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The Role of Strategic Grain Reserves in Enhancing Food Security in Zambia and Zimbabwe

The Role of Strategic Grain Reserves in Enhancing Food Security in Zambia and Zimbabwe

Author: Weltbankgruppe


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Zambia and Zimbabwe have experienced food security emergencies of varying severity, mainly caused by drought and floods in some areas. Like several countries in Africa and elsewhere, the two countries have developed and used Strategic Grain Reserves (SGR) to cope with food emergencies and other functions to ensure the availability of food. Both countries have years of experience with SGR as a key component of their respective food security policies. At the center of this strategy is the availability and sufficient supply of white maize, as the single most important strategic crop. The study is organized into four parts as follows: Part 1 presents the introduction laying out the background, objectives, methodology and structure of the report; Parts 2 and 3 present separate country analysis for Zambia and Zimbabwe covering the overview of the food security situation, strategic grain reserve operations and management in relation to food emergencies, and recommendations to enhance the strategic grain management; and Part 4 presents the conclusion.
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Food Aid After Fifty Years

Food Aid After Fifty Years

Author: Christopher B. Barrett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135992965

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This book analyzes the impact food aid programmes have had over the past fifty years, assessing the current situation as well as future prospects. Issues such as political expediency, the impact of international trade and exchange rates are put under the microscope to provide the reader with a greater understanding of this important subject matter. This book will prove vital to students of development economics and development studies and those working in the field.
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Author: Han Jun

Publisher: American Academic Press

ISBN: 9781631814006

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Through decades of efforts, China has overall achieved self-sufficiency in food supply, which is the result of effective policies and measures adopted by the Chinese government. This book focuses on China’s food security strategy and agricultural going global strategy and goes into details on policies and measures for achieving domestic food security. It specially analyzes status and development trend of China’s corn industry since corn is the most sensitive grain variety that plays an important role as food, feed and raw material for bioenergy. It also studies overseas agricultural development potential for agricultural investment and cooperation globally. It finally elaborates China’s agricultural going global strategy, with specific cases to evaluate policy effect, in order to promote international cooperation in agriculture. The conclusions are that as the world’s most populated country, China should rely on its domestic production to ensure food supply. However, with intensified constraints on resources and environment, China should appropriately adjust its food security goals to ensure the basic self-sufficiency of cereals and rely more on global markets for non-cereal grain varieties. Looking to the future, China should establish a food security system that is efficient, open and sustainable through profound reform to increase its domestic food productivity, promote sustainable development of agriculture, and expand international cooperation in agriculture.
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Commodity Reserves

Commodity Reserves

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. Subcommittee on Agricultural Production, Marketing, and Stabilization of Prices


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