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Author: S. V. Subramanyam (Prof.)

Publisher: Pustak Mahal

ISBN: 9788122311532

Category: Yoga

Page: 364

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Presents all the 195 Yoga Sutras professed by the legendary Maharishi PATANJALI. He affirmed that Yoga is not only limited to Āsanas, but also aims at outer and inner purification; control and balance of the self; meditation and complete absorption. And finally union with the Self. Contains 4 Chapters: Samadhi; Sadhana; Vibhuti and Kaivalya. Comprises of all the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga: 5 external and 3 internal, Yama; Niyama; Asana; Pranayama; Pratyahara; Dharana; Dhyana; and Samadhi. The book fully utilizes available technology to aid elaboration of the commentary on Yoga Sutras which are admittedly terse. Charts and tables as well as graphs and pictures adore the book practically on every page so that the reader finds it helpful to enhance his understanding. Stories and quotations from the spiritual greats are added to widen comprehension. This then is a book that is truly unique in its presentation that would find ready acceptance by Yoga teachers and students alike all over the world. All those students and teachers of Yogasanas who wish to go beyond Asanas and aim at avoidance of mental modifications and the resultant stressful life would find this book a boon.
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Wit and Wisdom for Teachers

Wit and Wisdom for Teachers

Author: John Blaydes

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510737006

Category: Education

Page: 236

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Nationally acclaimed speaker and educator John Blaydes complies nuggets of wit and wisdom to motivate and inspire his fellow educators. The Educator’s Book of Quotes is a comprehensive resource for quotes relating to education and leadership, organized by sixteen themes for easy access and reference, including: The Art of Teaching Balancing the Time Crunch Principles and Principals Creating a Culture of Excellence Inspirational Leadership Education is Key Containing hundreds of inspirational quotes for teachers in all stages of their career, The Educator’s Book of Quotes is a must have.
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The Compassionate Mind Approach to Recovering from Trauma

The Compassionate Mind Approach to Recovering from Trauma

Author: Deborah Lee

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781849019453

Category: Medical

Page: 320

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Terrible events are very hard to deal with and those who go through a trauma often feel permanently changed by it. Grief, numbness, anger, anxiety and shame are all very common emotional reactions to traumatic incidents such as an accident or death of a loved one, and ongoing traumatic events such as domestic abuse. How we deal with the aftermath of trauma and our own emotional response can determine how quickly we are able to 'move on' and get back to 'normality' once more. An integral part of the recovery process is not only recognising and accepting how our lives may have been changed but also learning to deal with feelings of shame - an extremely common reaction to trauma. 'Recovering from Trauma' uses the groundbreaking Compassion Focused Therapy to help the reader to not only develop a fuller understanding of how we react to trauma, but also to deal with any feelings of shame and start to overcome any trauma-related difficulties.
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Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II

Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II

Author: Marshall Vian Summers

Publisher: New Knowledge Library

ISBN: 9781884238659

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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In this second volume of Wisdom from the Greater Community, you will take another great step towards learning what Knowledge and Wisdom mean in the larger arena of life that is called the Greater Community. This will bring you to a new beginning and a new threshold, a beginning and a threshold that were never available before to humanity. Humanity is now at the threshold of the Greater Community, of which it has always been a part. Now humanity has an opportunity to learn its true heritage, the nature of its evolution and its greater challenge and promise of life within a larger arena that contains intelligent life in uncountable forms and expressions. You are here at this new beginning. This is no accident. You were sent here for this purpose. This is the meaning of your being here. The world’s emergence into the Greater Community is the context within which you can fully experience and learn to express the nature of your greater purpose and your greater identity. Humanity is emerging into the Greater Community. Greater Community forces are in the world today. This is the reality in which you now live, and for this you will need a greater Knowledge and a greater Wisdom. You already possess this Knowledge within you, for the Creator has endowed you with the Knowing Mind, which you will need to experience and to call upon increasingly as the revelation of your real purpose and the meaning of your existence here unfold step by step. In this second volume of Wisdom from the Greater Community, we introduce to you new thresholds of learning, new arenas of application and a greater opportunity to experience the reality of Knowledge and the importance of its expression and contribution in the world. Here you will have the opportunity to begin to learn about the Greater Community, about the mental environment, about the meaning of discernment and discretion, and the great application of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge as it pertains to every aspect of your life as you know it today and as you will need to know it in the future. We bring this great Teaching to you from the Creator, for this Teaching represents a new testament of the Creator’s presence and will within the world and a new expression of your Divinity and your intrinsic association and relationship with life around you. We bring with us a promise, a confirmation and a great challenge. The promise is that your purpose and your calling in the world may become fully realized within the context of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community. Here you will finally come to understand why you have a unique nature and a unique design. This will enable you to discover who your Designer is. The confirmation is that you will come to realize what you know and what you have always known, and this will restore to you your self-respect, your ability to love and the greater strength that has been given to you. And, yet, we bring you a challenge as well, a challenge to learn what Knowledge and Wisdom mean within the Greater Community and why they are necessary both to heal the great problems that humanity faces within the world and to face the greater challenge of encountering intelligent life from the Greater Community. Come with us, then. Come to receive and come to give. Come to learn and come with the willingness to experience and to explore with an open mind. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is not here to fulfill the past or even to explain the past. It is here to bring you into the present and to prepare you for the future. This is why you have come into the world, and this will give meaning and direction to all that you have done thus far. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge will give you a new foundation to fully realize why you are here and who sent you.
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Crazy for Wisdom

Crazy for Wisdom

Author: Stefan Larsson

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004232877

Category: Religion

Page: 374

View: 859

Best known today as the author of the Life of Milarepa, Tsangnyön Heruka (1452–1507) was one of the most influential mad yogins of Tibet. Stefan Larsson’s Crazy for Wisdom, describes Tsangnyön Heruka's life, based on narratives by his disciples, and examines an unexpected aspect of fifteenth-century Tibetan Buddhist practice.
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The Akshaya Patra; Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind

The Akshaya Patra; Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind

Author: Signet IL Y’ Viavia: Daniel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514469125

Category: Philosophy

Page: 818

View: 574

The Akshaya Patra series is written as a book to augment books of philosophical inquiry; and to assist true inquiry in such a way, so as to inspire the Mysteries that unfold on the path of initiation. Let us begin by breaking bread together, by this first step, that we may destroy the tome of ignorance with that first principle in prayer saying; "A house that is loved is always satisfied." This house is the Temple of Self; inspired by life and the touch of nature, the Akshaya Patra throughout is filled with inner depth and determination. These first works of the Akshaya Patra, were inspired by, and dedicated to, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whose influence was, and still is, too vast for words; and whose love has satisfied the genius in this Tomb and Tome of Time. This first book of Volume ONE begins, with the features of introductory, for taking the earliest footsteps, on the path of sacred life; dedicated to Self-Transformation. As a Tree of Knowledge is planted, its roots fan out thru many traditions, and its branches stretch to provide shelter and protection over all. Its leaves call for all to come and take their share of comfort beneath the shadows in its shade; delighted and lighted by the sun by day, and with night fascinated to discover the ringlets of the moon and stars that gave first light in the residence of space. We are THAT Time, we are that Space; we are that Consciousness. "Tat Twam Asi" ... the pursuant in pursuant search, in the sea, of supreme reality. Self-Mastery is a personal journey and there is only one friend; and that is the sacred messenger, who comes to life as the resident within. There are many years involved in coming to this writing of the Akshaya Patra Series. The examinations here have taken us to this first place in the writing; that is nothing more than the satisfaction of ethical journey, working forward from the true beginning. There are many more volumes and books to follow for us, in order to reach our destination in this vast work of self-transformation. Are we ready? Are we deserving? We have been fooled by fools maybe, and we are, or are we, the fools to dream that we are more than this fool we have come to be. We come to this knowing that we have not come to terms with our true identity. Maybe we have fed ourselves unwisely, and only broken bread that is dry, tasteless, and come unsatisfied, from drink before a shallow empty well. The Akshaya Patra Volume ONE Book ONE; entitled Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind; means to satisfy. The Mind will be the first portal passed; before transitioning thru its own death and resurrection. It is here in this first book of Volume ONE that we are first entertained; breaking down our traditions that take shape into something immaterial but tangible. In all, Volume ONE alone will consist of nine books. More to be published. This is Book ONE. Seven Volumes are written and every day these are maturing waiting for release. Currently there are hiding behind this Volume ONE Book ONE about 17 books written... It is to unfold the culmination of a lifetime of work. Each Volume evolves thru seven stages of Initiation; as if passing thru seven days labor on the path towards liberation. In this it is like the Bhagavata. Our purpose, objective and ends may be summed up in the advice given in these words of Sai Baba: (True knowledge) instructs you to reform yourself first. After transforming yourself, try to reform others. That is the advice offered by Vidya (True Knowledge). The delusive attachment to the objective world can be uprooted by means of selfless service rendered as worship to the Lord. Genuine devotion is characterized by LOVE FOR ALL, at all times, everywhere. Sai Baba
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Steps on the Path to Enlightenment

Steps on the Path to Enlightenment

Author: Lhundub Sopa

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781614293347

Category: Religion

Page: 721

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The final installment of the Steps on the Path to Enlightenment series examines the nature of reality with a master class in Buddhist Middle Way philosophy and meditation. The late Geshe Sopa was a refugee monk from Tibet sent to the United States by the Dalai Lama in 1963. He became a professor at the University of Wisconsin, training a generation of Western Buddhist scholars, and was a towering figure in the transmission of the Buddhism to the West. In this fifth and final volume of his commentary on Lama Tsongkhapa’s masterwork on the graduated steps of the Buddhist path, Geshe Sopa explains the practice of superior insight, or wisdom, the pinnacle of the bodhisattva's perfections. All the Buddhist practices are for the purpose of developing wisdom, for it is wisdom that liberates from the cycle of suffering. All other positive actions, from morality to deep states of meditation, have no power to liberate unless they are accompanied by insight into the nature of reality. With unparalled precision, Geshe Sopa unpacks this central principle with scholarly virtuosity, guiding the reader through the progressive stages of realization.