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Smells Like Dead Elephants

Smells Like Dead Elephants

Author: Matt Taibbi

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 9780802192110

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

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From “the only political writer in America that matters” comes a collection of his best reportage about the worst of times (Harford Advocate). Matt Taibbi is notorious as a journalistic agitator, a stone thrower, a “natural provocateur” ( Now, bringing together his most incisive, intense, and hilarious pieces from his “Road Work” column in Rolling Stone, the “political reporter with the gonzo spirit that made Hunter S. Thompson and P. J. O’Rourke so much fun” shines a scathing spotlight on the corruption, dishonesty, and sheer laziness of our leaders (The Washington Post). With no shortage of outrages to compel Taibbi’s pen, these pieces paint a shocking portrait of our government at work—or, as Taibbi points out in “The Worst Congress Ever,” rarely working. Taibbi has plenty to say about George W. Bush, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, and all the rest, but he doesn’t just hit inside the Beltway. Taibbi gets involved in the action. He infiltrates Senator Conrad Burns’s birthday party under disguise as a lobbyist for a fictional oil firm that wants to drill in the Grand Canyon. He floats into apocalyptic post-Katrina New Orleans in a dinghy with Sean Penn. He goes to Iraq as an embedded reporter, where he witnesses the mind-boggling dysfunction of our occupation and spends three nights in Abu Ghraib prison. And he reports from two of the most bizarre and telling trials in recent memory: California v. Michael Jackson and the evolution-vs.-intelligent-design trial in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. A brilliant collection from one of the most entertaining political writers of today, Smells Like Dead Elephants is “the funniest angry book and the angriest funny book since Hunter S. Thompson roared into town” (James Wolcott).
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Archival Theory, Chronology and Interpretation of Rock Art in the Western Cape, South Africa

Archival Theory, Chronology and Interpretation of Rock Art in the Western Cape, South Africa

Author: Siyakha Mguni

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781784914479

Category: Social Science

Page: 165

View: 916

This book advocates the archival capacity of rock art and uses archival perspectives to analyse the chronology of paintings in order to formulate a framework for their historicised interpretations.
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The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife

The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife

Author: Elizabeth Amisu

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440838651

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 564

An essential companion to Michael Jackson's music, films, and books, this work offers 21 original, academic essays on all things Jackson—from film, music, and dance to fashion, culture, and literature. • Takes a sophisticated, academic approach to understanding Jackson's art and life, providing insights into his entire body of work from a perspective never before available outside of music/culture journals • Concentrates on aspects of Jackson's art that have not previously been researched, such as his use of costumes and clothing, his poetry, and his function as an auteur • Includes a section focused on Jackson's posthumous work and representation • Connects with the study of literature, especially early modern English writings and, perhaps surprisingly, the works of William Shakespeare
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Top of the Order

Top of the Order

Author: Sean Manning


ISBN: 9781458780737


Page: 290

View: 491

There have been many anthologies devoted to our national pastime's greatest players, but here, at last, is one dedicated to those, for reasons far more personal than statsbased, we call our favorites. In Top of the Order twentyfive of today's premier sports journalists, cultural critics, novelists, and humorists (as well as a couple of former major leaguers) deliver memorable, neverbeforepublished odes to their favorite players, past or present. By turns uplifting, woeful, and hilarious, these essays define what it means to be beset by that strange, incurable condition known as baseball fandom. Featuring original essays by; Roger Kahn on Jackie Robinson, Buzz Bissinger on Albert Pujols, Jonathan Eig on Lou Gehrig, Neal Pollack on Greg Maddux, Laura Lippman on Brooks Robinson, Jeff Pearlman on Garry Templeton, Jim Bouton on Steve Dembowski, Pat Jordan on Tom Seaver, Michael Ian Black on Mookie Wilson, Matt Taibbi on Jim Rice, Steve Almond on Rickey Henderson, and many more.
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God in Proof

God in Proof

Author: Nathan Schneider

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520957565

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 516

In this tour of the history of arguments for and against the existence of God, Nathan Schneider embarks on a remarkable intellectual, historical, and theological journey through the centuries of believers and unbelievers—from ancient Greeks, to medieval Arabs, to today’s most eminent philosophers and the New Atheists. Framed by an account of Schneider’s own unique journey, God in Proof illuminates the great minds who wrestled with one of history’s biggest questions together with their arguments, bringing them to life in their time, and our own. Schneider’s sure-handed portrayal of the characters and ideas involved in the search for proof challenges how we normally think about doubt and faith while showing that, in their quest for certainty and the proofs to declare it, thinkers on either side of the God divide are often closer to one another than they would like to think.
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Dogs Have the Strangest Friends

Dogs Have the Strangest Friends

Author: Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Publisher: Untreed Reads

ISBN: 9781611875621

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 50

View: 638

The author of the adult best-sellers When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love has reached into his treasure trove of stories about the emotional lives of animals to tell fifteen fascinating stories to young readers. Jeffrey Masson's graceful, accessible prose illuminates the capacity of both wild and domestic animals to live by their emotions--to love, share joy, feel sorrow or loneliness, and show compassion. Young people have little difficulty recognizing or believing that animals have feelings. They will respond to these real-life tales about a mother cat who saves her kittens from a fire; a parrot who says "I'm sorry"; the special friendship between a dog and a lion; and many others. The stories can be read aloud to younger children or enjoyed by independent readers. Beautifully illustrated with lush watercolor paintings, this book makes the perfect gift and is ideally suited to the animal lover in every child.
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Orchids For Dummies

Orchids For Dummies

Author: Steven A. Frowine

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119854975

Category: Gardening

Page: 336

View: 498

Become a plant parent to some of the most stunning flowering plants you’ve ever seen Orchids display more beautiful and exotic flowers than you’ll find on other flowering plants, but they do require some love and care to grow well. With help from Orchids For Dummies, anyone can be successful in growing and flowering these gorgeous and fragrant plants in their garden or home! This step-by-step guide shows you how to select orchids that will thrive in your own unique environment and how to water, fertilize, repot, and propagate them on your own. You’ll learn to decipher complicated orchid names (“phalaenopsis,” anyone?) and create spectacular displays. You’ll also discover: New information about updated plant and orchid classification systems so you can know what to buy at your local garden center or store Expanded info on moth orchids, one of the most popular varieties of the plant sold in the world today Updated instructions on which pesticides, fertilizers, and potting materials you should be using Perfect for amateur gardeners, orchid-lovers, and anyone interested in growing these exquisite flowers on their own, Orchids For Dummies will turn your thumb green in no time at all!
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Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson

Author: Kevin T. McEneaney

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442266216

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 307

View: 603

A decade after Hunter S. Thompson’s death, his books—including Hell’s Angels, The Curse of Lono, The Great Shark Hunt, and Rum Diary—continue to sell thousands of copies each year, and previously unpublished manuscripts of his still surface for publication. While Thompson never claimed to be a great writer, he did invent a new literary style—“gonzo”—that has been widely influential on both literature and journalism. Though Thompson and his work engendered a significant—even rabid—following, relatively little analysis has been published about his writing. In Hunter S. Thompson: Fear, Loathing, and the Birth of Gonzo, Kevin T. McEneaney examines the intellectual background of this American original, providing biographical details and placing Thompson within a larger social and historical context. A significant portion of this book is devoted to the creation, reception, and legacy of his most important works, particularly Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In addition to discussing influences on Thompson's work—including Homer, Nietzsche, Spengler, Melville, Twain, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Kerouac, and others—as well as the writers Thompson influenced, McEneaney also explains the literary origins of gonzo. With new biographical information about Thompson and an examination of his writing techniques, this book provides readers with a better understanding of the journalist and novelist. A look beyond the larger-than-life public persona, Hunter S. Thompson: Fear, Loathing, and the Birth of Gonzo will be of great interest to fans of Thompson’s work as well as to those wanting to know more about gonzo journalism and literature.
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Uncommon Paper Flowers

Uncommon Paper Flowers

Author: Kate Alarcón

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452181387

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 240

View: 990

This visually magnificent book unveils the alluring world of uncommon botanicals, including a prickly cactus that played a storied role in the founding of an ancient city, a tiny pink mushroom that glows green in the dark, and a magnificent blue cactus with rows of golden spines. Celebrated paper designer Kate Alarcón reveals the rich histories and unique characteristics behind 30 remarkable plants alongside instructions for crafting stunning paper versions of each one. These eye-catching creations make perfect wedding centerpieces, beautiful arrangements (that never wilt!) to brighten a home, and cheerful gifts for any occasion. Brimming with fascinating botanical trivia, vivid photography, and essential design techniques, this is a breathtaking resource for flower lovers, crafters, and anyone fascinated by the mysteries of the natural world.
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The Great Derangement

The Great Derangement

Author: Matt Taibbi

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780385525701

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 813

A REVELATORY AND DARKLY COMIC ADVENTURE THROUGH A NATION ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN—FROM THE HALLS OF CONGRESS TO THE BASES OF BAGHDAD TO THE APOCALYPTIC CHURCHES OF THE HEARTLAND Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi set out to describe the nature of George Bush’s America in the post-9/11 era and ended up vomiting demons in an evangelical church in Texas, riding the streets of Baghdad in an American convoy to nowhere, searching for phantom fighter jets in Congress, and falling into the rabbit hole of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Matt discovered in his travels across the country that the resilient blue state/red state narrative of American politics had become irrelevant. A large and growing chunk of the American population was so turned off—or radicalized—by electoral chicanery, a spineless news media, and the increasingly blatant lies from our leaders (“they hate us for our freedom”) that they abandoned the political mainstream altogether. They joined what he calls The Great Derangement. Taibbi tells the story of this new American madness by inserting himself into four defining American subcultures: The Military, where he finds himself mired in the grotesque black comedy of the American occupation of Iraq; The System, where he follows the money-slicked path of legislation in Congress; The Resistance, where he doubles as chief public antagonist and undercover member of the passionately bonkers 9/11 Truth Movement; and The Church, where he infiltrates a politically influential apocalyptic mega-ministry in Texas and enters the lives of its desperate congregants. Together these four interwoven adventures paint a portrait of a nation dangerously out of touch with reality and desperately searching for answers in all the wrong places. Funny, smart, and a little bit heartbreaking, The Great Derangement is an audaciously reported, sobering, and illuminating portrait of America at the end of the Bush era.
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The Best Orchids for Indoors

The Best Orchids for Indoors

Author: Charles Marden Fitch

Publisher: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

ISBN: 1889538604

Category: Indoor gardening

Page: 124

View: 859

From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a series The New York Times calls a "brilliant collection of gardening books." This manual is a goldmine of practical and inspirational information, and a great value too. Orchid lovers will delight in this guide to indoor cultivation. Fitch, a member of the who’s who of orchid specialists, presents the newest, most exciting, and most spectacular tropical varieties. Published in association with the American Orchid Society, this volume offers lots of helpful advice for making orchids thrive, as well as a comprehensive encyclopedia of different species. From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden series that The New York Times calls a “brilliant collection of gardening books.”