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Spirituality and Deep Connectedness

Spirituality and Deep Connectedness

Author: Michael C. Brannigan

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498565936

Category: Religion

Page: 156

View: 340

This collection of essays by respected scholars and practitioners in diverse fields in academic, healthcare, social justice, and interfaith contexts addresses alternatives to the prevailing notion of spirituality as a purely private matter, and makes a case for living spiritually through deep and genuine engagement with others.
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Viktor Frankl's Contribution to Spirituality and Aging

Viktor Frankl's Contribution to Spirituality and Aging

Author: Melvin A. Kimble

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317825869

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 182

View: 141

Use Frankl's insights and techniques to improve life for your aging clients or parishioners. Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who experienced firsthand the horrors of Auschwitz, saw man as “a being who continuously decides what he is: a being who equally harbors the potential to descend to the level of an animal or to ascend to the life of a saint. Man is that being, who, after all, invented the gas chambers; but at the same time he is that being who entered into those same gas chambers with his head held high and with the 'Our Father’or the Jewish prayer of the dying on his lips.” Dr. Frankl's insights led him to found the therapeutic system of logotherapy, which views man as a spiritual being rather than simply as a biological construct. Logotherapy has come to be called the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy (after Freud's psychoanalysis and Adler's individual psychology). He left a rich legacy of theory and insights especially relevant to the search for meaning in later life. The tenets of logotherapy provide many clues and approaches to what an ever-increasing body of evidence suggests regarding the crisis of aging as a crisis of meaning. Frankl’s insightful work increased man’s understanding of the spiritual dimension of humanity and the dignity and worth of every person in the face of what he called “the tragic trial of human existence: pain, guilt, and death.” Viktor Frankl's Contribution to Spirituality and Aging presents an essential overview of logotherapy and explores: the search for and the will to meaning in later life the connection between logotherapy and pastoral counseling—bringing psychology and theology together to effectively counsel the aging the role of logotherapy in the treatment of adult major depression aspects of meaning and personhood in dementia the search for meaning in long-term care settings Viktor Frankl's Contribution to Spirituality and Aging represents varying professional perspectives on the application of Frankl's logotherapy for ministry with older adults. The chapter authors represent diverse professional backgrounds in medicine, pastoral theology, the behavioral sciences, and pastoral ministry. They address issues such as death and dying, dementia and depression, and the spiritual meaning of aging, as well as Frankl's conception of the nature of humanity. Everyone interested in the connection between theology and psychology in the context of the aging will want to own this book.
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Man's Search for Meaning in Spirituality

Man's Search for Meaning in Spirituality

Author: Dan Matzke, Dr, PhD

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1483939979

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 56

View: 352

MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING IN SPIRITUALITY Building On The Work Of Viktor E. Frankl By Psychologist "Dr. Dan" Matzke, PhD TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments Disclaimer Preface Spirituality: A Working Definition Part One: Introduction On Ultimate Concerns of Spirituality: Awakening Experiences Part Two: Introduction On Spirituality – Enlightening Perspectives: Great Insights & Realizations Of Humanity Addendum: On Mindfulness, Meaning & Spirituality Seven Golden Guidelines For Life & Living Uplifting Perspectives: An Ode PREFACE This book explores matters of “spirituality”… ultimate questions and concerns of humanity. It is written for all of mankind. The work endeavors to explore meaningful matters and experiences… which have been on the hearts and minds of humans throughout all of recorded history. Part One of this book explores what might best be called “awakening experiences” – as they relate to ultimate concerns of spirituality. Part Two considers what might best be described as “enlightening perspectives”: great insights and realizations of humanity. It is hoped that some of these insights and ideas will “strike a cord” and “resonate” with the reader who is seeking truth and meaning, and offer some useful pointers for experiencing a personal sense of spirituality in life and living. SPIRITUALITY: A Working Definition While there are many definitions of spirituality from various view points (including religious, secular, philosophical and scientific), a concise and definitive definition is rather difficult to articulate. Human beings have many unique capacities which encompass and exude spirituality, including self-awareness and situational awareness, the abilities of contemplation and reflection, a seemingly innate curiosity about the unknown... and an ambition to directly apprehend and experience… the true nature of reality and being. In light of these characteristics of the human spirit - within the context of this book - a broad and general working definition of the word spirituality would be that it entails higher human concerns… beyond those dealing with tangible matters. These human concerns take on a marked sense of spirituality especially when they involve the deeply personal sense of a power, order and meaning… which is beyond our full comprehension and understanding… which is beyond our ability to fully capture with words and communicate… oftentimes being more experienced and sensed in intuitive ways… than known in logical, rational and intellectual ways. Acknowledgments: Insights and ideas for this book were drawn from many contemporary writers, who have in turn drawn from many great teachers, seminal thinkers and authors throughout history. Interested readers are referred to the books of Irvin D. Yalom, Alan Watts, Robert C. Solomon, D. T. Suzuki, Carl Rogers, Rollo May, Abraham Maslow and Thich Nhat Hanh. Special Acknowledgment to Viktor E. Frankl. This book “stands on the shoulders” of Dr. Frankl's life and work... in a sincere endeavor to see a little farther and to grasp a little higher. (C)2013 "Dr. Dan" Matzke, PhD - All Rights Reserved
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Meaning and Spirituality in Sport and Exercise

Meaning and Spirituality in Sport and Exercise

Author: Noora J Ronkainen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351591980

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 153

View: 913

Despite the growing literature on spirituality and its positive impact on well-being in health psychology, education, occupational psychology and leisure studies, it has been less examined in sport studies. Meaning and Spirituality in Sport and Exercise: Psychological Perspectives examines the many forms of spirituality in sport from a psychological perspective, from moments of transcendence and finding deeper meaning and value to prayer before an important competition or in adversity, such as a career-threatening injury. Based on the latest research and the Nesti’s experience in applied sport psychology service delivery, this book covers a range of novel topics linking spirituality to athlete development, injury, exercise motivation, and ageing athletes, and offers applied, practical guidance for sport psychologists working with spiritual athletes. Offering a unique contribution to the study of spirituality in sport, and to sport psychology practice, this book is vital reading for any upper-level student or academic working in sport and exercise psychology, religion and sport, or the philosophy of sport, and any practising sport psychologist.
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Searching for Spirituality in Higher Education

Searching for Spirituality in Higher Education

Author: Bruce W. Speck

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820481599

Category: Education

Page: 297

View: 528

Searching for Spirituality in Higher Education brings together eclectic points of view on spirituality, drawing upon various theoretical perspectives to frame a discussion of spirituality in higher education. Following a comprehensive review of the current literature on spirituality, chapters examine the relationship between religion and spirituality and explore related legal issues. Subsequent theory chapters make no unified claims about the basis of spirituality, reflecting the speculative nature of an ethereal subject. The final section contains rich examples that explore ways to integrate spirituality in several academic disciplines as well as in student affairs. In its entirety, the book encompasses a comprehensive review of the salient issues related to spirituality in higher education. The volume will be useful in courses on religion, nursing, business, and the humanities.
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A-Z of Spirituality

A-Z of Spirituality

Author: Steve Nolan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350312807

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 157

Spirituality is a multifaceted speciality; anyone who wants to understand it must look across a range of disciplines, which can often make it seem overwhelming and incomplete. This book will act as a reference resource for readers looking to develop their study of spirituality and its relevance to health and social care.
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Positive Psychology on the College Campus

Positive Psychology on the College Campus

Author: John C. Wade

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199892730

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

View: 815

The field of positive psychology has blossomed over the past fifteen years due to its uplifting perspective as well as research findings demonstrating the effectiveness of its practical applications for enhancing individual and organizational well-being. The concepts within positive psychology including focusing on personal strengths, positive emotions, well-being, and factors related to success and thriving can connect with an inner sense of hope and motivation for growth and constructive change. There is a congruency between these concepts of positive psychology and the focus on development, acquiring knowledge and skills, and nurturing of talent and potential that defines higher education. Indeed, positive psychology offers a refreshing and valuable framework for the programs and activities found in academic and student affairs departments. Positive Psychology on the College Campus provides innovative and practical strategies that can be employed with students to enhance both their personal development and educational experiences. Individual chapters, all written by experts in their fields, describe research and offer approaches for readers to use with students. With its wide-ranging topics and distinguished contributors, Positive Psychology on the College Campus is a must-have resource for all those who work with college students, including academic advisors, administrators, counselors, faculty, residence-life staff, and student-activities staff. In fact, no matter where your office may be located on the campus map, positive psychology can be applied to your work.
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Psychiatric Medication and Spirituality

Psychiatric Medication and Spirituality

Author: Lynne Vanderpot

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784503918

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 144

Challenging an exclusively medical approach to mental health and illness, this book considers the impact psychiatric drugs can have on spirituality. In the last thirty years, a dramatic rise in medication as a treatment for mental illness has occurred in tandem with increasing numbers of people entering treatment with a spiritually-oriented understanding of their suffering. The unforeseen result is that some people taking psychiatric drugs are engaging with them in ways that can have a profound impact on the course and outcome of treatment. Based on interviews with people on psychiatric medication who regard spirituality as significant in their lives, this book reveals how medication can be perceived as both helpful and harmful to spirituality. The author argues that spirituality must be considered in debates around psychopharmacology.
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Aging, Spirituality, and Pastoral Care

Aging, Spirituality, and Pastoral Care

Author: James W Ellor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136402524

Category: Medical

Page: 204

View: 738

How can you foster spiritual growth in older people? This multidisciplinary work re-examines issues of aging with dignity and spiritual meaning. Aging, Spirituality, and Pastoral Care: A Multi-National Perspective brings together chaplains, pastors, counselors, and health care practitioners in all walks of gerontology from around the world to present a fully rounded picture of the spiritual needs and potentialities of this fast-growing population. It also includes a study of the spiritual awareness of nurses working in six different nursing homes, as well as a model for a parish nursing practice that focuses on the aged. Aging, Spirituality, and Pastoral Care addresses urgent issues for older people, including: social and spiritual isolation the wisdom of the aging the need for intimacy sexuality among older people living with dementia the spiritual dimensions of caregiving
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Coaching with Meaning and Spirituality

Coaching with Meaning and Spirituality

Author: Peter Hyson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135086251

Category: Psychology

Page: 224

View: 125

Coaching with Meaning and Spirituality aims to help coaches with those occasions where a clients’ search for meaning needs to be addressed and explored. Working with spirituality in a coaching context can be difficult and unfamiliar for coaches, but in this book Peter Hyson provides a vocabulary to facilitate this exploration, and ultimately to help coaches to address their clients’ doubts and worries, especially in an economic climate where old certainties may be lost. Part I of this text argues the case for why coaches should be willing and able to explore areas of meaning and spirituality with coachees. It provides definitions and terminology. Part II uses case studies and activities to help coaches apply these definitions to specific contexts that we might face as coaches. The final part provides some deeper skill-development and extended resources. This book looks at motivation; legacy; drive to succeed; increasing profit; maintaining work-life balance; stress, breakdown and crises; and qualities of effective leadership. It will be especially useful for professional coaches, both the experienced and the relatively new, who coach in a variety of contexts. It aims to stimulate a new area of discussion across the wider coaching profession.
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Spirituality and Psychological Health

Spirituality and Psychological Health

Author: Richard H. Cox

Publisher: Colorado School of Prof Psy

ISBN: 0976463806

Category: Mental health

Page: 321

View: 617

Spirituality and Psychological Health examines the relationship between spirituality, religion, and psychological health. Several different psychological approached are presented in this volume. Topics include developmental issues, divesity issues, and training issues.