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A Contemporary History of Women's Sport, Part One

A Contemporary History of Women's Sport, Part One

Author: Jean Williams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317746669

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 408

View: 429

This book is an historical survey of women’s sport from 1850-1960. It looks at some of the more recent methodological approaches to writing sports history and raises questions about how the history of women’s sport has so far been shaped by academic writers. Questions explored in this text include: What are the fresh perspectives and newly available sources for the historian of women’s sport? How do these take forward established debates on women’s place in sporting culture and what novel approaches do they suggest? How can our appreciation of fashion, travel, food and medical history be advanced by looking at women’s involvement in sport? How can we use some of the current ideas and methodologies in the recent literature on the history and sociology of sport in order to look afresh at women’s participation? Jean Williams’s original research on these topics and more will be a useful resource for scholars in the fields of sports, women’s studies, history and sociology.
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The Corvette in Literature and Culture

The Corvette in Literature and Culture

Author: Jerry W. Passon

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786489404

Category: Transportation

Page: 262

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As the original American sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette has come to represent power, freedom and sexuality for more than half a century. Yet it also hints at personal identity and style, suggesting how effectively values and meaning are communicated through an object. Using various critical perspectives, this close analysis of this highly recognizable automobile finds diverse aspects of American culture revealed. Topics covered include the Corvette in literature; its ties to masculine identity, including homosexuality, as well as female sexuality; and the Corvette as artistic object, among others.
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Girls Go Racing

Girls Go Racing

Author: Dani Ben-Ari & Susan Frissell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 145204080X

Category: Transportation

Page: 125

View: 236

The purpose of this book is to help women understand the sport of auto racing, what it entails for young girls who express an interest in getting involved, how racing is a viable career option for young women and finally, how involvement in the sport of auto racing builds much needed self esteem.
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Author: Thierry Burger-Helmchen

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789535102069

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

View: 567

Entrepreneurship is a main driver of economic growth and of social dynamics. However, some basic characteristics like the gender of the entrepreneur, the geographical location, or the social context may have a tremendous impact on the possibility to become an entrepreneur, to create a firm and to prosper. This book is a collection of papers written by an array of international authors interested in the question of entrepreneurship from a gender point of view (male vs female entrepreneurship), a geographical point of view (Africa, Europe, America and Latin America, Asia...) or a specific social context point of view (agricultural economy, farming or family business, etc.).
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The Woman Owner-Driver

The Woman Owner-Driver

Author: Mrs Victor Bruce

Publisher: British Library Board

ISBN: 0712357300

Category: Fiction

Page: 80

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?In the case of an accident, or of any kind of clash with the police, silence was never more golden.' ?Most of the tight-fitting hats of today are quite suitable for motoring, but there is one little point to guard against, and that is too tight a fitting. It is bad for the hair, makes it greasy, and quickly removes the cherished wave, and if worn for long hours at the wheel causes bad headaches.' ?Courteous driving rests largely upon the ability to see the other fellow's point of view. How would you like to have a klaxon blown in your ear; would you appreciate having your best Sunday clothes splashed with mud; would you like to have to push a pram across the tram lines at the double to avoid apparent annihilation of the whole family?' This guide for the woman motorist, first published in 1928, is filled with advice on the art of driving and maintaining one's car, as well as tips on such crucial topics as what to wear when driving, how to prepare for a picnic stop, and how to cope with erratic drivers in mainland Europe.
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Eat My Dust

Eat My Dust

Author: Georgine Clarsen

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801884658

Category: Science

Page: 211

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The history of the automobile would be incomplete without considering the influence of the car on the lives and careers of women in the earliest decades of the twentieth century. Illuminating the relationship between women and cars with case studies from across the globe, Eat My Dust challenges the received wisdom that men embraced automobile technology more naturally than did women. Georgine Clarsen highlights the personal stories of women from the United States, Britain, Australia, and colonial Africa from the early days of motoring until 1930. She notes the different ways in which these women embraced automobile technology in their national and cultural context. As mechanics and taxi drivers -- like Australian Alice Anderson and Brit Sheila O'Neil -- and long-distance adventurers and political activists -- like South Africans Margaret Belcher and Ellen Budgell and American suffragist Sara Bard Field -- women sought to define the technology in their own terms and according to their own needs. They challenged traditional notions of femininity through their love of cars and proved they were articulate, confident, and mechanically savvy motorists in their own right. More than new chapters in automobile history, these stories locate women motorists within twentieth-century debates about class, gender, sexuality, race, and nation. -- Deborah Clarke
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Unpacking Globalization

Unpacking Globalization

Author: Linda E. Lucas

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739162170

Category: Social Science

Page: 333

View: 343

Unpacking Globalization offers interdisciplinary analysis of the well-being of women and men as they cope with the changes of globalization. Through theory, case studies, and data, several themes emerge indicating that from the household to the continental level, change is leading to new awareness and new survival strategies for both women and men. The contributors to the volume come from around the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.
Released on 2019-09-19Categories Biography & Autobiography

Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines

Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines

Author: Henrietta Heald

Publisher: Unbound Publishing

ISBN: 9781783526796

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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‘Women have won their political independence. Now is the time for them to achieve their economic freedom too.’ This was the great rallying cry of the pioneers who, in 1919, created the Women’s Engineering Society. Spearheaded by Katharine and Rachel Parsons, a powerful mother and daughter duo, and Caroline Haslett, whose mission was to liberate women from domestic drudgery, it was the world’s first professional organisation dedicated to the campaign for women's rights. Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines tells the stories of the women at the heart of this group – from their success in fanning the flames of a social revolution to their significant achievements in engineering and technology. It centres on the parallel but contrasting lives of the two main protagonists, Rachel Parsons and Caroline Haslett – one born to privilege and riches whose life ended in dramatic tragedy; the other who rose from humble roots to become the leading professional woman of her age and mistress of the thrilling new power of the twentieth century: electricity. In this fascinating book, acclaimed biographer Henrietta Heald also illuminates the era in which the society was founded. From the moment when women in Britain were allowed to vote for the first time, and to stand for Parliament, she charts the changing attitudes to women’s rights both in society and in the workplace.
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The Dynamics of Advertising

The Dynamics of Advertising

Author: Barry Richards

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9058230848

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 300

View: 259

Scholars of human relations, psycho-social studies, and communications review the extensive literature on advertising in sociology and cultural studies, report the results of a study they did at the University of East London on changes in advertising over the past half century, and develop a method for the psycho-social study of all forms of public communication and of other aspects of daily life. They argue that advertising is far more closely linked to the pragmatics of everyday life than their symbolic richness might suggest. c. Book News Inc.
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Women, Work and Transport

Women, Work and Transport

Author: Tessa Wright

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781800716698

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 393

View: 190

Women, Work and Transport is an international collection that brings together researchers with global expertise in gender and transport work to provide original evidence of the experiences of women working in all transport modes across countries in the Global North and the Global South.
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Sex, Sects and Society

Sex, Sects and Society

Author: Russell Davies

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 9781786832146

Category: History

Page: 478

View: 619

In an extended account of national identity, this companion volume to People, Places and Passions provides the first detailed study of the sexual and spiritual life of Wales in the period 1870–1945. The author argues that whilst Wales and its people experienced a disenchantment of the spiritual world, a revolution in sexual life was taking place. This innovative study examines how advances in life expectancy and improvements in health were reflected in emotional life. In contrast to the traditional emphasis upon hardship and hardscrabble experiences, this fascinating and beautifully written volume shows that the Welsh were also a free and fun-loving people.