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The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life

Author: Jan de Vries

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781780571904

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 128

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In this controversial book Jan de Vries considers modern miracles as well as the 'miracle of Lourdes'. He discusses witch doctors and what he has personally witnessed in the Far East. He warns against exorcism and talks of the many 'possessed' people he has treated. He also shares with his readers some of the mysterious ways that alternative medicine has worked 'miracles' for thousands of patients.
Released on 2012Categories Body, Mind & Spirit

The Miracle Workers Handbook

The Miracle Workers Handbook

Author: Sherrie Dillard

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846949203

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 252

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Throughout the world, the Virgin Mary is likely the most revered and recognized female saint. People flock to locations where there have been sightings and miracles attributed to her. On every continent prayers for healing, blessings and her intercession are spoken by the ill, needy and devoted spiritual seekers. Unfortunately, her most important message to humanity remains a secret. It is a shame that so few know and understand the significance of her path and the co-creative divine power that she brings to the individual. There is a global shift taking place. The earth is on the brink of ecological, economic and humanitarian disaster. We have run the gamut of human solutions and limited thinking. The divine feminine is re-emerging and leading the way to co-create personal and collective abundance, health, well-being and unlimited possibilities. Mary is the pattern for miracles. This book, The Miracle Workers Handbook, shows you how to invoke her presence, live in her love and become a miracle worker.
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The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life

Author: Stephanie Jeffs


ISBN: 0687087201

Category: Childbirth

Page: 0

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This read-together book helps children understand just how special each person is--no matter the color, size, or shape of that child. The Miracle of Life is about how a child comes to be a special person, and about how each of us first began. A special flap on each page can be lifted for more technical information.This is the story of a miracle. It is the miracle of life.
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The Miracle Collectors

The Miracle Collectors

Author: Joan Luise Hill

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781546018001

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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This eye-opening book will teach you how to step back, examine important moments in your life, and recognize the miracles that are constantly occurring all around you. As part of their own spiritual quest, miracle experts, Katie Mahon and Joan Luise Hill, discovered that when we are truly awake and present, miracles abound. It started by sharing their own stories which quickly prompted an unexpected outpouring of stories from others. Stories that had never been told, stories that didn't seem to matter, and stories that had been forgotten. While some defy explanation, others invite us to take a closer look, to discover common ground with each other, and to seek meaning in a whole new way. The stories of courage, forgiveness, gratitude, faith, hope, and love from The Miracle Collectors, allow us to notice and appreciate the miracles that are available to each one of us, while opening us up to a part of the Divine mystery we can absorb and understand. By using Take a Miracle Moment challenge at the end of every chapter you open the path for your own reawakening of the spirit. Perhaps you too will become a miracle collector.
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Not for Saints

Not for Saints

Author: Leonardo Lojero

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665557443

Category: Religion

Page: 162

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Few things bring more happiness than those we achieve with our determination and self-control, when we lose weight, when we quit a bad habit, if we had a dependence on drugs and we are cleaned now, or if we were alcoholic and we overcome this weakness, we get a sense of real accomplishment like no other, because is indeed a monster we have defeated, “our own mind”, this mind guide me through all my life with many mistaken decisions, but I have woken up to the realization that I needed to change, is in our mind the root of all our problems and very little we do to remediate, because of the order we prioritize things we put our minds on autopilot, thinking we don’t need to feed it anymore, but is in there where the secret to very real and permanent changes is hidden, we tend to exaggerate our problems whatever they are and expand them to make others feel sympathy for us, we need so much attention and this is one reason social media is so successful, many different state of minds, depressions and erratic behaviors this is why many jobs can be problematic despite of how great the work environment might be; behind this display of tough or toxic personalities we are in reality very lonely and fragile, there is no doubt we need to change for the people we love, because usually they are always the ones we hurt the most, the great majority of us have a good personality but we mostly reflect on the outside what our present emotions dictate, our minds fly away with so many worries, anxieties, frustrated desires and dreams, and little do we realize is just a decision, a mental attitude, we want the world to be miserable and in line with our mental state, many just become absent their mind is always somewhere distance, a reaction to a frustrated desire or our rejection to the present reality, but in this equation there is a factor that plays a major role in everything we do “our spirit”, this spirit will always be hungry and whatever we feed it, will have serious consequences in our entire existence, present and distance. I apologize for using my personal life as an example in many situations is not to be vain but to help others learn from my mistakes. This book is a little of my personal experience my small token, I’m not a professional nor a religious expert but my personal view from the perspective of a simple man, I have changed many things in my life, I’m always working on some others I still need to change every day, but now I’m aware of this fierce battle within, I take one day at a time, there are some days I lose this battle but I don’t allow this defeats to take over my life, I get up the next day with a will to fight to be better and not just for me anymore but for my creator, for my family and because this world needs so much change, and since we can’t change the world, if we individually change, we will create a chain reaction, if we change, others will change too, our love ones might get the very best version of you and when we feed the spirit properly we will never feel lonely anymore; as with many self-help, spiritual books take only the things that might help you even if you only find something small, a little knowledge may go a long way, my mother always told me, even from the ignorant you can learn something, and in this case, the ignorant is me, take this humble message from my mother and perhaps here you might find something to set you truly free; this book is spiritual but even if you disagree with some things, disregard them and continue, I don’t want to change your mind, I want to change your heart, open your heart; among the pages here you might find be the answer you were looking for, you might find a word to gain strength and a word to stand firm through the hurricanes and tornados of life; you might find some things I mention more than once but I truly believe they are important, nothing is new just a reminder that I wish you will never forget.
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From Truth and truth

From Truth and truth

Author: Francis Etheredge

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443892032

Category: Philosophy

Page: 295

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What emerges in this second book of the trilogy is that the very “ground” and content of experience is richer than what can be reduced to a particular account of it. As such, dialogue develops from the “natural” diversity of what is “of” faith and what is “of” reason. Neither faith nor reason, however, originates “from” experience; rather, both are “witnessed” in experience. In other words, taking up questions about the nature of man, whether philosophically, psychologically or in terms of social structures, manifests both a variety of points of departure and, at the same time, the manifold conversations that are possible in the “field of culture”.Focusing particularly on the work of St. John Paul II, the first essay examines the answer of reason and the answer of faith to the same question: What is man? Conversion, too, entails an “unexpected” relationship to natural truth, which, in its own way, is both adequate and inadequate to salvation. Communication, as it were, runs throughout these essays; however, in particular, there is a need to enrich our human understanding of the process of “coming to ourselves” with the insights of spiritual discernment. Axiomatically, however, it is possible to say that just as we come to exist through a relationship to others, so our healing and holiness are manifest through our relationship to others in the “Other”. Furthermore, while it is ultimately true that we exist as individually rooted in the social structure of our origin and the times in which we live, we need to critically participate in the dialogue which identifies our common “reality” and not live our lives covered in “psycho-social” labels of one kind or another.As a whole, then, there is an incomparable range and depth to “dialogue”. Indeed, given the many critical situations in the world, it is increasingly indispensable and essential that humanity choose the incredible wealth of dialogue in contrast to the possibility of a “polarised” and “conflictual” structure between people and peoples.
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Miracle Moments

Miracle Moments

Author: Rachel Burchfield

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781621363057

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 307

DIV A practical guide to listening to the whispers, warnings, power, and presence of the Holy Spirit—and expecting the miraculous every day./div
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The Miracle of Plant Medicine and The Practice of Yoga

The Miracle of Plant Medicine and The Practice of Yoga

Author: Colette Marie


ISBN: 9781387745517

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 206

View: 603

The contents of this book reveal some of the hidden truths regarding the use of psychedelic and psychoactive plant medicine as a form of expanding consciousness through the practice of yoga and meditation. It is this bond of plant medicine and the practice of yoga, that Colette Marie, chooses to explore and therefore share her findings, complied from a variety of worthy sources to support her claims and query regarding the ancient practice of yoga and it's connection to various plant medicine rituals, still experienced today. Colette Marie shares her own life experience, as a highly regarded teacher of yoga, combined with the experience of engaging with plant medicine, psychedelic and psychoactive in nature, to elevate, expand and explore her own consciousness.
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Author: sunita k. mani

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482885965

Category: Education

Page: 170

View: 366

Wouldnt it be awesome if you could have a conversation with someone about anything no matter how tricky the topic and still not be judged? Growth and conversations go hand in hand. Both represent each other. In a classical conversation, our aspirations, our thoughts, our sense of responsibility can all shift because we begin to perceive life differently after meeting different people. This allows us to arrive at new interpretations and choices that truly make greater sense and impact. As we dwell in a technology-driven era, our conversations are endangered because we have abandoned face-to-face conversations in the name of mere connections. If you are wanting, struggling, trying to find a place where you can learn and have conversations (even the hard ones), if you are ready to deepen your awareness, develop emotional flexibility, or simply tease your curiosity, this book is for you. In the book, author and counselor Sunita K. Mani offers practical guidelines on how to deal with everyday issuesbig or small, addiction, infatuation, career, body image, parents, friendships, and more. It contains chunks of conversations related to different aspects that define the life of a young adult. Divided into short crisp segments of dialogues pertaining to a concerned topic, Sunita journeys through the minds of youngsters. Sunita has helped many young adults search their souls and find their answers to complex problems and a way out of tricky situations. She presents to help young people build their self-confidence, dismantle inner obstacles, and find the courage to chase their passion.
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And The Miracle Goes On

And The Miracle Goes On

Author: Janet Lee

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781602662629

Category: Religion

Page: 230

View: 212

Join the Lee Family as they travel the world, seeing miracles and watching God do the supernatural in the lives of people they meet along the way. This book tells many stories of situations that look desperate until God saves the day. (Practical Life)