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The Complete Universe of Memes

The Complete Universe of Memes

Author: Lloyd H. Whitling

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595244294

Category: Philosophy

Page: 446

View: 277

A controversial 100 thousand word guide into worlds you never thought to explore. Whitling offers straight talk about memetics with a twist: how to recognize your own malignant memes, how to free yourself with evolutionary concepts, relevance of demons and angels, what are your lifetime aims (and why you probably don't know), and what is at stake. To quote from its author: "My mind's filled with open cans of worms so I can induce others to go fishing." A cogent, in-your-face challenge to current perceptions about the universe and Evolution as Creation's first cause. Can he pull this off?—Yes! Go with him down many paths to the same destination. The fiery end of human life on earth may not be from bombs or plagues. Learn about what NASA is keeping their eyes on while we distract ourselves with petty jousts. Recent scientific discoveries and theories help you develop a personal lifeplan for an accomplishment-oriented existence you will enjoy. Read it. See for yourself.
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Memes

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Memes

Author: Damon Brown

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101444047

Category: Social Science

Page: 409

View: 651

The ways of memes. Memes are "viruses of the mind" - symbols, ideas, or practices that are transmitted through speech, gestures, and rituals. Understanding how symbols like the peace sign or ad slogans like "Where's the beef?" or viral videos become part of our common culture has become a primary focus of sales and marketing companies across the globe. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Memes explains how memes work, how they spread, and what memes tell us about how we make sense of our world. ?First book to cover all types of memes, including viral memes in the digital age ?Features the Most Influential Memes in History and the Ten Biggest Internet Memes
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Author: Tim Tyler

Publisher: Tim Tyler

ISBN: 9781461035268

Category: Anthropology

Page: 326

View: 404

Memetics is the name commonly given to the study of memes - a term originally coined by Richard Dawkins to describe small inherited elements of human culture. Memes are the cultural equivalent of DNA genes - and memetics is the cultural equivalent of genetics. Memes have become ubiquitous in the modern world - but there has been relatively little proper scientific study of how they arise, spread and change - apparently due to turf wars within the social sciences and misguided resistance to Darwinian explanations being applied to human behaviour. However, with the modern explosion of internet memes, I think this is bound to change. With memes penetrating into every mass media channel, and with major companies riding on their coat tails for marketing purposes, social scientists will surely not be able to keep the subject at arm's length for much longer. This will be good - because an understanding of memes is important. Memes are important for marketing and advertising. They are important for defending against marketing and advertising. They are important for understanding and managing your own mind. They are important for understanding science, politics, religion, causes, propaganda and popular culture. Memetics is important for understanding the origin and evolution of modern humans. It provides insight into the rise of farming, science, industry, technology and machines. It is important for understanding the future of technological change and human evolution. This book covers the basic concepts of memetics, giving an overview of its history, development, applications and the controversy that has been associated with it.
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Genes, Memes, Culture, and Mental Illness

Genes, Memes, Culture, and Mental Illness

Author: Hoyle Leigh

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1441956719

Category: Medical

Page: 300

View: 293

What produces mental illness: genes, environment, both,neither? The answer can be found in memes—replicable units of information linking genes and environment in the memory and in culture—whose effects on individual brain development can be benign or toxic. This book reconceptualizes mental disorders as products of stressful gene-meme interactions and introduces a biopsychosocial template for meme-based diagnosis and treatment. A range of therapeutic modalities, both broad-spectrum (meditation) and specific(cognitive-behavioral), for countering negative memes and their replication are considered, as are possibilities for memetic prevention strategies. In this book, the author outlines the roles of genes and memes in the evolution of the human brain; elucidates the creation, storage, and evolution of memes within individual brains; examines culture as a carrier and supplier of memes to the individual; provides examples of gene-meme interactions that can result in anxiety, depression, and other disorders; proposes a multiaxial gene-meme model for diagnosing mental illness; identifies areas of meme-based prevention for at-risk children; and defines specific syndromes in terms of memetic symptoms, genetic/ memetic development, and meme-based treatment.
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Post Memes

Post Memes

Author: Daniel Bristow

Publisher: punctum books

ISBN: 9781950192434

Category: Art

Page: 423

View: 172

Art-form, send-up, farce, ironic disarticulation, pastiche, propaganda, trololololol, mode of critique, mode of production, means of politicisation, even of subjectivation - memes are the inner currency of the internet's circulatory system. Independent of any one set value, memes are famously the mode of conveyance for the alt-right, the irony left, and the apoliticos alike, and they are impervious to many economic valuations: the attempts made in co-opting their discourse in advertising and big business have made little headway, and have usually been derailed by retaliative meming. POST MEMES: SEIZING THE MEMES OF PRODUCTION takes advantage of the meme's subversive adaptability and ripeness for a focused, in-depth study. Pulling together the interrogative forces of a raft of thinkers at the forefront of tech theory and media dissection, this collection of essays paves a way to articulating the semiotic fabric of the early 21st century's most prevalent means of content posting, and aims at the very seizing of the memes of production for the imagining and creation of new political horizons. With contributions from Scott and McKenzie Wark, Patricia Reed, Jay Owens, Thomas Hobson and Kaajal Modi, Dominic Pettman, Bogna M. Konior, and Eric Wilson, among others, this essay volume offers the freshest approaches available in the field of memes studies and inaugurates a new kind of writing about the newest manifestations of the written online. The book aims to become the go-to resource for all students and scholars of memes, and will be of the utmost interest to anyone interested in the internet's most viral phenomenon. ABOUT THE EDITORS ALFIE BOWN is the author of several books including "The Playstation Dreamworld" (Polity, 2017) and "In the Event of Laughter: Psychoanalysis, Literature and Comedy" (Bloomsbury, 2018). He is also a journalist for the Guardian, the Paris Review, and other outlets. DAN BRISTOW is a recovering academic, a bookseller, and author of "Joyce and Lacan: Reading, Writing, and Psychoanalysis" (Routledge, 2016) and "2001: A Space Odyssey and Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory" (Palgrave, 2017). He is also the co-creator with Alfie Bown of Everyday Analysis, now based at New Socialist magazine.
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Evolutionary Finance

Evolutionary Finance

Author: B. Dowling

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230502192

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 297

View: 222

The purpose of this book is to introduce the field of bioinformatics to financial modelling. It focuses on the way information informs price, and constructs a framework to explain information generation and the agglomeration process, enabling the reader to make more effective financial decisions. Based on all aspects of applied finance, this book uses informational analysis to help the reader understand the similarities between biomathematics and financial mathematics.
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A Search for Purpose

A Search for Purpose

Author: The Prince Sharma

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482888959

Category: Self-Help

Page: 318

View: 852

I wrote this book for people who want to know the purpose of life, who want to know the purpose in life, and who want to live a life of exhilaration and abundance. The objective of this book is to collect the traces of truth we find in science, psychology, history, and spirituality and to answer the following three great questions of life: Who are we? What is reality? What are we doing here? The answers will help us understand the purpose of life and give us clarity on our purpose in life. It is necessary to know the truth, or a part of it, instead of following blind ambitions or live aimlessly. On our journey to find the purpose, we will learn the nature of the universe, mind, and life and then dive in to some concepts of metaphysics, which resonates with science. After a decade of research, experiment, introspection, and cognition, I have reasons to believe that we are born with a purpose in life, a legend to manifest. Life has a special meaning for each one of us. Once we realize our purpose, we can not only live a fulfilled and abundant life, but also reach our greatness.
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A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything

A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything

Author: Cyd Ropp, Ph.D.


ISBN: 9781312916944

Category: Religion

Page: 109

View: 564

"A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything is an entirely original philosophy that shows how ancient spiritual traditions harmonize with cutting-edge scientific discoveries. The Simple Explanation proceeds from the fundamental idea that the ground state of creation is consciousness. Using only four basic principles, A Simple Explanation explains our universal cosmology as a fractal pattern of consciousness that repeats itself in endless cycles of organization and cooperation, from the smallest quanta through the largest astronomical objects. A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything gives the reader new clarity to classical spiritual concepts such as 'centering,' 'God,' and "The Golden Rule,' while at the same time explaining new ideas like fractals and quantum entanglement. This most ecumenical and inclusive philsophy is able to bridge science with world religions by making sense of esoteric passages in such diverse works as the Bible and the Tao Te Ching and relating them to one, simple-to-understand, theory of everything."--Back cover.
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Information Management in the New Millennium

Information Management in the New Millennium


Publisher: Allied Publishers

ISBN: 8177641700

Category: Computer network resources

Page: 704

View: 720

Papers presented at the Nineteenth Annual Convention of the Society for Information Science and Conference on Information Management in the New Millennium, held at New Delhi during 27-29 January 2000; with special reference to India.
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The Grand Designer: Discovering the Quantum Mind Matrix of the Universe

The Grand Designer: Discovering the Quantum Mind Matrix of the Universe

Author: graham smetham


ISBN: 9781446636121


Page: 418

View: 137

A thorough investigation of the implications of quantum theory for the Philosophy of Religion. This book shows that Stephen Hawking is incorrect when he says that modern physics disproves God. In fact his own book - The Grand Design - requires the existence of an infinite Cosmic Mind - The Grand Designer.