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Mathematics-I Calculus and Linear Algebra (BSC-105) (For Computer Science & Engineering Students only)

Mathematics-I Calculus and Linear Algebra (BSC-105) (For Computer Science & Engineering Students only)

Author: Bhui, Bikas Chandra & Chatterjee Dipak

Publisher: Vikas Publishing House

ISBN: 9789352718832



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Mathematics-I for the paper BSC-105 of the latest AICTE syllabus has been written for the first semester engineering students of Indian universities. Paper BSC-105 is exclusively for CS&E students. Keeping in mind that the students are at the threshold of a completely new domain, the book has been planned with utmost care in the exposition of concepts, choice of illustrative examples, and also in sequencing of topics. The language is simple, yet accurate. A large number of worked-out problems have been included to familiarize the students with the techniques to solving them, and to instill confidence.Authors’ long experience of teaching various grades of students has helped in laying proper emphasis on various techniques of solving difficult problems.
Released on 2013-10-31Categories Mathematics

Linear Algebra: Step by Step

Linear Algebra: Step by Step

Author: Kuldeep Singh

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191507779

Category: Mathematics

Page: 617

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Linear algebra is a fundamental area of mathematics, and is arguably the most powerful mathematical tool ever developed. It is a core topic of study within fields as diverse as: business, economics, engineering, physics, computer science, ecology, sociology, demography and genetics. For an example of linear algebra at work, one needs to look no further than the Google search engine, which relies upon linear algebra to rank the results of a search with respect to relevance. The strength of the text is in the large number of examples and the step-by-step explanation of each topic as it is introduced. It is compiled in a way that allows distance learning, with explicit solutions to set problems freely available online. The miscellaneous exercises at the end of each chapter comprise questions from past exam papers from various universities, helping to reinforce the reader's confidence. Also included, generally at the beginning of sections, are short historical biographies of the leading players in the field of linear algebra to provide context for the topics covered. The dynamic and engaging style of the book includes frequent question and answer sections to test the reader's understanding of the methods introduced, rather than requiring rote learning. When first encountered, the subject can appear abstract and students will sometimes struggle to see its relevance; to counter this, the book also contains interviews with key people who use linear algebra in practice, in both professional and academic life. It will appeal to undergraduate students in mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering.
Released on 2020-08-16Categories Language Arts & Disciplines

Matrices and Linear Algebra With GAP

Matrices and Linear Algebra With GAP

Author: Akhilesh Chandra Yadav

Publisher: Akhilesh Chandra Yadav


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 508

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This book covers an undergraduate course on Matrix theory and Linear Algebra. It covers the following main topics: Matrix Algebra, Determinants, Rank of a Matrix, Linear Equations, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Vector spaces, Linear transformations, Dual spaces, Annihilators, Matrix representations of linear transformations, Inner product spaces, Orthogonality and Bilinear and quadratic forms. Application of GAP softwares in Matrices and Linear Algebra is also given. It is useful in several for several degree courses like BBA, BCA, BA-Maths, B.Sc/M.Sc-Maths. This book is also helpful for several competitive exams like NET and GATE.
Released on 2007-08-15Categories Mathematics

Differential Calculas in Normed Linear Spaces

Differential Calculas in Normed Linear Spaces

Author: Kalyan Mukherjea

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789386279347

Category: Mathematics

Page: 294

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This book presents Advanced Calculus from a geometric point of view: instead of dealing with partial derivatives of functions of several variables, the derivative of the function is treated as a linear transformation between normed linear spaces. Not only does this lead to a simplified and transparent exposition of "difficult" results like the Inverse and Implicit Function Theorems but also permits, without any extra effort, a discussion of the Differential Calculus of functions defined on infinite dimensional Hilbert or Banach spaces.The prerequisites demanded of the reader are modest: a sound understanding of convergence of sequences and series of real numbers, the continuity and differentiability properties of functions of a real variable and a little Linear Algebra should provide adequate background for understanding the book. The first two chapters cover much of the more advanced background material on Linear Algebra (like dual spaces, multilinear functions and tensor products.) Chapter 3 gives an ab initio exposition of the basic results concerning the topology of metric spaces, particularly of normed linear spaces.The last chapter deals with miscellaneous applications of the Differential Calculus including an introduction to the Calculus of Variations. As a corollary to this, there is a brief discussion of geodesics in Euclidean and hyperbolic planes and non-Euclidean geometry.
Released on 2016-07-13Categories Mathematics

A First Course in Linear Algebra

A First Course in Linear Algebra

Author: Minking Eie

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789813143135

Category: Mathematics

Page: 388

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A First Course in Linear Algebra is written by two experts from algebra who have more than 20 years of experience in algebra, linear algebra and number theory. It prepares students with no background in Linear Algebra. Students, after mastering the materials in this textbook, can already understand any Linear Algebra used in more advanced books and research papers in Mathematics or in other scientific disciplines. This book provides a solid foundation for the theory dealing with finite dimensional vector spaces. It explains in details the relation between linear transformations and matrices. One may thus use different viewpoints to manipulate a matrix instead of a one-sided approach. Although most of the examples are for real and complex matrices, a vector space over a general field is briefly discussed. Several optional sections are devoted to applications to demonstrate the power of Linear Algebra.
Released on 2006-11-02Categories Mathematics

Handbook of Linear Algebra

Handbook of Linear Algebra

Author: Leslie Hogben

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420010572

Category: Mathematics

Page: 1400

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The Handbook of Linear Algebra provides comprehensive coverage of linear algebra concepts, applications, and computational software packages in an easy-to-use handbook format. The esteemed international contributors guide you from the very elementary aspects of the subject to the frontiers of current research. The book features an accessibl