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California Cures!: How The California Stem Cell Program Is Fighting Your Incurable Disease!

California Cures!: How The California Stem Cell Program Is Fighting Your Incurable Disease!

Author: Reed Don C

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789813231382

Category: Science

Page: 352

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Thirteen years ago, America faced an epidemic of chronic disease: cancer, paralysis, blindness, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and more. But California voters said "YES!" to a $3 billion stem cell research program: the awkwardly-named California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Born into battle, the scrappy little state agency was immediately blocked by three years of anti-science lawsuits — but it defeated them all. And then? A quiet triumph. With a focused intensity like the Manhattan Project (but for peaceful purposes, not to build a bomb), scientists funded by CIRM took on the challenges: disease and disability called chronic: incurable. In a series of connected stories, accurate though written to entertain, "California Cures" relates a war: science against disease, with lives on the line. Think what it means for a paralyzed young man to recover the use of his hands, or for a formerly-blind mother to see her teenaged children — for the first time! Do you know the "bubble-baby" syndrome? Infants without a proper immune system typically die young; a common cold can kill. But for eighteen babies in a stem cell clinical trial, a different future: they were cured of their disease. No one can predict the pace of science, nor say when cures will come; but California is bringing the fight. The reader will meet the scientists involved, the women and men behind the microscope, and share their struggle. Above all, "California Cures" is a call for action. Washington may argue about the expense of health care (and who will get it), but California works to bring down the mountain of medical debt: stem cell therapies to ease suffering, and save lives. Will California build on success — and invest $5 billion more in stem cell research? "We have the momentum," says author Don C Reed, "We dare not stop short. Chronic disease threatens everyone — we are fighting for your family, and mine!" Contents: Introduction: Evangelina and the Golden State The Absolute Minimum You Need to Know First To Breathe, or Not to Breathe The Strongest Man in the World When the Dolphin Broke My Ear The Boy with Butterfly Skin The Great Baldness "Comb-Over" Replacement? "He Sees! He Sees!" Cop at the Window "Go West, Young (Wo)Man" — To a Biomed Career? And How Will You be Paying for that New Heart? The Answer to Cancer? A Political Obstacle to Heart Disease Cure? Your Friend, the Liver! "Bring 'em Back Alive" The Color of Fat Revenge for My Sister A Story with No Happy Ending? Aging and Stem Cells The "Impending Alzheimer's Healthcare Disaster" President Trump's Great Stem Cell Opportunity Leiningen's Ants and Parkinson's Disease On the Morality of Fetal Cell Research Democracy and Gloria's Knees Three Children, and the Eternal Flame Autism, Mini-Brains, and the Zika Virus Why "The Big Bang Theory" Matters to Me Musashi and the Two-Sword Solution "The Magnificent Seven" The Connecticut Commitment In Memory of Beau To Relocate Alligators, or Turn a Country on to Biomed? Whale Sharks and Outer Space Mr Science Goes to Washington? When Oklahoma is Not Ok James Bond and Melanoma Neurological Diseases vs. California Driving to the Storm Door into Tomorrow Stem Cell Battles — On Times Square? Annette, Richard Pryor, and Multiple Sclerosis Mike Pence, and Reproductive Servitude Motorcycle Wrecks and Complex Fractures Even Dracula Gets Arthritis Tugboat for Cure Wheelchair Warriors, Take Back Your Rights! Sickle Cell Dis
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Clark Kerr's University of California

Clark Kerr's University of California

Author: Cristina Gonzalez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351528276

Category: Education

Page: 270

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This volume provides an intellectual history of Kerr's vision of the multiversity, as expressed in his most famous work, The Uses of the University, and in his greatest administrative accomplishment, the California Master Plan for Higher Education. Building upon Kerr's use of the visionary hedgehog/shrewd fox dichotomy, the book explains the rise of the University of California as due to the articulation and implementation of the hedgehog concept of systemic excellence that underpins the master plan.Arguing that the university's recent problems flow from a fox culture, characterized by a free-for-all approach to management, including excessive executive compensation, this is a call for a new vision for the university—and for public higher education in general. In particular, it advocates re-funding and re-democratizing public higher education and renewing its leadership through thoughtful succession planning, with a special emphasis on diversity.Gonzalez's work follows the ups and downs of women and minorities in higher education, showing that university advances often have resulted in the further marginalization of these groups. Clark Kerr's University of California is about American public higher education at the crossroads and will be of interest to those concerned with the future of the public university as an institution, as well as those interested in issues relating to leadership, diversity, and succession planning.