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Searching for the Gate

Searching for the Gate

Author: Richard K Doey

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469107141

Category: Poetry

Page: 48

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In all things there is beauty. It need only be looked for in some. And readily found in others. Our life will be more beautiful if you are looking for beauty. For the corruption is found in the looking for corruption.
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Post Celtic Tiger Ireland

Post Celtic Tiger Ireland

Author: Estelle Epinoux

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443855570

Category: History

Page: 233

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This collective volume provides the reader with an exploration of various artistic works which grew out of the post Celtic Tiger era in Ireland. The different cultural fields of interest studied in this book include theatre, photography, poetry, painting, and cinema, as well as commemorative spaces. These different cultural voices enable one to explore Ireland, as a country located at a crossroads, in a kind of in-between space, and to wonder about the various political, economic, historical and social forces present in the country. The contributions interrogate Irish society within its present context, which is deeply impregnated by movement and transition but also strongly connected to time, to past and to memory. This collection of essays also presents the way in which these artistic works intertwine with various approaches, artistic, aesthetic, sociologic, cinematographic, historical, and literary, in order to pinpoint the transformations induced by both the Celtic Tiger and its aftermath. The issues of globalisation, identity, place and creativity are all dealt with. In assessing the aftermath of the post Celtic Tiger period, its impact and influences on today’s Irish society, the contributors also allude, incidentally, to its future evolution and trends.
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Oral History

Oral History

Author: Thad Sitton

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292785823

Category: History

Page: 176

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More than a mode of gathering information about the past, oral history has become an international movement. Historians, folklorists, and other educational and religious groups now recognize the importance of preserving the recollections of people about the past. The recorded memories of famous and common folk alike provide a vital complement to textbook history, bringing the past to life through the stories of those who lived it. Oral History is designed to introduce teachers, students, and interested individuals to the techniques, problems, and pleasures of collecting oral history. The authors, themselves experienced educators, examine the uses of oral history in the classroom, looking at a wide range of projects that have been attempted and focusing on those that have succeeded best. Besides suggesting many possible projects, they discuss the necessary hardware and its use: recording equipment and procedures, interview outlines and preliminary research, photography and note-taking in the field, transcription and storage of information, legal forms, and more. For the teacher, the authors offer helpful advice on training students to be sensitive interviewers in both formal and informal situations. How can oral histories collected in the classroom be put to use? The authors discuss their uses within the curriculum; in projects such as oral history archives, publications such as the popular Foxfire books, and other media productions; and in researching current community problems. Useful appendixes survey a variety of reference tools for the oral historian and describe in detail how a Foxfire-concept magazine may be developed.
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Stitching a Life

Stitching a Life

Author: Mary Helen Fein

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 9781631526787

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 264

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It’s 1900, and sixteen-year-old Helen comes alone in steerage across the Atlantic from a small village in Lithuania, fleeing terrible anti-Semitism and persecution. She arrives at Ellis Island, and finds a place to live in the colorful Lower East Side of New York. She quickly finds a job in the thriving garment industry and, like millions of others who are coming to America during this time, devotes herself to bringing the rest of her family to join her in the New World, refusing to rest until her family is safe in New York. A few at a time, Helen’s family members arrive. Each goes to work with the same fervor she has and contributes everything to bringing over their remaining beloved family members in a chain of migration. Helen meanwhile, makes friends and—once the whole family is safe in New York—falls in love with a man who introduces her to a different New York—a New York of wonder, beauty, and possibility.
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The Black Charade

The Black Charade

Author: John Burke

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434447258

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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In 1880s England, Dr. Caspian and his wife Bronwen both have genuine psychic abilities, which they keep secret. Even so, they've gained a reputation as investigators of so-called psychic phenomena, exposing a number of fraudulent mediums. In their latest adventure, they're consulted by prominent politician Joseph Hinde, whose beautiful daughter Laura has become strangely withdrawn. Her secret assignations have led him to suspect that she might be attending séances in an attempt to contact her dead mother, whom she had adored. Asked to rescue her from the clutches of evil charlatans, the Caspians uncover a tangled trail of people dying in strange and horrible circumstances. Dr. Caspian suddenly realizes that not only is Laura's life in danger from an age-old spirit...but Bronwen's as well. Another first-rate novel of horror by a masterful storyteller!
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Religion and Violence in Early American Methodism

Religion and Violence in Early American Methodism

Author: Jeffrey Williams

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253004239

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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Early American Methodists commonly described their religious lives as great wars with sin and claimed they wrestled with God and Satan who assaulted them in terrible ways. Carefully examining a range of sources, including sermons, letters, autobiographies, journals, and hymns, Jeffrey Williams explores this violent aspect of American religious life and thought. Williams exposes Methodism's insistence that warfare was an inevitable part of Christian life and necessary for any person who sought God's redemption. He reveals a complex relationship between religion and violence, showing how violent expression helped to provide context and meaning to Methodist thought and practice, even as Methodist religious life was shaped by both peaceful and violent social action.
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Author: Robert E. Innis

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253115329

Category: Literary Criticism & Collections

Page: 332

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"... fifteen texts which are essential reading for anyone interested in semiotics... This collection will surely become a standard text for those who teach semiotics, aesthetics or philosophy of language." -- International Philosophical Quarterly This volume presents the classic statements in semiotics and touches on a vast set of problems and themes -- philosophical, aesthetic, literary, cultural, biological, and anthropological.