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The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get

The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get

Author: Joe Ricketts

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781501164781

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade, shares the epic inside story of how a working-class kid from the Nebraska prairie took on Wall Street’s clubby brokerage business, busted it open, and walked away a billionaire. Joe Ricketts always had the gift of seeing what others missed. The son of a house builder, he started life as a part-time janitor, but by the age of thirty-three he saw the chance to challenge the big brokerage firms by offering Americans an inexpensive way to take control of their own stock trading. Nowadays, we take for granted that Main Street is playing right there on Wall Street, but Ricketts made that happen. His company, begun with $12,500 borrowed from friends and family, took off like a rocket thanks to an early embrace of digital technology and irreverent marketing. But Ameritrade also faced a series of near-disasters: the SEC almost shut him down; his partners tried to force him out because of his relentless risk-taking; penny brokers swindled the company; the crash of 1989 nearly cost him everything; and he was almost shut down again when a customer committed massive fraud. By the time of the dot-com bust, he had proven that his strategy based on frontier values could survive just about anything. The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get offers a view inside Joe Ricketts’ mind, giving readers a visceral understanding of how entrepreneurs think and act differently from the rest of us—how they see the horizon where we just see a spreadsheet. As unvarnished as the prairie he comes from, Ricketts also talks honestly about his shortcomings as a manager, the career sacrifices his wife made for his business, the complexity of being a father, and the pain of splitting with his mentor and of his brother’s death from AIDS. Overcoming these and other challenges, he built a company now worth $30 billion. A must-read for anyone who’s ever dreamed of starting their own business, The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get is the ultimate only-in-America story.
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Going Places

Going Places

Author: E.D. Hill

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062241580

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

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What one piece of advice has made all the difference in your life? That was the question longtime journalist and Fox & Friends cohost E.D. Hill asked of scores of the most famous and successful figures in America—from President George W. Bush to supermodel Carol Alt. The result is Going Places, a collection of moving and instructive profiles that reveal exactly what inspires and drives our nation's best and brightest to survive and thrive. In the pages of Going Places, you'll discover how Donald Trump approaches the competition, what makes NFL star Tiki Barber a smart player on and off the field, and what life lesson television star Doris Roberts learned on a trip to Napa Valley. You'll follow country music star Trace Adkins's journey from working on a rig in the oil fields of Texas to signing a deal with Capitol Records in Nashville, and Donna de Varona's path to becoming the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic swim team at age thirteen. Sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes humorous, and always captivating, these portraits are sure to inform, entertain, and, most important, inspire. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, on searching for her soul in Tibet Champion bull rider Justin McBride on what it means to get a good night's sleep Senate Majority Leader Dr. William Frist on medicine as a currency of peace Dolly Parton on her father's horse-sense advice Dean Cain on rejection, perseverance, and lessons he learned from his son Sharing these stories in these figures' own voices, Going Places reflects a vast and diverse America in which anything is possible. "It is my hope that you'll have this book by your bedside table and turn to it, alone or with your children, to find inspiration from wonderful people." After all, as these real-life stories illustrate, great advice can come from anyone, at any time.
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The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset

The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset

Author: Brad Davidson

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062369246

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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A groundbreaking lifestyle plan to help you attain lasting peak levels of health and fitness by resetting and optimizing your metabolism—resulting in a lean, strong body, more energy, mental sharpness, better sleep, a heightened sex drive, and increased resiliency to stress. Are you totally over feeling tired, sick, and under-sexed? Wondering why you aren’t seeing results even though you’re eating all the right foods and hitting the gym? Forget everything you think you know. You won’t lose weight or improve your health cutting calories and carbs or relying on longer and harder workouts. Those old school approaches are actually detrimental to your health. You’ve got to reset and optimize your metabolism. In The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset, fitness expert and co-founder of Stark fitness Brad Davidson shares his exclusive two-tiered program to help you feel great and perform at consistent peak level—with boundless energy that lasts. Davidson begins by showing you how to repair your metabolism by reducing common stressors and removing food sensitivities and toxins that cause inflammation, weight gain and burn out. He then teaches you how to optimize your metabolism by safely reintroducing the right foods for you and learning how to carb cycle, a method of eating carbohydrates that enhances performance without health risks. Designed to withstand the hectic demands of modern life, The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset includes step-by-step meal plans and easy to follow recipes, without using any expensive, hard to find foods or complicated calculations. This is THE ultimate program for the high achiever on the go. Get the results you’ve always wanted but never thought possible—The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset is the lifestyle plan to help you take control of your health and fitness forever.
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Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin

Author: Sue Williams

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781761185441

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 386

View: 121

The remarkable story of Professor Fiona Wood AM, world-leading burns specialist and one of Australia's most innovative and respected surgeons, whose groundbreaking research and technology development has changed the lives of burns patients. When three bombs tore out the heart of Bali and destroyed so many Australian lives in 2002, burns surgeon Professor Fiona Wood and her team were there to help. A pioneer in the field of burns and reconstructive surgery, Fiona made world headlines with the use of her groundbreaking invention of 'spray-on skin' to help minimise her patients' terrible scarring. Fiona was later made Australian of the Year, voted Australia's Most Trusted Person for an unprecedented six years running in the annual Reader's Digest poll and acclaimed as a 'National Living Treasure'. This is the story of her extraordinary life. Against all the odds, Fiona, the daughter of a fifth-generation coalminer in the north of England, became one of Australia's most innovative, respected and dedicated surgeons and researchers. She talks candidly of the moving valour of her burns patients, and the heartbreak, triumph, tears and controversies that have stalked her stellar career. Remarkably, she has achieved all of this while raising six children. In Under Her Skin, Sue Williams, a bestselling author and award-winning journalist who has written a number of biographies - most notably about Father Chris Riley, Father Bob Maguire and Dr Catherine Hamlin - presents a searingly honest, no-holds-barred account of all aspects of Fiona Wood's remarkable life.
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Getting the Job You Want

Getting the Job You Want

Author: J. Michael Farr

Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Publishing Company

ISBN: 0026684527

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 150

View: 299

The development of [the book] began with the authors' attempts to provide job seekers with a proven, simple method for finding work in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of anxiety and fear ... [The book] was designed to meet the two objectives: To decrease the amount of time, you spend looking for work once you actively begin your job search ... To eliminate much of the fear associated with looking for work and participating in an interview ... The book will teach you the skills you need to be more effective, efficient, and productive as a job seeker.-Introd.
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Losing The Last 5 Kilos

Losing The Last 5 Kilos

Author: Michelle Bridges

Publisher: Penguin Group Australia

ISBN: 9781742537153

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 176

View: 112

Lose 5 kilos in 30 days. It sounds straightforward and it is. Michelle Bridges is Australia's most successful weight-loss expert and she knows how to get people into shape quickly. Whether your weight has been slowly creeping up over the last few years, you've already lost a lot of weight but can't get any further, or summer is just around the corner and you want to look your best, Losing the Last 5 Kilos gives you all the information you need to get back to your perfect size. Day-by-day menu plans, with weekly shopping lists Michelle's favourite low-cal but filling recipes Easy-to-follow, high-intensity exercises, with step-by-step photos Michelle's best tips for success So, set aside 30 days to follow Michelle's training program and menu plan. Do this for just four weeks and watch the kilos disappear. You will look and feel fantastic. Michelle's program is like nothing else. It's like there was one single piece of information that my brain needed to figure out to understand what losing weight was all about - and I sure found it. Amanda, 41, Sydney
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Handbook of Trial Strategies

Handbook of Trial Strategies

Author: John Nicholas Iannuzzi

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105060778821

Category: Law

Page: 508

View: 785

This updated edition offers attorneys a practical step-by-step guide to all aspects of trial preparation. it covers such important topics as data gathering, strategy development, case investigations, researching the law, understanding rules of evidence and discovery, and selecting a jury. Moving forward into the actual trial, The Handbook of Trial Strategies features in-depth analysis of discovery devices, depositions, hearings, documentary and physical evidence, trial motions, cross-examination, and summation. In addition, The Handbook provides a variety of sample openings, direct examinations, and summations from well-known attorneys in real-world cases to emphasize the points made by the text.
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Politics For Dummies?

Politics For Dummies?

Author: Ann DeLaney

Publisher: For Dummies

ISBN: IND:30000048038693

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

View: 214

This introduction to American politics discusses personal involvement, elected officials, the two party political system, campaigns, and presidential politics
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The Angler's Book of Daily Inspiration

The Angler's Book of Daily Inspiration

Author: Kevin Nelson

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0809230690

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 408

View: 160

Anglers are meditative by nature and patient in their pursuits, as well as being united by a love of colorful fishing lore and the great outdoors. This book combines practical advice, folk wisdom, and motivational thoughts for lovers of this solitary, often frustrating, but well-loved sport. 366 entries.