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What IS Sex?

What IS Sex?

Author: Alenka Zupancic

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262534130

Category: Philosophy

Page: 163

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Why sexuality is at the point of a “short circuit” between ontology and epistemology. Consider sublimation—conventionally understood as a substitute satisfaction for missing sexual satisfaction. But what if, as Lacan claims, we can get exactly the same satisfaction that we get from sex from talking (or writing, painting, praying, or other activities)? The point is not to explain the satisfaction from talking by pointing to its sexual origin, but that the satisfaction from talking is itself sexual. The satisfaction from talking contains a key to sexual satisfaction (and not the other way around)—even a key to sexuality itself and its inherent contradictions. The Lacanian perspective would make the answer to the simple-seeming question, “What is sex?” rather more complex. In this volume in the Short Circuits series, Alenka Zupančič approaches the question from just this perspective, considering sexuality a properly philosophical problem for psychoanalysis; and by psychoanalysis, she means that of Freud and Lacan, not that of the kind of clinician practitioners called by Lacan “orthopedists of the unconscious.” Zupančič argues that sexuality is at the point of a “short circuit” between ontology and epistemology. Sexuality and knowledge are structured around a fundamental negativity, which unites them at the point of the unconscious. The unconscious (as linked to sexuality) is the concept of an inherent link between being and knowledge in their very negativity.
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What Is Sex?

What Is Sex?

Author: Kate E. Reynolds

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781787759381

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 40

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This carefully written and illustrated book provides an explanation of sex for people with autism and special education needs and disabilities (SEND). It helps readers to understand the physical processes as well as important issues such as consent and sexual safety, helping them to develop positive relationships. Many people with autism and SEND have or will have intimate relationships. Often sex is alluded to, rather than being carefully explored. This can create confusion around consent, sexual health, and pregnancy, and cause people to turn to dubious online information. This book frankly explains sex so that the reader has a clear understanding of what constitutes sex, knowledge of the proper names for sexual organs and sexual activities, and is aware of the potential physical consequences of having sex.
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What Is Sexual Harassment?

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Author: Abigail Saguy

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520237414

Category: History

Page: 256

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"An outstanding work. This book is at once an analysis of a disturbing social practice and a study in legal mobilization. Saguy gets inside the black box of culture by showing how a piece of legal culture gets produced, disseminated, and received. Paying close attention to the discursive possibilities in the legal texts, the work is grounded in the organizational settings through which representational struggles are waged, displaying how the laws came to be as they are. A rich and provocative account that will be the starting point for future discussions of sexual harassment."—Susan Silbey, author of The Common Place of Law: Stories from Everyday Life "In this pathbreaking comparative study, Saguy sheds light on a crucial aspect of the lives of many working women by analyzing the various frames through which sexual harassment is understood in two national contexts. While norms against sexual harassment are growing deeper roots in the American workplace, accusations of sexual improprieties remain often the object of ridicule in France. Saguy's explanation of this and other differences goes beyond traditional culturalist models. The beauty of her analysis is to capture some of the ways in which sexuality is used to gain power in the workplace, and the role played by cultural frameworks in mediating these modalities."—Michele Lamont, co-author of Rethinking Comparative Cultural Sociology: Repertoires of Evaluation in France and the United States "This sophisticated, yet highly readable and dramatic account reveals how differently sexual harassment is interpreted in the laws and social practices in the United States and France. Drawing on a wide range of research, Saguy reveals how political and cultural differences in the two societies have implications for addressing the harm victims face. A must read for sociologists of organizational behavior and culture, as well as lawyers and the informed public."—Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, author of Deceptive Distinctions: Sex, Gender and the Social Order "Rooted in rigorous comparative research, What Is Sexual Harassment? answers its own question with no-nonsense lucidity and cutting intelligence." --Joshua Gamson, author of Freaks Talk Back "This is a remarkable book, both in terms of methodology and theory. This work will be an indispensable tool for anyone concerned with defining the concept of sexual harassment. The comparative approach demonstrates its heuristic importance, as Saguy shows a remarkable mastery of different social and legal cultures."—Françoise Gaspard, author of A Small City in France "What is Sexual Harassment? offers an original examination of the variable, much contested meanings of sexual harassment in both the United States and France. Saguy not only explains how divergent legal understandings have reflected the quite different cultural traditions and social structures in each of these two nations, but she also addresses how reaction to American media representations of sexual harassment reinforced the development of unique legal constructions in France. This is a highly interesting, innovative, and important study that advances our understanding about how socio-legal meaning is produced, reproduced, and transformed."—Michael McCann, author of Rights at Work: Pay Equity Reform and the Politics of Legal Mobilization
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What is Sexual Capital?

What is Sexual Capital?

Author: Dana Kaplan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781509552337

Category: Social Science

Page: 140

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This book does to sex what other sociologists did to culture: it shows that sex, no longer defined by religion, now plays a role in the economy and can yield tangible benefits in the realms of money, status, and occupation. How do people accumulate sexual capital, and what are the returns for investing money, time, knowledge, and energy in establishing and enhancing our sexual selves? Dana Kaplan and Eva Illouz disentangle the current cultural politics of heterosexual life, arguing that sex – that messy amalgam of sexual affects and experiences – has increasingly assumed an economic character. Some may opt for plastic surgery to beautify their face or body, while others may consume popular sex advice or attend seduction classes. Beyond particular practices such as these, the authors trace an emerging form of “neoliberal” sexual capital, which is the ability to glean self-appreciation from sexual encounters and to use this self-value to foster employability, as exemplified by Silicon Valley sex parties. This highly original book will appeal to students and scholars in sociology, anthropology, gender studies, and cultural studies and to anyone interested in the nature of sex and how it is changing today.
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What is Sexual History?

What is Sexual History?

Author: Jeffrey Weeks

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781509508860

Category: History

Page: 180

View: 536

Until the 1970s the history of sexuality was a marginalized practice. Today it is a flourishing field, increasingly integrated into the mainstream and producing innovative insights into the ways in which societies shape and are shaped by sexual values, norms, identities and desires. In this book, Jeffrey Weeks, one of the leading international scholars in the subject, sets out clearly and concisely how sexual history has developed, and its implications for our understanding of the ways we live today. The emergence of a new wave of feminism and lesbian and gay activism in the 1970s transformed the subject, heavily influenced by new trends in social and cultural history, radical sociological insights and the impact of Michel Foucault’s work. The result was an increasing emphasis on the historical shaping of sexuality, and on the existence of many different sexual meanings and cultures on a global scale. With chapters on, amongst others, lesbian, gay and queer history, feminist sexual history, the mainstreaming of sexual history, and the globalization of sexual history, What is Sexual History? is an indispensable guide to these developments.
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What is Sexual Harassment, and how to conduct Inquiry as per service rules

What is Sexual Harassment, and how to conduct Inquiry as per service rules

Author: Mukesh Chaturvedi

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781647336189

Category: Law

Page: 416

View: 256

We are all concerned about sexual harassment at workplace. The law on such a serious issue calls for a deeper understanding. More so, we need clarity about the procedure of conducting inquiry in cases of sexual harassment, so that guilty do not get away due to procedural infirmities. This book examines provisions of The Sexual Harassment of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act, 2013, and procedure for inquiry in the light of the case-laws, both Indian and foreign, service rules and the government instructions on the subject. It therefore fulfils a long-felt need. The book will be found useful by government officers, executives of the public sector undertakings, banks, autonomous bodies, as also the legal fraternity.
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Sin, Science, and the Sex Police

Sin, Science, and the Sex Police

Author: John Money


ISBN: UOM:39015046902121

Category: Psychology

Page: 420

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John Money is widely regarded as the foremost theoretician of human sexual relations in the twentieth century. Sin, Science, and the Sex Police is the latest in a compelling series of his selected writings on the subjects of sexology (the science of sex) and sexosophy (the philosophy of sex).
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Sexual Orientation: What is Sexual Orientation? Gr. 6-Adult

Sexual Orientation: What is Sexual Orientation? Gr. 6-Adult

Author: Taryn McKenna

Publisher: Classroom Complete Press

ISBN: 9780228304340


Page: 29

View: 742

**This is the chapter slice "What is Sexual Orientation? Gr. 6-Adult" from the full lesson plan "Sexual Orientation"** Find out how sexual orientation differs from gender identity. Students learn that finding congruence between gender identity and sexual orientation is an ongoing process. Understand that sexual orientation is interpersonal—it is how we feel towards others. Learn about the different layers of sexual orientation, including LGBTQ+. Finally, students explore the history of human sexuality and how it has been perceived throughout time. Written in a simplified vocabulary and comprised of reading passages, graphic organizers, real-world activities, crossword, word search and comprehension quiz.