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Mysterious Celtic Mythology in American Folklore

Mysterious Celtic Mythology in American Folklore

Author: Bob Curran

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 9781589809178

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

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Many American legends have Celtic origins. Each chapter in this fascinating book presents a Celtic myth and a similar American one. Celtic immigrants brought these legends to all regions of the U.S. Old-world mythology morphs into New World folklore. Curran recounts America's oldest legends and traces their origins to the Celtic mythology of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, presenting a similar old-world tale alongside each American version. Once transported to America, the original Celtic tales evolved to assimilate the new population's geographic, social, and religious customs, weaving their way into the fabric of American folk history.
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G. A. HENTY Ultimate Collection: 100+ Historical Novels, Adventure Tales & Short Stories

G. A. HENTY Ultimate Collection: 100+ Historical Novels, Adventure Tales & Short Stories

Author: G. A. Henty

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4057664556196

Category: Fiction

Page: 24325

View: 551

e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited G. A. Henty collection: Novels: A Search for a Secret All But Lost Out on the Pampas The Young Franc-Tireurs The Young Buglers The Cornet of Horse In Times of Peril Facing Death, The Hero of the Vaughan Pit Winning His Spurs (Boy Knight) Friends Though Divided Jack Archer Under Drake's Flag By Sheer Pluck With Clive in India In Freedom's Cause St. George For England True to the Old Flag The Young Colonists The Dragon and the Raven For Name and Fame The Lion of the North Through the Fray The Bravest of the Brave A Final Reckoning The Young Carthaginian With Wolfe in Canada Bonnie Prince Charlie For the Temple In the Reign of Terror Orange and Green Captain Bayley's Heir The Cat of Bubastes The Curse of Carne's Hold The Lion of St. Mark By Pike and Dyke One of the 28th With Lee in Virginia By England's Aid By Right of Conquest Chapter of Adventures Maori and Settler The Dash For Khartoum Held Fast for England Redskin and Cowboy Beric the Briton Condemned as a Nihilist In Greek Waters Rujub, the Juggler Dorothy's Double A Jacobite Exile Saint Bartholomew's Eve Through the Sikh War In the Heart of the Rockies When London Burned A Girl of the Commune Wulf The Saxon A Knight of the White Cross Through Russian Snows The Tiger of Mysore At Agincourt On the Irrawaddy The Queen's Cup With Cochrane the Dauntless Colonel Thorndyke's Secret A March on London With Frederick the Great With Moore at Corunna Among Malay Pirates At Aboukir and Acre Both Sides the Border The Golden Cañon The Stone Chest The Lost Heir Under Wellington's Command In the Hands of the Cave Dwellers No Surrender! A Roving Commission Won by the Sword In the Irish Brigade Out With Garibaldi With Buller in Natal At the Point of the Bayonet To Herat and Cabul With Roberts to Pretoria The Treasure of the Incas With Kitchener in the Soudan With the British Legion Through Three Campaigns With the Allies to Pekin By Conduct and Courage Short Stories Historical Works Other Writings
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Tales of Old California

Tales of Old California

Author: Frank Oppel

Publisher: Book Sales Inc

ISBN: 1555215386

Category: History

Page: 488

View: 208

Articles from the magazines of yesteryear, from 1860 to 1912, portray the state, its people and their work in the days when air quality was not a concern
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Enemy in the Blood

Enemy in the Blood

Author: Eric D. Carter

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780817317607

Category: History

Page: 283

View: 825

Enemy in the Blood: Malaria, Environment, and Development in Argentina examines the dramatic yet mostly forgotten history of malaria control in northwest Argentina. Carter traces the evolution of malaria science and policy in Argentina from the disease’s emergence as a social problem in the 1890s to its effective eradication by 1950. Malaria-control proponents saw the campaign as part of a larger project of constructing a modern identity for Argentina. Insofar as development meant building a more productive, rational, and hygienic society, the perceptions of a culturally backwards and disease-ridden interior prevented Argentina from joining the ranks of “modern” nations. The path to eradication, however, was not easy due to complicated public health politics, inappropriate application of foreign malaria control strategies, and a habitual misreading of the distinctive ecology of malaria in the northwest, especially the unique characteristics of the local mosquito vector. Homegrown scientific expertise, a populist public health agenda, and an infusion of new technologies eventually brought a rapid end to malaria’s scourge, if not the cure for regional underdevelopment. Enemy in the Blood sheds light on the often neglected history of northwest Argentina’s interior, adds to critical perspectives on the history of development and public health in modern Latin America, and demonstrates the merits of integrative socialenvironmental research.
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Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers

Author: Robert W. Phillips

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0899509371

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 446

View: 427

This is the definitive work on Roy Rogers, the "King of the Cowboys." The lives and careers of Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans, are thoroughly covered, particularly their work on radio and television. The merchandising history of Roy Rogers reveals that his marketing of character-related products was second only to that of Walt Disney; Roy Rogers memorabilia are still among the most popular items. Includes a comprehensive discography, filmography and comicography. Heavily illustrated.
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Oldfield: A Kentucky Tale of the Last Century

Oldfield: A Kentucky Tale of the Last Century

Author: Nancy Huston Banks

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547134305

Category: Fiction

Page: 275

View: 541

DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "Oldfield: A Kentucky Tale of the Last Century" by Nancy Huston Banks. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.
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Incident At Rancho Alvarado

Incident At Rancho Alvarado

Author: Rick Seiwert

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781635689075

Category: Fiction

Page: 326

View: 661

Socorro Alvarado doesn't know it yet, but an unscrupulous county official has designs on her hundred-year-old house and the sacred Apache spring she has guarded all her life. Enter Kenny Lynch, a wounded Vietnam vet and his merry band of porch partiers. In the spirit of Edward Abbey's Monkey Wrench Gang, the ragtag irregulars of 5th Street launch what is arguably the most original and unconventional fight against evil ever imagined. Set in a western town eighty years after the l
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Tales from Albarado

Tales from Albarado

Author: Smoki Musaraj


ISBN: 1501750348

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

View: 442

"This book examines how people from all walks of life mobilized different forms of wealth-savings, privatization vouchers, remittances, housing, social ties-to invest in the speculative pyramid schemes that were all the rage in late 1990s Albania"--
Released on 2021-10-11Categories History

Lost Stories of West Coast Latino Boxing

Lost Stories of West Coast Latino Boxing

Author: Gene Aguilera

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781467107327

Category: History

Page: 128

View: 419

Many West Coast Latino boxers have entered and departed the ring, their anecdotes left behind like another stain on the mat. Latino boxing stories have floated around for ages without the benefit of being passed down from generation to generation. Buried tales and colorful narratives of beloved Mexican ring idols such as Ruben Olivares, Mando Ramos, Carlos Zarate, Danny "Little Red" Lopez, Bobby Chacon, Carlos Palomino, and Alberto Davila are showcased in these pages, their stories revived because no champion deserves to be forgotten. Other overlooked heroes and one-hit wonders of the golden era of Southland boxing (1940s-1970s) will also be saluted, along with the bygone contenders of the barrio who never saw their name in neon lights.