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Inventors and Inventions

Inventors and Inventions

Author: Doris Simonis

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 0761477616

Category: Electronic reference sources

Page: 326

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From air conditioners to MRI scanners and from bicycles to frozen foods, modern life would be unimaginable without the work of inventors. Unlike other resources on inventions, Inventors and Inventions surprises readers with its wide-ranging exploration of inventors of the past and present, including the creators of Kevlar, Coca Cola, eBay, and the Global Positioning System.
Released on 1997-07-10Categories Juvenile Nonfiction

Great Inventors and Inventions

Great Inventors and Inventions

Author: Bruce LaFontaine

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486297842

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 51

View: 638

Advances in science and technology from the 15th century to the present: 45 ready-to-color drawings of Edison, Gutenberg, Galileo, and many others, along with their inventions. Captions provide background information.
Released on 2006-05Categories Juvenile Nonfiction

Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Author: Frank P. Bachman

Publisher: Yesterdays Classics

ISBN: 1599150662

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 300

View: 701

Twelve stories of great inventions, grouped under inventions of steam and electric power, inventions of manufacture and production, and in ventions of printing and communication. The final chapter introduces the famous inventors of the early twentieth century. The story of each invention is interwoven with that of the life of its inventor. Through these stories the reader learns how big things are brought about, and on the traits of mind and heart which make for success. Suitable for ages 10 to 14.
Released on 2021-07-15Categories Juvenile Nonfiction

Inventors and Inventions

Inventors and Inventions

Author: Joanna Brundle

Publisher: 'The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc'

ISBN: 9781502661975

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 34

View: 197

We live in an incredible world full of incredible inventions, and we often can’t remember a time before they existed. But behind every invention is an inventor—and a story! In this intriguing volume, readers will learn more about inventions, from appliances such as microwave ovens to foods such as cornflakes, and to things as widespread today as the internet. They’ll also learn about the people who created these things, often on purpose—but sometimes by accident!
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365 Inventions and Inventors

365 Inventions and Inventors

Author: Pegasus


ISBN: 8131932532


Page: 200

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For ages 4+. The 365 series books are a unique product created keeping in mind the number of days we have in a year. Each book has 365 stories that will encourage children to read one story each day, inculcating in in them to read the good habit of book reading.