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No Name in the Street

No Name in the Street

Author: James Baldwin

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780804149662

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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An extraordinary history of the turbulent sixties and early seventies that displays James Baldwin's fury and despair more deeply than any of his other works, and powerfully speaks to contemporary conversations around racism. "It contains truth that cannot be denied.” — The Atlantic Monthly In this stunningly personal document, James Baldwin remembers in vivid details the Harlem childhood that shaped his early conciousness and the later events that scored his heart with pain—the murders of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, his sojourns in Europe and in Hollywood, and his retum to the American South to confront a violent America face-to-face.
Released on 2008-08Categories Ghosts

Hell House

Hell House

Author: Allison Vale

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402763107

Category: Ghosts

Page: 216

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The chilling title of this hair-raising volume refers to the real-life Hell House of New Orleans--a mansion haunted by the ghosts of tortured and murdered slaves. But that’s only one of the 43 forbidding locations documented within these pages. Bold readers are invited to go on a world-spanning tour of haunted places, to meet ghosts, apparitions, and spirits such as the Windigo of the remote Canadian forests, which possesses unwary travelers and compels them to eat human flesh. Here also are such horrors as the moving coffins of Barbados, the Hungry Ghosts of China, and other bizarre manifestations of the spirit world. Truly a feast of shudders and thrills for all fans of the supernatural.
Released on 2009-08-01Categories Biography & Autobiography

Street Without a Name

Street Without a Name

Author: Kapka Kassabova

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 9781628730364

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 348

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Kassabova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and grew up under the drab, muddy, grey mantle of one of communism’s most mindlessly authoritarian regimes. Escaping with her family as soon as possible after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, she lived in Britain, New Zealand, and Argentina, and several other places. But when Bulgaria was formally inducted to the European Union she decided it was time to return to the home she had spent most of her life trying to escape. What she found was a country languishing under the strain of transition. This two-part memoir of Kapka’s childhood and return explains life on the other side of the Iron Curtain.
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The Hotel With No Name

The Hotel With No Name

Author: K.F. Rabbit

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781678037406

Category: Fiction


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In the hallways of your mind there is a hotel with no name. For years, Naomi Hudson has been dreaming of this place: a labyrinthine, impossibly big hotel for wayward dreamers. She knows these hallways, the rooms, and their secrets better than anyone. She knows the fake people, and the body in the pool. She knows the road. Nothing ever changes, here. Until she launches a blog to discuss the hotel with no name, and attracts the attention of forces beyond even her knowledge: a secret society intent on gleaning everything they can from this place, and, worse, something ancient. Something vast. Something hungry. Don't open the door.
Released on 2022-06-02Categories Humor

English Jests and Anecdotes, Collected from Various Sources

English Jests and Anecdotes, Collected from Various Sources

Author: Various

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547036517

Category: Humor

Page: 162

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This work is a celebrated collection of amusing and light-hearted English Jests and anecdotes. Apart from being fun to read and easy to understand, these anecdotes published in the 1800s also provide valuable insight into the reader about that time's humor and writing trends. The collection consists of more than three hundred enjoyable English jests and short tales full of humor, and wit. Excerpt from the book: "Wit and the Opposite. Dryden and Otway lived opposite to each other in Queen Street. Otway coming one night from the tavern, chalked upon Dryden's door, "Here lives John Dryden; he is a wit." Dryden knew his handwriting, and, next day, chalked on Otway's door, "Here lives Tom Otway; he is oppo-site.""
Released on 2015Categories Literary Criticism

All Those Strangers

All Those Strangers

Author: Douglas Field

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199384150

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 243

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Adored by many, appalling to some, baffling still to others, few authors defy any single critical narrative to the confounding extent that James Baldwin manages. Was he a black or queer writer? Was he a religious or secular writer? Was he a spokesman for the civil rights movement or a champion of the individual? His critics, as disparate as his readership, endlessly wrestle with paradoxes, not just in his work but also in the life of a man who described himself as "all those strangers called Jimmy Baldwin" and who declared that "all theories are suspect." Viewing Baldwin through a cultural-historical lens alongside a more traditional literary critical approach, All Those Strangers examines how his fiction and nonfiction shaped and responded to key political and cultural developments in the United States from the 1940s to the 1980s. Showing how external forces molded Baldwin's personal, political, and psychological development, Douglas Field breaks through the established critical difficulties caused by Baldwin's geographical, ideological, and artistic multiplicity by analyzing his life and work against the radically transformative politics of his time. The book explores under-researched areas in Baldwin's life and work, including his relationship to the Left, his FBI files, and the significance of Africa in his writing, while also contributing to wider discussions about postwar US culture. Field deftly navigates key twentieth-century themes-the Cold War, African American literary history, conflicts between spirituality and organized religion, and transnationalism-to bring a number of isolated subjects into dialogue with each other. By exploring the paradoxes in Baldwin's development as a writer, rather than trying to fix his life and work into a single framework, All Those Strangers contradicts the accepted critical paradigm that Baldwin's life and work are too ambiguous to make sense of. By studying him as an individual and an artist in flux, Field reveals the manifold ways in which Baldwin's work develops and coheres.
Released on 2002Categories Names

Names New and Old

Names New and Old

Author: Edwin Wallace McMullen

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: 0773475346

Category: Names

Page: 576

View: 543

These essays tell the story of geographic, literary, personal and various other types of names. Information on names is offered chronologically from 1391 up to the present time and the 'hip-lit' names used in Bret Easton Ellis's Less than Zero. There are also technical studies, such as the names of drugs in the world of street-Spanish, and the sound patterns of proper names in the English language.