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Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin

Author: Linda D. Addison

Publisher: Black Spot Books

ISBN: 9781645480310

Category: Poetry

Page: 162

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A showcase of poetry from some of the darkest and most lyrical voices of women in horror. Under Her Skin features the best in never-before-published dark verse and lyrical prose from the voices of Women in Horror. Centered on the innate relationship between body horror and the female experience, this collection features work from Bram-Stoker Award&® winning and nominated authors, as well as dozens of poems from women (cis and trans) and non-binary femmes. Edited by Lindy Ryan and Toni Miller, Under Her Skin celebrates women in horror from cover to cover. In addition to poems contributed by seventy poets, the collection also features a foreword penned by Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) Grand Master and recipient of the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, Linda D. Addison; interior illustrations by Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association Grand Master and recipient of the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award Marge Simon; and cover art by noted horror artist Lynne Hansen. "Not for the faint of heart...Each word and phrase has been structured in such a way that the reader will experience an intense depth of emotion and feelings." —EGuide Magazine "...varied themes, approaches, and poetic structures create a diverse series of horror inspections. Under Her Skin is unparalleled in scope, creativity, and literary strength." —Midwest Book Review
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Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin

Author: Stephen Law

Publisher: Fernwood Publishing

ISBN: 9781552668481

Category: Fiction


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Tucked away in her tattoo studio in the port city of Halifax, Shaz draws meaning and symbolism onto the bodies of her clients. After the ransacking of her home, the brutal attack on her friend and the sudden appearance of her white father, Shaz is compelled to explore the racial divides in her life and in the city around her. A chance encounter with Rashid, a parkour-performing refugee from Sri Lanka, provides a stabilizing counterpoint to the tumultuous relationships in her life. Ultimately, Shaz discovers the complexities of truth, the meaning of loss and how we are all coloured by our experiences. In a narrative that explores racism, family dysfunction and the experiences of refugees, Under Her Skin paints the canvas of our landscape, making us aware of who we are.
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Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin

Author: Susan Mallery

Publisher: HQN Books

ISBN: 9781426832208

Category: Fiction

Page: 329

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Lexi Titan can just see the headlines. All of Titanville will be buzzing. Not that she has any other choice. Faced with exactly thirty days to come up with two million dollars, she is out of options. Marry Cruz Rodriguez or lose everything—the successful day spa she built herself, her tyrant of a father's respect. And the long-standing competition with her sisters for the family business. Cruz has money, success, smoldering good looks—everything but the blue blood needed to become a true member of Texas society. If Lexi agrees to be his fiancée for six months, lending him her famous father's influence and connections, he'll hand her a check on the spot. And in six months they'll go their separate ways. But neither one is prepared for their long-ago shared passion to throw a wrench into what would seem to be the perfect deal….
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Murder Under Her Skin

Murder Under Her Skin

Author: Stephen Spotswood

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 9780385547154

Category: Fiction

Page: 358

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Rex Stout meets Agatha Christie with a fresh twist in the new Pentecost and Parker Mystery, a delightfully hardboiled high-wire act starring two daring women sleuths dead set on justice as they set out to solve a murder at a traveling circus Someone’s put a blade in the back of the Amazing Tattooed Woman, and Willowjean “Will” Parker’s former knife-throwing mentor has been stitched up for the crime. To uncover the truth, Will and her boss, world-famous detective Lillian Pentecost, travel south to the circus where they find a snakepit of old grudges, small-town crime, and secrets worth killing for. New York, 1946: The last time Will Parker let a case get personal, she walked away with a broken face, a bruised ego, and the solemn promise never again to let her heart get in the way of her job. But she called Hart and Halloway’s Travelling Circus and Sideshow home for five years, and Ruby Donner, the circus’s tattooed ingenue, was her friend. To make matters worse the prime suspect is Valentin Kalishenko, the man who taught Will everything she knows about putting a knife where it needs to go. To suss out the real killer and keep Kalishenko from a date with the electric chair, Will and Ms. Pentecost join the circus in sleepy Stoppard, Virginia, where the locals like their cocktails mild, the past buried, and big-city detectives not at all. The two swiftly find themselves lost in a funhouse of lies as Will begins to realize that her former circus compatriots aren’t playing it straight, and that her murdered friend might have been hiding a lot of secrets beneath all that ink. Dodging fistfights, firebombs, and flying lead, Will puts a lot more than her heart on the line in the search of the truth. Can she find it before someone stops her ticker for good?
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A Thousand Fathoms Under the Skin

A Thousand Fathoms Under the Skin

Author: Rolf Schroers

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462827282

Category: Fiction

Page: 395

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Boris Sartorev, an American diplomat involved in sensitive Middle Eastern peace talks, finds out at his cost that an eclectic group of friends formed in his wild past hold both the key to the mystery and the winning hand. Despite the clarity of diplomatic vision being blurred by remembrances of sexual liaisons, shared kicks, and children born, it is soon clear to Boris that he is somehow connected to the Poker Club, and therefore, frighteningly, to their Hitzballah roots.
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Under Your Skin

Under Your Skin

Author: Sabine Durrant

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476716312

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 938

If you loved Gone Girl, then make this page-turning debut next on your reading list: “Sabine Durrant offers more twists than a rollercoaster in her thriller Under Your Skin, which proves you can trust no one” (Good Housekeeping). Gaby Mortimer is the woman who has it all. But everything changes when she finds a body near her home. She’s shaken and haunted by the image of the lifeless young woman, and frightened that the killer, still at large, could strike again. Before long, the police have a lead. The evidence points to a very clear suspect. One Gaby never saw coming… Full of brilliant twists and turns, Under Your Skin is a dark and suspenseful psychological thriller that will make you second guess everything. Because you can never be too sure about anything, especially when it comes to murder.
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Sisters Under the Skin: Margaret Laurence and Vaasanthi

Sisters Under the Skin: Margaret Laurence and Vaasanthi

Author: Dr. Sheela P. Karthick

Publisher: Shanlax Publications

ISBN: 9789393737199

Category: Social Science

Page: 229

View: 835

The book is a masterpiece and should be kept in the bookshelf of every household, and also be read by all critical minded individuals, as to fully come to terms with what the women are passing through in the present day society.
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Under the Skin

Under the Skin

Author: Alessandra Lemma

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135160982

Category: Art

Page: 214

View: 885

Under the Skin considers the motivation behind why people pierce, tattoo, cosmetically enhance, or otherwise modify their body, from a psychoanalytic perspective. It discusses how the therapist can understand and help individuals for whom the manipulation of the body is felt to be psychically necessary, regardless of whether the process of modification causes pain.In this book, psychoanalyst Alessandra Lemma draws on her work in the consulting room, as well as films, fiction, art and clinical research to suggest that the motivation for extensively modifying the surface of th.
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Composing under the Skin

Composing under the Skin

Author: Paul Craenen

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789058679741

Category: Music

Page: 289

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A revealing study of the physical presence of the musician in musical performance Fingers slipping over guitar strings, the tap of a bow against the body of a cello, a pianist humming along to the music: contemporary composers often work with parasitic, non-conventional sounds such as these. Are they to be perceived as musical elements or do they shift attention to the physical effort of music-making, contact between a body and an instrument? Composer Paul Craenen explores ways in which the musician’s body is revealed in musical performance. He leads us from Cage, Lachenmann, Kagel and their contemporaries to a discussion of how today's generation of young composers is writing a body paradigm into composition itself. Micro-temporal physical gestures and instrumental timbre provide the key to unveiling the physical presence of both a musician and a ‘composing body’. The author's concept of ‘intercorporeality’, along with the idea of an alternating linear and non-linear relationship of the composing body to time, casts new light on the relationship between musicians, composers, and music consumers.
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Getting Under the Skin

Getting Under the Skin

Author: Bernadette Wegenstein

Publisher: Mit Press

ISBN: UOM:39015063245073

Category: Computers

Page: 244

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Tracing the evolution of contemporary body discourse Getting Under the Skin analyzes the tension between a fragmented and holistic body concept in performance art, popular culture, new media arts, and architecture. The body as an object of critical study dominates disciplines across the humanities to such an extent that a new discipline has emerged: body criticism. In Getting Under the Skin, Bernadette Wegenstein traces contemporary body discourse in philosophy and cultural studies to its roots in twentieth-century thought--showing how psychoanalysis, phenomenology, cognitive science, and feminist theory contributed to a new body concept--and studies the millennial body in performance art, popular culture, new media arts, and architecture. Wegenstein shows how the concept of bodily fragmentation has been in circulation since the sixteenth century's investigation of anatomy. The history of the body-in-pieces, she argues, is a history of a struggling relationship between two concepts of the body--as fragmented and as holistic. Wegenstein shows that by the twentieth century these two apparently contradictory movements were integrated; both fragmentation and holism, she argues, are indispensable modes of imagining and configuring the body. The history of the body, therefore, is a history of mediation; but it was not until the turn of the twenty-first century and the digital revolution that the body was best able to show its mediality. After examining key concepts in body criticism, Wegenstein looks at the body as "raw material" in twentieth-century performance art, medical techniques for visualizing the human body, and strategies in popular culture for "getting under the skin" with images of freely floating body parts. Her analysis of current trends in architecture and new media art demonstrates the deep connection of body criticism to media criticism. In this approach to body criticism, the body no longer stands in for something else--the medium has become the body.
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Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin

Author: Michelle Love

Publisher: Blessings For All SC

ISBN: 9781648083426

Category: Fiction

Page: 219

View: 330

Arrogant Italian billionaire, Arturo Bachi, is outraged when the final apartment in the building he plans to turn into a hotel is bought at an exclusive auction by someone who outbids him at the last minute. His ire fades after he meets a gorgeous young woman with whom he spends a passionate, life-altering one-night stand. Arturo is immediately enchanted; it doesn’t hurt that she’s the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, even if she won’t tell him her real name. Though still scarred by the murder of his teenage sweetheart Flavia twenty years earlier, Arturo’s frozen heart begins to thaw. What he doesn’t know is that Hero Donati is the person who bought the apartment, and she is trying to escape a terrible tragedy in her past that keeps her terrified of ever giving her heart away again. Though the two quickly begin fall in love their problems are far from over. Hero’s other neighbor, George Galiano, Arturo’s friend-turned-sworn-enemy makes a play for Hero’s heart. Soon, Hero is trapped in a bitter war between the two men and finds herself not knowing who to trust. Worse still, Flavia’s killer makes it known that he now has Hero in his sights… Can Arturo and Hero fight for their love, and their lives, or will they be torn apart in the most brutal and devastating way?