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Uncharted Corners of Consciousness

Uncharted Corners of Consciousness

Author: Shelly Siskind

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462057071

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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Uncharted Corners of Consciousness: A Guidebook for Personal and Spiritual Growth A unique and provocative handbook for those who are ready to begin or continue on their spiritual journey. This is a practical, pragmatic and peaceful book for seekers who want to move from reading to doing. Combining exercises and direction for integrating the spiritual into our daily experiences, this book will become a valuable guide for individuals and therapists alike. Gerbrig Berman and Shelly Siskind were shaken from their comfortable lives and introduced to a teaching team from a different dimension who provided lessons from ancient and modern traditions. The authors invite you to meet your own team and this book shows you how. The superb collection of meditative writings and drawings leap off the page and lead you on an exciting inward journey - to the very core of your being. With more than forty years of study and application, both in their personal and professional lives, the authors enable you to be an active participant in your own well-being. Uncharted Corners of Consciousness is a marvelous guide for making sense of the mystical.
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The Far Corner

The Far Corner

Author: John Daniel

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 9781582439402

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 256

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John Daniel writes from the ground he walks on and the landscape he inhabits in the northwest corner of America, spinning narratives that seek to discover how he belongs to the land and to the wholeness of life itself. He takes his readers to beaches, old–growth forests, sagebrush steppe–lands, and deep river canyons — wild places, and places scarred by human exploitation — and leads us too through inner terrains where he explores mortality, creativity, and spirituality. Both lyrical and informative, these essays are diverse in focus, various in length, and inventive in form — one is constructed as a journal, two as linear montages. By turns playful, awed, cantankerous, and tender in tone, they deliver themselves in a style of high informality, welcoming readers to join the author as he journeys through some of the puzzlements, sadnesses, and small glories of living. This collection extends John Daniel's earlier work, The Trail Home, in the personal essay form.
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Sh#t Your Ego Says

Sh#t Your Ego Says

Author: James McCrae

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401951191

Category: Self-Help

Page: 209

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“Don’t read this book,” your Ego says. “Your life could change. And that scares me.” Sometimes our worst failures lead to our greatest transformation. In 2012, James McCrae left behind a comfortable life in Minnesota and a successful career in advertising to move to New York City and pursue his dreams of being a writer. Soon after he arrived, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the eastern seaboard. New York City was underwater, and James —jobless and running out of money—was suddenly homeless. Fleeing to the island of Culebra for refuge, James sat alone on Flamenco Beach while his greatest doubts and insecurities rose to the surface. What he discovered was his Ego—and it had a lot of sh#t to say. This story of adventure, redemption, and transformation reminds us that we all have two voices inside us: the Ego and the Higher Self. The Ego is our reactive, attached mind that tells us we’re victims of circumstance. The Higher Self is our source of intuition and imagination that reminds us we’re the creators of our reality. Sh#t Your Ego Says exposes the battle between these voices. With arresting honesty and candid, compelling prose, James takes you through practical strategies for overthrowing your Ego and reclaiming a life of creativity and freedom. Whether you’re looking to achieve meaningful career success, improve your relationships, or unlock your imagination, this book provides a no-nonsense roadmap to living with purpose.
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Olaf Stapledon, a Man Divided

Olaf Stapledon, a Man Divided

Author: Leslie A. Fiedler

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015008541180

Category: Authors, English

Page: 264

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One of the most imaginative figures to emerge from the science fiction field. Olaf Stapledon left an indelible mark on many other writers, from Arthur C. Clarke to Saul Bellows, but never won a mass following himself. This study by a renowned American literary critic provides a long-needed introduction to the life and work of the man Brian Aldiss called "the great classical example, the cold pitch of perfection as he turns scientific concepts into ontological epic prose poems, the ultimate science fiction writer." Probing the recurrent themes and images of Stapledon's novels -- which include Last and First Men, Odd John, Star Maker, and Sirius -- Leslie A. Fiedler brilliantly illuminates the complexity and richness that underlie Stapledon's fiction. As Fiedler demonstrates, Stapledon was very much a product of the 1930s, embracing a set of leftist attitudes that were common to many other "Oxbridge-educated sons of the English upper classes." But, as Fiedler further shows, there is much more to Stapleton's books than their superficial ideological content: his works are unique in their awe-inspiring vision of the breadth of the physical universe and the depths of the human psyche. "Certainly since encountering him," Fielder writes, "I have never been able to stare up at thee night sky with the same secure faith that either God exists or he does not; anymore than I have been able between sleeping and waking to be sure that the nighttime "I" preparing to dream is identical with or totally different from the conscious "I" about to surrender its dominion."