Released on 2019-12-03Categories Young Adult Fiction

The Piper's Pursuit

The Piper's Pursuit

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780785228059

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 320

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A fairy-tale journey of intrigue and romance that reimagines the classic Pied Piper story. A plague of rats. A giant beast outside the village walls. A host of missing children. And one young woman determined to save her people. In 1424 Hamlin, Katerina faces threats from all sides. An outbreak of rats has overtaken the village, a mysterious beast is on a killing rampage of the village’s children, and Katerina’s evil stepfather is a dark presence inside the walls of her own home. Katerina is determined to hunt and kill the Beast of Hamlin herself before more lives are lost. When Steffan, the handsome but brash duke’s son, comes to town seeking glory and reward, Katerina decides he might be the ally she’s been looking for—even though the only gentle thing about him seems to be the sweet music he plays on his pipe. But there’s more to Steffan than she suspects, and she finds herself drawn to him despite her misgivings. Together Katerina and Steffan must stop the enemy from stealing the children of Hamlin. But their interference might create an even worse fate for the entire village. Praise for The Piper’s Pursuit “The Piper’s Pursuit is a lovely tale of adventure, romance, and redemption. Kat and Steffan’s righteous quest will have you rooting them on until the very satisfying end!” —LORIE LANGDON, author of Olivia Twist and the DOON series Full length clean fairy tale reimagining Includes discussion questions for book clubs
Released on 2016-05-09Categories Bangor (Tas.)

The Piper's Call

The Piper's Call

Author: Nigel Burch

Publisher: BookPOD

ISBN: 9780987371331

Category: Bangor (Tas.)

Page: 248

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The Piper’s Call uncovers the early history of the Piper’s River districts, including Underwood, Lalla, Karoola, Turner’s Marsh, Bangor and other communities. Through the eyes of an imaginary early settler we look into the intimate lives of original families such as the Campbells, Beesons, Rowleys, Barretts, Burkes, Crabtrees, Hammersleys, McCarthys, McKennas, O’Kellys, Lyonses and others. Of particular interest are the innovative industries that dominated the district and have since been forgotten – the Grubb & Tyson saw mill at Hollybank in 1850s, and the huge slate quarries at Bangor and Piper’s River in the 1870s and 1880s. This is a must read for those fascinated by local history, and those with roots in the area.
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The Piper's Practice Log

The Piper's Practice Log

Author: Traditional Routes


ISBN: 9781365526077

Category: Art

Page: 129

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Active pipers have a lot of music to master. How do you keep track of it all? A musical log or diary is a good place to keep notes from instructors, personal notes on music, a list of goals and achievements, as well as keep a documentation of just how you've done over time. The Piper's Practice Log contains enough categorized log sheets for consistent recording of regular practicing. Balance your practice sessions so that all of your music gets a workout.
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The Piper's Son

The Piper's Son

Author: Henry Kuttner and CL Moore

Publisher: eStar Books

ISBN: 9781612105741

Category: Fiction


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Al Burkhalter is a Baldy (a telepath), who is a semantics expert at a publishing house, and is starting to have trouble with his son. Baldy's and regular humans live a precarious existence in this post apocalyptic tale.