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The Russian Understanding of War

The Russian Understanding of War

Author: Oscar Jonsson

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 9781626167346

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

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This book analyzes the evolution of Russian military thought and how Russia's current thinking about war is reflected in recent crises. While other books describe current Russian practice, Oscar Jonsson provides the long view to show how Russian military strategic thinking has developed from the Bolshevik Revolution to the present. He closely examines Russian primary sources including security doctrines and the writings and statements of Russian military theorists and political elites. What Jonsson reveals is that Russia's conception of the very nature of war is now changing, as Russian elites see information warfare and political subversion as the most important ways to conduct contemporary war. Since information warfare and political subversion are below the traditional threshold of armed violence, this has blurred the boundaries between war and peace. Jonsson also finds that Russian leaders have, particularly since 2011/12, considered themselves to be at war with the United States and its allies, albeit with non-violent means. This book provides much needed context and analysis to be able to understand recent Russian interventions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, how to deter Russia on the eastern borders of NATO, and how the West must also learn to avoid inadvertent escalation.
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The Great Power (mis)Management

The Great Power (mis)Management

Author: Assoc Prof Alexander Astrov

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409489481

Category: Law

Page: 212

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Drawing on the empirical case of the Russian–Georgian war of 2008, the book explores the theoretical underpinnings of the idea of 'great power management' first articulated within the English School of International Relations. The contributors to the volume approach this idea from a variety of theoretical perspectives, ranging from policy-analysis to critical theory, but all of them are addressing the same question: What does the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 tell us about great power management as an institution of international society?
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A Military History of Russia

A Military History of Russia

Author: David R. Stone

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: UOM:39015066786271

Category: Russia

Page: 288

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A concise but comprehensive exploration of Russia's military past, this book traces the course of Russia's wars, both victories and defeats, showing how war has shaped Russian society and how the nature of Russian society has shaped Russia's military and the wars it has fought.
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Memory Politics and the Russian Civil War

Memory Politics and the Russian Civil War

Author: Marlene Laruelle

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350149977

Category: History

Page: 168

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In examining the re-emergence of Russia's White Movement, Memory Politics and the Russian Civil War gets to the heart of the rich 20th-century memory debates going on in Putin's Russia today. The Kremlin has been giving preference to a Soviet-lite nostalgia that denounces the 1917 Bolshevik revolution but celebrates the birth of a powerful Soviet Union able to bring the country to the forefront of the international scene after the victory in World War II. Yet in parallel, another historical narrative has gradually consolidated on the Russian public scene, one that favours the opposite camp, namely the White movement and the pro-tsarist groups defeated in the early 1920s. This book offers the first comprehensive exploration of this 'White Revenge', looking at the different actors who promote a White and pro-Romanov rehabilitation agenda in the political, ideological and cultural arenas and what this historical agenda might mean for Russia, both today and tomorrow.
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Rostov in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920

Rostov in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920

Author: Brian Murphy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134271283

Category: History

Page: 216

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These documents were collected from the archives in Rostov-on-Don, and this book makes them available for the first time in print. Since becoming freely accessible Soviet archives have provided a rich source for understanding the hopes, fears and strivings of the Russians during the greatest crisis in their history. Both Reds and Whites realized Rostov's vital strategic importance, and the city changed hands six times between 1917 and 1920. These newly published personal stories fill out the social background to its complex mix of classes and nationalities. They convey the daily experience of life in the streets, and the perils faced by either side when changing fortunes forced them to escape across the River Don. Over the last century the slogans of the Revolution have become stale for us. But if we seek to understand the spirit of those years we must remember that these beliefs gave fresh hope to many individuals, presenting a cause for which they were prepared to endure great suffering, and even to sacrifice their lives. Perhaps the passionate enthusiasm of these revolutionaries may give us some insight into the psychology of young men and women who are called 'terrorists' today?
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Tolstoy On War

Tolstoy On War

Author: Rick McPeak

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801465895

Category: History

Page: 256

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In 1812, Napoleon launched his fateful invasion of Russia. Five decades later, Leo Tolstoy published War and Peace, a fictional representation of the era that is one of the most celebrated novels in world literature. The novel contains a coherent (though much disputed) philosophy of history and portrays the history and military strategy of its time in a manner that offers lessons for the soldiers of today. To mark the two hundredth anniversary of the French invasion of Russia and acknowledge the importance of Tolstoy's novel for our historical memory of its central events, Rick McPeak and Donna Tussing Orwin have assembled a distinguished group of scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds-literary criticism, history, social science, and philosophy-to provide fresh readings of the novel. The essays in Tolstoy On War focus primarily on the novel's depictions of war and history, and the range of responses suggests that these remain inexhaustible topics of debate. The result is a volume that opens fruitful new avenues of understanding War and Peace while providing a range of perspectives and interpretations without parallel in the vast literature on the novel.
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Chechnya Russia War: Understanding the Region's Development

Chechnya Russia War: Understanding the Region's Development

Author: Lynn Efaw


ISBN: 9798741453308


Page: 48

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" The Chechen-Russian conflict was the centuries-long conflict, often armed, between the Russian (formerly Soviet) government and various Chechen forces. Formal hostilities date back to 1785, though elements of the conflict can be traced back considerably further. To understand Chechen history, it is necessary to understand the region's development, including invasion, settlement, emigration, and the various confrontations and conflicts that have transpired there. This book examines the history of one of the most controversial regions in the world. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about Chechnya like never before. "
Released on 2001Categories History

Russia and the Russians

Russia and the Russians

Author: Geoffrey A. Hosking

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674004736

Category: History

Page: 776

View: 687

Chronicles the history of the Russian Empire from the Mongol Invasion, through the Bolshevik Revolution, to the aftereffects of the Cold War.
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Understanding War

Understanding War

Author: Christian P. Potholm

Publisher: UPA

ISBN: 9780761867746

Category: History

Page: 718

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The third book in Professor Christian Potholm’s war trilogy (which includes Winning at War and War Wisdom), Understanding War provides a most workable bibliography dealing with the vast literature on war and warfare. As such, it provides insights into over 3000 works on this overwhelmingly extensive material. Understanding War is thus the most comprehensive annotated bibliography available today. Moreover, by dividing war material into eighteen overarching themes of analysis and fifty seminal topics, and focusing on these, Understanding War enables the reader to access and understand the broadest possible array of materials across both time and space, beginning with the earliest forms of warfare and concluding with the contemporary situation. Stimulating and thought-provoking, this volume is essential for an understanding of the breadth and depth of the vast scholarship dealing with war and warfare through human history and across cultures.