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The Role of Organic Petrology in the Exploration of Conventional and Unconventional Hydrocarbon Systems

The Role of Organic Petrology in the Exploration of Conventional and Unconventional Hydrocarbon Systems

Author: Isabel Suárez-Ruiz

Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers

ISBN: 9781681084633

Category: Science

Page: 374

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Organic petrology is a discipline of geology which integrates multidisciplinary approaches for the exploration and evaluation of fossil fuel resources by conventional and unconventional procedures. Organic petrology has brought forth new, powerful analytical tools for the characterization of geological hydrocarbon systems, thus providing information where previous analytical techniques prove to be less effective. The reference provides a broad, comprehensive source of information about the application of organic petrology in the investigation of geological formations related with the production and accumulation of oil and gas. Eleven chapters cover a variety of topics (kerogens, dispersed organic matter systems, sedimentary organic matter systems, oil and gas shales, etc.). Additional information in chapters referring to examples in specific geographical locations provides a global perspective of hydrocarbon exploration. The book is an introductory reference for all scholars involved in applied organic petrology of hydrocarbon systems including graduate and undergraduate geology students, engineers and lab technicians. [Series intro] Geology: Current and Future Developments is a book series that brings together the latest contributions to geological research. Each volume features chapters contributed by academic scholars / professional experts from around the world. The scope of the book series includes (but is not limited to) topics such as plate tectonics, climate science, hydrocarbon exploration, mineral exploration, and environmental science. This series is intended as a useful compendium of scholarly reference material for geology students and professionals.
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Yearbook of International Organizations 2012-2013

Yearbook of International Organizations 2012-2013

Author: Union of International Associations

Publisher: Yearbook of International Orga

ISBN: 9004231714

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 3056

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Volume 1 (A and B) of the "Yearbook of International Organizations" covers international organizations throughout the world, comprising their aims, activities and events. This includes names (in English, French and, where available, other languages), abbreviations and descriptions of over 34,000 not-for-profit organizations currently active in every field of human endeavor, as well as references to associated organizations, whose goals cross all economic, political and geographical borders, offering an insight into new, productive relationships. The volume also allows quick and easy cross-referencing from volumes 2, 3, 4, and 6.
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Organic Petrology

Organic Petrology

Author: G. H. Taylor

Publisher: Gebruder Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung

ISBN: UOM:39015048570074

Category: Coal

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''Organic Petrology'' is a new book, but one with antecedents. It is rooted in the famous ''Stach''s Textbook of Coal Petrology'''' (1975) and its predecessor ''Stach''s Lehrbuch der Kohlenpetrologie'''' (1935) but has been completely revised and expanded in order to incorporate a huge amount of new data obtained in the two decades since the publication of the 3rd edition of Stach. ''Organic Petrology'' now covers the whole field of the petrology of organic material in rocks. The book addresses researchers, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, people concerned with the assessment, mining and use of coal and oil shales, and exploration workers interested in the occurrence and the evaluation of petroleum and natural gas and their source rocks.