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Life with Full Attention

Life with Full Attention

Author: Maitreyabandhu

Publisher: Windhorse Publications

ISBN: 9781907314155

Category: Religion

Page: 328

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In this eight-week course on mindfulness, Maitreyabandhu gently guides readers, teaching them how to pay closer attention to their experience. Each week, he introduces a different aspect of mindfulness - such as awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts and the environment - and recommends a number of easy practices; from trying out a simple meditation to reading a poem.Featuring personal stories, examples and tempting suggestions, Life with Full Attention provides both a starting point and a great refresher.
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Brief Therapy Mindfulness

Brief Therapy Mindfulness

Author: René Pedroza Flores

Publisher: Palibrio

ISBN: 9781506510309

Category: Education

Page: 178

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The world is changing; it opens like a flower to light new ways of learning and knowledge. The legacy of one thought is part of the annals of the dogmatic spirits. The same is true in education. All uncharted territory lies before us. Cognition is not everything. Now it is a voice that resonates everywhere. It will accompany states, affecting soul, feelings, and emotions to understand the teacher as a human being exercising a profession that takes knowledge and love. This works as the teacher changes as a person, with all its potential and vicissitudes. The aim is to change the teacher to good treatment from itself with the help of brief strategic therapy and mindfulness. A dialogue between East and West, strategic problem-solving techniques, and meditation techniques, talking the same language, the language of human rights, harmony, and cordiality that is necessary to put a stop to such violence and abuse in the relationship swarming pedagogical. We believe in the possibility of good treatment, a sensitive teacher who listens, encourages, and respects. It does not hurt or mistreat those who loves what he does and puts the human face of education in their performance. Here, the reader will find an original method for teaching change, going to manage breathing, reflection, and action to achieve full attention and deep awareness.
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Soul Mission, Life Vision

Soul Mission, Life Vision

Author: Alan Seale

Publisher: Red Wheel

ISBN: 9781590030134

Category: Self-Help

Page: 304

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In the Introduction of his groundbreaking new work, Alan Seale writes, "This book is the owner's manual you never received when you entered this world, offering both the theory and the practice that can lead you to getting the most out of your life -- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually." What follows is an intensely detailed program of exercises, meditations, and activities that ultimately allows you to achieve what you were put on this earth to accomplish -- your soul mission. Settle in your favorite chair with Alan's book, a pen, and plenty of paper, and begin this four-fold process -- discovery, declaration of mission and vision, utilizing the mind and thought for creation, and living your mission by manifesting your vision. Discover a "big-picture view" of life beyond the constraints of any situation. Develop the power to make choices out of desire and clarity rather than circumstantial necessity. Examine your previous life choices and plan your next great steps, this time informed by what your soul deeply longs for. Alan creates the term full-spectrum living, -- embracing all that life has to offer as well as all that you have to offer life -- to define the ultimate goal of this book. His sage advice and proven program ensures that you get there. Book jacket.
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Cosmology of Love

Cosmology of Love

Author: Laura Smith Biswas

Publisher: Winsome Entertainment Group LLC

ISBN: 9781513693941

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 173

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Experiencing love in life is the paramount wish for all of us. Join in with your loved ones to discover your specific needs so that greater love can flow in your life and to the ones you love. It is with grace that author, Laura Smith Biswas, elucidates many forms of love to allow you to build from small, specific steps to a love-filled life. Her proven discovery process will open your eyes to what you need and what those you love are seeking in return. Uncovering the ways that you desire to be loved will allow you to better communicate them and see the actions to foster deeper connection and intimacy. In addition, the Cosmology of Love will inspire you to lay the foundation for loving yourself more fully. The Cosmology of Love is supported by the companion book, Affirmations of Love that takes this discovery process further to provide over 400 affirmations for integration and practice of the ways of loving described in this book.
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Passion for Love and Happiness

Passion for Love and Happiness

Author: Dr. AA. Syed

Publisher: Cover to Cover Publications

ISBN: 9780978436827

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

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Dr. A.A. Syed passed away on April 4th, 2020, surrounded by family. In the backdrop, an unprecedented global pandemic (COVID-19). We can only imagine a world where he remained to serve these patients on the front lines as a respirologist, as he continued to serve as up until his final weeks. 100% of proceeds from the digital release will go to Heart and Stroke Foundation in memory of his close personal friend, who passed away several years ago. "In Passion for Love and Happiness, Dr. A. A. Syed blends the best of Eastern and Western philosophy and wisdom to give practical guidance that is, at the same time, inspiring and uplifting. Dr. Syed, who was born in Hyderabad, India and emigrated to Canada in 1982, is in a unique position to unite these spiritual and cultural traditions and to use them to help others learn about the process of achieving contentment. As a practicing specialist in respirology and in internal and critical care medicine, Dr. Syed can also draw on his personal, pragmatic experiences with life-and-death choices to teach us to live life to the fullest, to laugh, love, learn, and listen – to our own hearts and to others – so we can attain the mental and ethical discipline that enables us to forgive, to let go of pain and suffering, and to be our very best selves.  'Reading Dr. Syed’s exquisitely simple interpretations of timeless philosophies has helped me cope with personal tragedies. It has changed my “give up” attitude with living with terminal cancer, to one of calmness, achieving a positive and loving outlook. The victim in me has now not only been rescued, but has become a rescuer in the process! Don’t just read the words – DO IT.' -Carolyn Fallis-Hale 'A must read for all spouses to improve their loving relationships.' -Syeda Syed"
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Living Consciousness

Living Consciousness

Author: G. William Barnard

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 9781438439594

Category: Psychology

Page: 387

View: 768

Explores the thought of Henri Bergson, highlighting his compelling theories on the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world.
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Heavenly Wisdom

Heavenly Wisdom

Author: Dragan P. Bogunovic

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781481765138

Category: Self-Help

Page: 649

View: 117

In this book it is not my intention to teach anyone but only to incite everyone to think about, to speak about and to recommend in order improving life for entire humanity independent, of race, color, ethnicity, languages or religion for everyone to become in agreement according to its given gift, which is powerful Spirit of love, what we call talent. It is not my idea that proves that, but myriad of humans as modern prophets that by their work witnessed for real life directed by the powerful Spirit of love call talent is only one way only one direction toward goodness for entire humanity, which pleases only One whom we call Great Creator. We may call it as universal secular religion or secular ideology as you wish which is universal and founded on free gift, given talent and responsibility while divine religion is religion of individuals gathered in the congregation founded on faith and obedience, while both are blessed with the power of love. It is true and is easy to understand that life that is directed by the given talent as a life purpose for the love toward One who sent you to do it and for devoted love for entire humanity as a fulfillment of first law to love your Great Creator and not only your neighbor but entire humanity to be like sun that shine from above for all and rain that comes for above for all as a HEAVENLY WISDOM An end I would like to hear from you about your opinion and suggestion in order to further improve that given program suggested from many and for goodness for entire humanity.
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Pause, Shift and Refresh

Pause, Shift and Refresh

Author: Ericka Brian

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504384971

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 110

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Have you found yourself in a space where stagnant thoughts or feelings seep in as though you have become a victim of lifes circumstances? Maybe life has become dull, repetitive, and undesirable. Youre not alone. Along her journey, Ericka has uncovered the seven arts of establishing harmonious oneness aiding in her shift from being a victim of lifes circumstances to living an intentional life full of purpose. This journey will encourage awareness of the body, mind, and the spiritual being that resides within through the practice of journaling and meditation. Give yourself permission to release what youve been taught and shift into a space of surrendering to the arts of life.
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The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living

The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living

Author: Eknath Easwaran

Publisher: Nilgiri Press

ISBN: 9781586381455

Category: Religion

Page: 1378

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A comprehensive manual for living a spiritual life, based on a verse-by-verse commentary on India’s timeless scripture – from the author of its best-selling translation. This ebook includes all three volumes in this series. The Bhagavad Gita is set on the battlefield of an apocalyptic war between good and evil. Faced with a dire moral dilemma, the warrior prince Arjuna turns in anguish to his spiritual guide, Sri Krishna, for answers to the fundamental questions of life. Easwaran points out that Arjuna’s crisis is acutely modern. The Gita’s battlefield is the struggle for self-mastery that every human being must wage. Arjuna represents each of us, and Sri Krishna is the Lord, instructing us in eighteen chapters of lofty wisdom as we face the social, environmental, and global challenges that threaten our world today. Easwaran is a spiritual teacher and author of deep insight and warmth. His verse-by-verse commentary interprets the Gita’s teachings for modern readers, explaining the Sanskrit concepts and philosophy and applying them with practicality, wisdom, and humor to every aspect of our work, our relationships, and our lives. With everyday anecdotes, stories, and examples, he shows that the changes we long to see in the world start with the transformation of our own consciousness. The practical exercises recommended by Easwaran to achieve transformation are part of a spiritual program he developed for his own life. They are accessible to people from all backgrounds and cultures. Urging us to adopt a higher image of the human being, he assures us that peace and unity are within reach. Each volume of this series covers six chapters of the Gita. Each may be read on its own, but all three volumes together form an in-depth, verse-by-verse explanation of this ancient scripture and its relevance today. Included are instructions in Easwaran's universal eight-point program of passage meditation. Volume 1: The first six chapters of the Gita explore the concept of the innermost Self and source of wisdom in each of us. Easwaran explains how we can begin to transform ourselves, even as householders engaged in busy lives. Volume 2: The next six chapters of the Gita go beyond the individual Self to explore the Supreme Reality underlying all creation. Easwaran builds a bridge across the seeming divide between scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom, and explains how the concept of the unity of life can help us in all our relationships. Volume 3: The final six chapters put forth an urgent appeal for us to begin to see that all of us are one – to make the connection between the Self within and the Reality underlying all creation. Global in scope, the emphasis is on what we can do to make a difference to heal our environment and establish peace in the world. Easwaran’s commentary is for all students of the Gita, whatever their background, and for anyone who is trying to find a path to wisdom, love, and kindness in themselves and our troubled world. Written as an authoritative, accessible guide to a much-loved scripture, it is a handbook for finding peace and clarity within. This second edition incorporates revisions made across all three volumes following the author’s final instructions.
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Landscapes of Learning

Landscapes of Learning

Author: Maxine Greene

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807777138

Category: Education

Page: 255

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Special 2018 Edition From the new Introduction by Janet L. Miller, Teachers College, Columbia University: "Maxine Greene never claimed to be a visionary thinker. But forty years later, her trepidations detailed throughout 1978's Landscapes of Learning now appear unnervingly prescient. Witness and treasure Landscapes as evidence of her matchless abilities to inspire myriad educators and students worldwide." “I would suggest that there must always be a place in teacher education for ‘foundations’ people, whose fundamental concern is with opening new perspectives on the many faces of the human world.” —Maxine Greene The essays in this volume demonstrate clearly that Maxine Greene is herself an example of the kind of “foundations” specialist she hopes to see: someone who can stimulate, inform, and bring new insights to teachers, students, curriculum planners, administrators, policymakers—indeed all those concerned with education in its broadest sense. These essays, a number of them based on lectures presented to various professional organizations, reveals her dedication to learning and teaching, as it reveals her belief in the potential of each individual person. A philosopher whose orientation is largely existential and phenomenological, she seeks to demystify aspects of today’s technological society, to question taken-for-granted notions of social justice and equality, and to elucidate conflicts between youth and age, the poor and the middle class, minorities and Whites, male and female. As a humanist, she calls for self-reflectiveness, wide-awakeness, and personal transformation within the context of each person’s own lived world—each one’s particular landscape of work, experience, and aspiration. Recognizing the multiple realities that compose experience, the many landscapes against which sense-making proceeds, the essays are grouped in four sections: intellectual and moral components of emancipatory education; social issues and their implications for approaches to pedagogy; artistic-aesthetic considerations in the making of curriculum; and the cultural significance of women’s predicaments today. All are richly illuminated by examples; all are written with grace and passion; all will help readers achieve greater self-understanding and critical consciousness. “This is a significant book.”—Phi Delta Kappan “Maxine Greene forces us to consider what we can do even in a limited way and to begin to understand where we have failed.” —Cross Currents