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Through the Archival Looking Glass

Through the Archival Looking Glass

Author: Mary A. Caldera


ISBN: 0838916554

Category: Archives

Page: 324

View: 360

This book illustrates a multitude of perspectives and issues so that fresh voices can emerge alongside more familiar ones, and new concepts can be examined with new treatments of established ideas.
Released on 2019-12-11Categories Art

Digital Art through the Looking Glass

Digital Art through the Looking Glass

Author: Oliver Grau (Hg.)

Publisher: Edition Donau-Universität Krems

ISBN: 9783903150522

Category: Art

Page: 413

View: 698

Digital art challenges archiving, collecting and preserving methods within and outside of gallery, library, archive and museum (GLAM) institutions. By its media, art in the digital sphere is processual, contextual, modular and ephemeral, and its creative process is collaborative. From artists, scholars, technicians and conservators—to preserve this contemporary art is a transdisciplinary task. This book brings together leading international experts from digital art theory and preservation, digital humanities, collection management, conservation and media art histories. In a transdisciplinary approach, theoretic and practice-based research from these stakeholders in art, research, education and exhibition are presented to create an overview of present preservation methods and discuss demands and opportunities for the future. Finally, the need for a new appropriate museum and archive infrastructure is shown to preserve the art of our time.
Released on 2018-03-05Categories Language Arts & Disciplines

Organization, Representation and Description through the Digital Age

Organization, Representation and Description through the Digital Age

Author: Christine M. Angel

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110337419

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 303

View: 826

Cataloging standards practiced within the traditional library, archive and museum environments are not interoperable for the retrieval of objects within the shared online environment. Within today’s information environments, library, archive and museum professionals are becoming aware that all information objects can be linked together. In this way, information professionals have the opportunity to collaborate and share data together with the shard online cataloging environment, the end result being improved retrieval effectiveness. But the adaptation has been slow: Libraries, archives and museums are still operating within their own community-specific cataloging practices. This book provides a historical perspective of the evolution of linking devices within the library, archive, and museums environments, and captures current cataloging practices in these fields. It offers suggestions for moving beyond community-specific cataloging principles and thus has the potential of becoming a springboard for further conversation and the sharing of ideas.
Released on 2017-03-15Categories Computers

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences

Author: John D. McDonald

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000031546

Category: Computers

Page: 6106

View: 736

The Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, comprising of seven volumes, now in its fourth edition, compiles the contributions of major researchers and practitioners and explores the cultural institutions of more than 30 countries. This major reference presents over 550 entries extensively reviewed for accuracy in seven print volumes or online. The new fourth edition, which includes 55 new entires and 60 revised entries, continues to reflect the growing convergence among the disciplines that influence information and the cultural record, with coverage of the latest topics as well as classic articles of historical and theoretical importance.
Released on 2004Categories Biography & Autobiography

Alger Hiss's Looking-glass Wars

Alger Hiss's Looking-glass Wars

Author: G. Edward White

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195182552

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 318

View: 989

Integrates the diverse details of Alger Hiss's life--from his upper middle-class upbringing and Harvard success to his role as a martyr to McCarthyism--to present intriguing evidence that Hiss, contrary to popular opinion, was indeed a Soviet spy, limning a remarkable portrait of a man whose life was devoted to perpetuating a lie.
Released on 2018-05-01Categories Social Science

The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities

The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities

Author: Jentery Sayers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317549086

Category: Social Science

Page: 20

View: 582

Although media studies and digital humanities are established fields, their overlaps have not been examined in depth. This comprehensive collection fills that gap, giving readers a critical guide to understanding the array of methodologies and projects operating at the intersections of media, culture, and practice. Topics include: access, praxis, social justice, design, interaction, interfaces, mediation, materiality, remediation, data, memory, making, programming, and hacking.
Released on 2016-10-31Categories Language Arts & Disciplines

New Directions for Special Collections: An Anthology of Practice

New Directions for Special Collections: An Anthology of Practice

Author: Lynne M. Thomas

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440842917

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 249

View: 796

Addressing the most exciting and challenging areas in the profession, this text will be invaluable to any professional looking ahead to the future of special collections and related cultural heritage work. • Covers a broad range of special collections work that shares perspectives from many different practitioners and experts in the field • Updates the notion of special collections to the wide range of institutions and contexts where they exist today, illustrating non-traditional opportunities for special collections work • Expands job opportunities for readers by providing an overview of the most compelling and exciting trends and challenges in the changing field of special collections
Released on 2016-12-22Categories Language Arts & Disciplines

The Special Collections Handbook

The Special Collections Handbook

Author: Alison Cullingford

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 9781783301263

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 353

View: 524

This comprehensive and no-nonsense guide to working with special collections and rare books is an essential day-to-day companion. Working with special collections can vary dramatically from preserving a single rare book to managing and digitizing vast mixed-media archives, yet the role of the information professional is always critical in tapping into the potential of these collections, protecting their legacy and bringing them to the attention of the wider public. This book offers up-to-date guidance which pulls together insights from best practice across the heritage sector to build innovative, co-operative and questioning mind-sets that will help them to cope in turbulent times. The Handbook covers all aspects of special collections work: preservation, developing collections, understanding objects, emergency planning, security, legal and ethical concerns, cataloguing, digitization, marketing, outreach, teaching, impact, advocacy and fundraising. New to this edition: coverage of new standards and concepts including unique and distinctive collections (UDCs), The Leeds Typology, Archive Accreditation, PD 5454:2012 and PAS 197 discussion of the major changes to laws affecting special collections including UK copyright law relating to library/archive exception and orphan works and forthcoming changes to data protection in the EU exploration of new trends in research including the rise of digital humanities, open access, the impact agenda and the REF updates to the sections on marketing, audience development and fundraising to include social media, customer journey mapping and crowdsourcing and more consideration of impact and indicators, digitization and new skills frameworks from CILIP and RBMS. This is the essential practical guide for anyone working with special collections or rare books in libraries, archives, museums, galleries and other heritage organizations. It is also a useful introduction to special collections work for academics and students taking library and information courses.
Released on 2020-03-19Categories Computers

Sustainable Digital Communities

Sustainable Digital Communities

Author: Anneli Sundqvist

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030436872

Category: Computers

Page: 903

View: 138

This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Sustainable Digital Communities, iConference 2020, held in Boras, Sweden, in March 2020. The 27 full papers and the 48 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 178 submissions. They cover topics such as: sustainable communities; social media; information behavior; information literacy; user experience; inclusion; education; public libraries; archives and records; future of work; open data; scientometrics; AI and machine learning; methodological innovation.
Released on 2022-06-14Categories Religion

Realizing Beloved Community

Realizing Beloved Community

Author: Allen K. Shin

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781640655942

Category: Religion

Page: 232

View: 850

A major study on the theology of Beloved Community. This long awaited work by the Church's top clergy, scholars and thought leaders examines the theological foundation of Beloved Community and its threats. It addresses such important topics as the legacy and sin of white supremacy, economic disparity, racial healing, and the call for reparations. The committee's work sheds light on the societal and cultural implications of the largest obstacle to the core mission of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and outlines what is necessary for the future of racial justice. "I am so grateful for the... work of the theologians and bishops who have spent the last five years working on [this study] . . . This is hard and holy work, not to hurt or harm, but to help and heal." —Michael B. Curry, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church
Released on 2022-03-26Categories Computers

Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future

Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future

Author: Malte Smits

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030969578

Category: Computers

Page: 482

View: 421

This two-volume set LNCS 13192 – 13193 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future, held in February 2022. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the conference was held virtually. The 32 full papers and the 29 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 167 submissions. They cover topics such as: Library and Information Science; Information Governance and Ethics; Data Science; Human-Computer Interaction and Technology ̧ Information Behaviour and Retrieval ̧ Communities and Media ̧ Health Informatics.
Released on 2014-08-01Categories Performing Arts

Beyond the Looking Glass

Beyond the Looking Glass

Author: Ana Salzberg

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781782384007

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 206

View: 645

As living subjects rather than static icons, studio-era Hollywood actresses actively negotiated a balance between their public personas, film roles, and corporeal presence. The contemporary audience’s engagement with the experience of these actresses unsettles the traditional model of narcissistic identification, which divides the off-screen spectator from his/her on-screen ideal. Exploring the fan’s desire for a material connection to the performer – as well as the star’s own dialogue between embodied experience and idealized image – Beyond the Looking Glass traces on- and off-screen representations of narcissistic femininity in classical Hollywood through studies of stars like Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, and Marilyn Monroe. Merging historical and theoretical concerns, with particular attention to the resonance of golden-age Hollywood in new media, this book explores the movie screen as a medium of shared experience between spectator and star.