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What Happened to the Teacher’s Pet?

What Happened to the Teacher’s Pet?

Author: Charvette Yvonne Jones, EdS

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499051742

Category: Self-Help

Page: 50

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What Happened to the Teacher’s Pet? was written as an inspirational tool to motivate teachers to teach from a perspective of passion for overall student success. Too often, society is allowed to dictate the “state of our students” and cast blame for substandard performance and failure onto the students, their choices, or their abilities. This book addresses the concept of that attitude which actually does reflect leadership. It points out the truth that lies behind our students’ so-called problems and discredits some typically misguided reasons why students cannot or will not learn. All in all, this book is dedicated to encourage teachers to teach like they mean it and believe in themselves.
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The Teacher Wore Pink Tennis Shoes

The Teacher Wore Pink Tennis Shoes

Author: Bettijo Wilson-Wood

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595364244

Category: Education

Page: 41

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Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors in an urban set classroom? Bettijo Wilson-Wood spins a tale that says in so many words the things teachers do on an everyday basis of getting kids through the experience of learning. This story is funny, witty, and also sad. It conveys to the public the different things a teacher does in a life-long career. You will marvel at the way the author brings the classroom to you. You will chuckle at the humorous incidents in which the author took part and presents to you. You will be inspired to want to take part in 'the change for a better, brighter tomorrow." You will be inspired to take a fresh new look at how an educator takes a simple task and turns it into a terrific idea for kids to grasp onto and in the process experience learning. You will be motivated and saddened to read and find out for yourself what happens when you look into the windows of the soul of the learner.
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Case Studies of Teacher Development

Case Studies of Teacher Development

Author: Barbara B. Levin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135635824

Category: Education

Page: 436

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This book represents the results of a 15-year longitudinal study based on in-depth case studies of the development of four teachers' pedagogical thinking. These studies illustrate how teachers' thinking--about children's behavior, development, learning, and teaching--develops over time, based on their personal and professional life experiences. It is an especially significant book because understanding how pedagogical thought develops over time and how these ideas are put into action in classrooms can be used to improve teacher education, teacher induction, and teacher retention programs. Case Studies of Teacher Development: An In-Depth Look At How Thinking About Pedagogy Develops Over Time: *provides insight into reasons why some teachers remain and others leave the teaching profession; *combines narrative with scholarship; *highlights the voices of four educators through extensive quotes from their interviewers, includes vignettes of their classroom teaching, and incorporates their own writing; *contributes to the field of teacher education and teacher development because of the long duration of the four case studies (1985-2000) and the accompanying scholarly analysis of internal and external influences on their lives as teachers; and *addresses changes in the nature of qualitative research as it influenced this longitudinal study over time. At a time when teacher induction and teacher retention are critically important, this book will help teacher educators, school and district leaders, and policymakers understand better how to retain novice and experienced teachers by supporting their professional growth and development.