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The Black Charade

The Black Charade

Author: John Burke

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434447258

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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In 1880s England, Dr. Caspian and his wife Bronwen both have genuine psychic abilities, which they keep secret. Even so, they've gained a reputation as investigators of so-called psychic phenomena, exposing a number of fraudulent mediums. In their latest adventure, they're consulted by prominent politician Joseph Hinde, whose beautiful daughter Laura has become strangely withdrawn. Her secret assignations have led him to suspect that she might be attending séances in an attempt to contact her dead mother, whom she had adored. Asked to rescue her from the clutches of evil charlatans, the Caspians uncover a tangled trail of people dying in strange and horrible circumstances. Dr. Caspian suddenly realizes that not only is Laura's life in danger from an age-old spirit...but Bronwen's as well. Another first-rate novel of horror by a masterful storyteller!
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Futures of Black Radicalism

Futures of Black Radicalism

Author: Gaye Theresa Johnson

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 9781784787561

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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With racial justice struggles on the rise, a probing collection considers the past and future of Black radicalism Black rebellion has returned, with dramatic protests in scores of cities and campuses, bringing with it a renewed engagement with the history of Black radical movements and thought. Here, key scholarly voices from a wide array of disciplines recalls the powerful tradition of Black radicalism as it developed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries while defining new directions for Black radical thought. In a time when activists in Ferguson, Palestine, Baltimore, and Hong Kong immediately make connections between their movements, this book makes clear that new Black radical politics are thoroughly internationalist and redraws the links between Black resistance and anti-capitalism. Featuring the key voices in the new intellectual wave of Black radical thinking, this collection outlines one of the most vibrant areas of thought today. With contributions from Cedric Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson, Steven Osuna, Nikhil Pal Singh, Damien Sojoyner, Françoise Vergès, Fred Moten, Stefano Harney, Jordan T. Camp, Christina Heatherton, George Lipsitz, Greg Burris, Paul Ortiz, Darryl C. Thomas, Avery Gordon, Shana L. Redmond, Kwame M. Phillips, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Angela Davis, and Robin D. G. Kelley.
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Author: Kelsie Eileen Stark

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499039238

Category: Poetry

Page: 148

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Have you ever felt the ache of absence all at once? As if a storm is raging on forever in the distance and although you seek shelter, the thoughts of getting wet are stagnant in the air. There is a chasm of words threaded together that go unsaid that are just as beautiful as those whispered sweetly in your ear, that are screamed at the top of your lungs, and those that escape at the edge of your breath as it falls before you. These words are our ache and our greatest joy. They are unspoken.
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Black World/Negro Digest

Black World/Negro Digest





Page: 96

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Founded in 1943, Negro Digest (later “Black World”) was the publication that launched Johnson Publishing. During the most turbulent years of the civil rights movement, Negro Digest/Black World served as a critical vehicle for political thought for supporters of the movement.