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Whale's Tails

Whale's Tails

Author: Dale MacHaffie

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781643504490

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 222

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Whale's Tails features parallel whaling tales told by four young friends who live in two different centuries. Two of the young men live in 2018, and the other two are alive in the 1850s. Both stories have meaningful and thought-provoking information for young people! College students Reggie and his friend Tom have signed on as research assistants for the summer. The research project is tagging humpback whales and tracking their travels. The boys are spending the summer on the Pacific Ocea
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The Whale Without a Tail

The Whale Without a Tail

Author: Ariana Levin

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480859913

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 42

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In many ways, Walter is just like the other young whales. But in one way—the way that seems to matter most—he is different. Walter was born without a tail. All the other young whales have tails, but since Walter does not, he is seen as different. And according to the other whales, different is not good. Different means Walter is not included when the other whales played tug-of-war. Different means he doesn’t get to race. His friends call him a tadpole or turtle, saying his tail is weak and Walter is slow. Walter knows better, of course. His tail does all sorts of amazing things, but the other whales never give him a chance to show them. One day, the ocean feels strangely quiet. Walter is the first to realize all his friends have been caught in a fisherman’s net. They desperately need his help, and for the first time, they see Walter for the amazing whale he is. Walter is a hero, even without his tail. It turns out it’s okay to be different because different can also mean special.
Released on 2004Categories Juvenile Nonfiction

Killer Whales

Killer Whales

Author: Sandra Markle

Publisher: Lerner Publications

ISBN: 9781575057286

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 42

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Presents information on the physical characteristics, life cycle, and behavior of killer whales, with an emphasis on how they hunt.
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How to Speak Whale

How to Speak Whale

Author: Tom Mustill

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781538739136

Category: Nature

Page: 311

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What if animals and humans could speak to one another? Tom Mustill—the nature documentarian who went viral when a thirty‑ton humpback whale breached onto his kayak—asks this question in his thrilling investigation into whale science and animal communication. “When a whale is in the water, it is like an iceberg: you only see a fraction of it and have no conception of its size.” On September 12, 2015, Tom Mustill was paddling in a two-person kayak with a friend just off the coast of California. It was cold, but idyllic—until a humpback whale breached, landing on top of them, releasing the energy equivalent of forty hand grenades. He was certain he was about to die, but they both survived, miraculously unscathed. In the interviews that followed the incident, Mustill was left with one question: What could this astonishing encounter teach us? Drawing from his experience as a naturalist and wildlife filmmaker, Mustill started investigating human–whale interactions around the world when he met two tech entrepreneurs who wanted to use artificial intelligence (AI)—originally designed to translate human languages—to discover patterns in the conversations of animals and decode them. As he embarked on a journey into animal eavesdropping technologies, where big data meets big beasts, Mustill discovered that there is a revolution taking place in biology, as the technologies developed to explore our own languages are turned to nature. From seventeenth-century Dutch inventors, to the whaling industry of the nineteenth century, to the cutting edge of Silicon Valley, How to Speak Whale examines how scientists and start-ups around the world are decoding animal communications. Whales, with their giant mammalian brains, virtuoso voices, and long, highly social lives, offer one of the most realistic opportunities for this to happen. But what would the consequences of such human animal interaction be? We’re about to find out.
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Author: Snapshot Picture Library

Publisher: Weldon Owen International

ISBN: 9781616287566

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 116

Enter the majestic underwater world of whales! Learn about the everyday lives of these enormous creatures as you follow their travels through vast oceans. Kids will enjoy learning fun facts about whales, and the more than 70 beautiful color photographs will delight anyone interested in whales, especially toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-school children. 64 pages 70 color photos
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Author: Irene Trimble

Publisher: Phoenix International Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 9798765400760

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 26

View: 222

Do you know what whale is the world’s largest animal? Or which whale’s head is up to one-third the length of its entire body? Or why some whales “sing” to one another? Explore this exciting book for answers to questions you'll be glad we asked—plus “Did You Know?” fun facts and stunning, dramatic illustrations.
Released on 2006Categories Journalism teachers

Dead Whales Tell No Tales

Dead Whales Tell No Tales

Author: Ron Lovell

Publisher: Ron Lovell

ISBN: 0976797836

Category: Journalism teachers

Page: 196

View: 686

In Dead Whales Tell No Tales, mystery novelist Ron Lovell returns to the locale of his first novel, Murder at Yaquina Head--the rugged Oregon Coast. It is 1987 and college professor Thomas Martindale is teaching a summer writing seminar at the university's marine center. A marine biologist dies under bizarre circumstances and his assistant, Tom's former lover, is arrested for his murder. The death occurs while a conference of the International Whaling Commission is going on at the center. In Martindale's mind, there are more likely suspects than his friend: the Japanese fisheries minister, an Eskimo whaling commissioner, and several radical environmentalists. Tom's investigation uncovers the murdered man's involvement in a drowning at sea of a graduate assistant and his collaboration with the Japanese to alter whale population statistics. It also puts him in danger from unknown pursuers who keep following him in his car. At the same time, a large Gray whale has beached herself near his house, adding a unique aura to the events on land.
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Whale Quest

Whale Quest

Author: Karen Romano Young

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books ™

ISBN: 9781512467932

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 128

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Decades of commercial whaling nearly decimated a variety of whales considered a keystone species. Keystone species are indicators of the overall health of Earth's habitats. While whales have made a comeback through an international ban on commercial whaling, they are still threatened with extinction. Global warming, water and noise pollution, and commercial shipping and fishing are among the most serious threats to whale survival. Meet the scientists, citizen scientists, researchers, whale watching guides, and other concerned citizens who are working together to protect whale populations around the globe. Learn about whale biology, habitats, and behavior, and discover more about the high-technology tools that help researchers in their work.