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MAKSUD LO? A guide to the ÒrealÓ Indonesian language

MAKSUD LO? A guide to the ÒrealÓ Indonesian language

Author: Brandon Possin

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

ISBN: 9786020640426

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 74

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Why should we care about informal Indonesian language? IsnÕt this the silly stuff of teenagers? ShouldnÕt foreigners adhere to the elegant, dignified formal Indonesian language? Many Indonesian-speaking visitors canÕt understand the slangy everyday Indonesian. They speak what they learned in class or books, but they fail to connect with Indonesians because theyÕre too bakuÑtoo stiff. Being stiff is an especially fatal flaw in the nimble, goofy, gregarious Indonesian culture. The best antidote to being stiff is mastering the informal Indonesian language. This book is to let visitors make deeper connections with Indonesia. Too often the foreigners get frustrated by the thick slang and then retreat to their expat bubble. Indonesians also could realize how their colloquial language can be unintelligible even to the most earnest Indonesian language learner. Perhaps after reading this book, slang-throwing Indonesians will have some mercy on the bule (foreigner) and learners of bahasa come to embrace the adventures of speaking everyday Indonesian.
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Yearbook of International Organizations 2009 2010

Yearbook of International Organizations 2009 2010

Author: Union of International Associates

Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Company

ISBN: 359824648X

Category: Reference

Page: 3031

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Yearbook of International Organizations is the most comprehensive reference resource and provides current details of international non-governmental (NGO) and intergovernmental organizations (IGO). Collected and documented by the Union of International Associations (UIA), detailed information on international organizations worldwide can be found here. Besides historical and organizational information, details on activities, events or publications, contact details, biographies of the leading individuals as well as the presentation of networks of organizations are included. Key features: Most comprehensive compendium of international organizations Over 62,000 profiles of organizations with current contact details Biography profiles of key figures in International Organizations