completely in alignment with your inner self? If you want to make your happiness a priority through comfort, creating, and connecting in your life, then keep reading... Actually we live hectic times, and it is really difficult to appreciate the value of time socially, with friends, with family, with those we love. Sometimes can happen you hardly appreciate being in company anymore, with good food and drinks, working to create a connection. Maybe you can hardly be less stressed, to experience happiness, purity and simplicity of existence. But these are the true values that enrich our life and bring it to a deeper spiritual level. If you think it could be difficult to find balance and harmony within yourself, do not despair. You are about to discover a simple and complete guide to find happiness and inner well-being, through the Hygge Lifestyle. Have you ever heard about Hygge? Hygge is a Danish word, who wants to represents the art of creating comfort and happiness. Hygge means intimate and cozy. Behind this word, lies a true meaning of satisfaction. Hygge is in the beauty of little, pure and simple things that can make our existence better. It's easy to experience it as when you're curled up on a sofa with a loved one, or in a cozy bar with a friend, or sharing comfortable food and conversation with family. Through this book, you'll be able to completely transform your life using the Danish concept of well-being, you'll learn to: Create comfort and happiness Regenerate yourself, acquiring a simple, joyful and relaxed lifestyle; Put energy into yourself to bring real benefits in your life; Improve your relationships, appreciating time in the company of who you love; Discover tips to make the environment around you perfectly aligned with Hygge lifestyle.  When I discovered Hygge I didn't believe it could change my life, reducing stress with effective and simple methods, which allowed me to appreciate what it is to live a happy and comforting life. By following the Hygge lifestyle you'll be able to appreciate the abundant, little pleasures of life that had previously gone unnoticed: slow down and take time to feed your inner soul. None of these Danish concepts are difficult to implement, just come with a desire to be the change you wish to see, with an open heart and mind to learn precious skills like focus, balance, productivity, and self-awareness. So, are you finally ready to take a fast lane to bring peace, well-being and harmony into your everyday life ? If the answer is yes, don't wait any longer. Order you copy now and give a new direction to your life!