Released on 1971Categories Algorithms

Identification of System Parameters from Input-output Data with Application to Air Vehicles

Identification of System Parameters from Input-output Data with Application to Air Vehicles

Author: Dallas G. Denery


ISBN: UIUC:30112106692137

Category: Algorithms

Page: 136

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A new algorithm is developed for estimating system parameters from input-output data. If the noise or uncertainty in the system is small, the algorithm does not require a prior estimate of the unknown parameters and if the noise has a zero mean, the final parameter estimates will not be biased. A method for reducing the computations required to obtain the parameter estimates is also presented. A general canonical realization is developed for multi-input, multioutput, constant-coefficient, linear equations. If the unknown system is modeled in its canonical form, the unknown parameters are uniquely identifiable. An analogy is established between a parameter estimation procedure developed by Shinbrot and the concept of linear observers developed by Luenberger. It is shown that observers of lower order can be designed quite easily using an extension of Shinbrot's method.
Released on 2020-12-07Categories Technology & Engineering

Manufacturing Parameters and Entrepreneurship

Manufacturing Parameters and Entrepreneurship

Author: Sanjay Sharma

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000222357

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 180

View: 429

Manufacturing Parameters and Entrepreneurship provides a guide that helps business leaders understand and apply the production parameters and estimation techniques needed for commercial success. This book covers important concepts in depth, including manufacturing space, manufacturing quality, production backorders, space consideration, quality aspects, maximum inventory control, entrepreneurial application, and quality inclusion. Key features: Covers manufacturing parameters, their estimation, and effects in a single volume. Discusses conceptualization, formulation, and analysis of space consideration. Provides basic understanding and mathematical treatment of quality aspects in detail. Discusses in detail concepts such as manufacturing space, manufacturing quality, and production backorders. Covers stock out situations in detail. Manufacturing Parameters and Entrepreneurship will be an invaluable addition to the libraries of graduate students and professionals in the field of industrial engineering, production engineering, and manufacturing science and engineering.
Released on 2015-04-07Categories Technology & Engineering

Analysis of Electrical Circuits with Variable Load Regime Parameters

Analysis of Electrical Circuits with Variable Load Regime Parameters

Author: A. Penin

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319163512

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 343

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This book introduces electric circuits with variable loads and voltage regulators. It allows to define invariant relationships for various parameters of regime and circuit sections and to prove the concepts characterizing these circuits. Generalized equivalent circuits are introduced. Projective geometry is used for the interpretation of changes of operating regime parameters. Expressions of normalized regime parameters and their changes are presented. Convenient formulas for the calculation of currents are given. Parallel voltage sources and the cascade connection of multi-port networks are described. The two-value voltage regulation characteristics of loads with limited power of voltage source is considered. The book presents the fundamentals of electric circuits and develops circuit theorems. It is useful to engineers, researchers and graduate students who are interested in the basic electric circuit theory and the regulation and monitoring of power supply systems.
Released on 2012-02-01Categories Language Arts & Disciplines

Key Features and Parameters in Arabic Grammar

Key Features and Parameters in Arabic Grammar

Author: Abdelkader Fassi Fehri

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027274960

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 358

View: 637

In light of recent generative minimalism, and comparative parametric theory of language variation, the book investigates key features and parameters of Arabic grammar. Part I addresses morpho-syntactic and semantic interfaces in temporality, aspectuality, and actionality, including the Past/Perfect/Perfective ambiguity akin to the very synthetic temporal morphology, collocating time adverb construal, and interpretability of verbal Number as pluractional. Part II is dedicated to nominal architecture, the behaviour of bare nouns as true indefinites, the count/mass dichotomy (re-examined in light of general, collective, and singulative DP properties), the mirror image ordering of serialized adjectives, and N-to-D Move in synthetic possession, proper names, and individuated vocatives. Part III examines the role of CP in time and space anchoring, double access reading (in a DAR language such as Arabic), sequence of tense (SOT), silent pronominal categories in consistent null subject languages (including referential and generic pro), and the interpretability of inflection. Semantic and formal parameters are set out, within a mixed macro/micro-parametric model of language variation. The book is of particular interest to students, researchers, and teachers of Arabic, Semitic, comparative, typological, or general linguistics.
Released on 1973Categories Atmospheric models

A Three-dimensional Ionospheric Model Using Observed Ionospheric Parameters

A Three-dimensional Ionospheric Model Using Observed Ionospheric Parameters

Author: Charles M. Rush


ISBN: UOM:39015095126234

Category: Atmospheric models

Page: 60

View: 975

An electron density model, which permits a three-dimensional specification of the ionospheric structure, has been developed. The model generates realistic electron density profiles in the altitude range from 100 to 800 km by making use of selected ionospheric parameters that are routinely observed. The model also allows for the calculation of the electron distribution over the entire path of propagation of a radio signal by employing a synoptic mapping technique. The mapping technique enagles ionospheric parameters observed at specific locations to be extended and extrapolated to regions where data are not normally accessible. The electron densities that are computed are done in a manner that is totally consistent with the observed parameters needed to generate the profiles. (Author).
Released on 2019-09-10Categories Mathematics

Method of Variation of Parameters for Dynamic Systems

Method of Variation of Parameters for Dynamic Systems

Author: V. Lakshmikantham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351431958

Category: Mathematics

Page: 328

View: 335

Method of Variation of Parameters for Dynamic Systems presents a systematic and unified theory of the development of the theory of the method of variation of parameters, its unification with Lyapunov's method and typical applications of these methods. No other attempt has been made to bring all the available literature into one volume. This book is a clear exposition of this important topic in control theory, which is not covered by any other text. Such an exposition finally enables the comparison and contrast of the theory and the applications, thus facilitating further development in this fascinating field.