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September Evening

September Evening

Author: Barry Diggens

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 9781908117878

Category: History

Page: 192

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The true story of the daredevil flying ace who rivaled the Red Baron, with photos included. This is the first full-length biography of nineteen-year-old Werner Voss, a legend in his lifetime and the youngest recipient of the Pour le Mérite, Germany’s highest award for bravery in WWI. At the time of his death he was considered by many, friend and foe alike, to be Germany’s greatest ace—and, had he lived, Voss would almost certainly have overtaken Manfred von Richthofen’s victory total by early spring of 1918. Voss is perhaps best remembered for his outstanding courage, his audacity in the air, and the prodigious number of victories he achieved before being killed in one of the most swashbuckling and famous dogfights of the Great War: a fight involving James McCudden and 56 Squadron RFC, the most successful Allied scout squadron. Yet the life of Voss and the events of that fateful September day are surrounded by mystery and uncertainty, and even now aviation enthusiasts continue to ask questions about him on an almost daily basis. Barry Diggens was determined to uncover the truth, and September Evening unearths and analyzes every scrap of information concerning this extraordinary young man. Diggens’s conclusions are sometimes controversial but his evidence is persuasive, and this study will be welcomed by, and of great interest to, the aviation fraternity worldwide.
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Author: John Michels (Journalist)


ISBN: UCBK:C032914270

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Vols. for 1911-13 contain the Proceedings of the Helminothological Society of Washington, ISSN 0018-0120, 1st-15th meeting.
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Author: Christopher Madsen

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9780996026017

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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When Christopher Madsen made the snap decision-perhaps a rash decision-to buy and renovate the famous 1916 racing yacht for which this story is named, he could scarcely have imagined the consequences that were to follow. During the renovation Madsen's investigation of the original owner, New York senator Holland Sackett Duell, uncovered a remarkable true life 1920s adventure and love story; one which fully brings to life the era and flair of Gatsby and Hemmingway yet, by contrast, Rowdy is completely true, historically significant and meticulously documented in support of the authenticity. The reader first walks in Duell's footsteps as he departs New York in 1918 to participate in the Great War (the most detailed accounting ever written on New York's 306th Field Artillery, 77th Division). Highly decorated upon return, the adventure continues as Duell is immersed in politics at the highest level, the birth of Hollywood, sailing competitions with some of the richest men in America, fortunes and mansions and love affairs as well as scandalous affairs. A newly unearthed gem in American history, Rowdy will enjoyably transport the reader back in time to the Golden Age of Yachting-AND EVER SO MUCH MORE!A multi-award winning story and a beautiful coffee table book; 8 A1/2 X 11 hardcover with the look of worn, vintage leather, gold leaf stamping, rounded spine woven burgundy book mark. Full reviews, sample pages, awards etc., at