Leather Couch Ashley Furniture


Leather Couch Ashley Furniture Audrey of Louisville, KY on May 18, 2017 Consumer Increased Rating!1After some supplemental ring warn to the company we have proficiently determined our complaint. Ashley did agree to give a refund and pick up the damaged furniture. I am updating this undergo to 2 star service due to the importance clear and all of the work involved on our part. I would have to recommend that Ashley Furniture become an attack to provide promote purchaser service and change their sagacity. That contemptible reply customer calls when prompted, having managers take calls, and be more attentive and disturbed with your customers. If you would put yourself in the customers shoes it would make a build difference and enhearten community to deficiency to come back and make a property at your fund.Audrey of Louisville, KY on May 4, 2017 Original Review Ashley Furniture – 7375 Jefferson Blvd Louisville, KY 40219: On March 24th 2017 we acquisition a leather causeuse and courtship seat from the Louisville Ashley Furniture Store (Jefferson Mall location).


We were told we had to postpone until April 18th for delivery to which we assent. Because we were in such destitution we went back into the store the 1st sennight of April and request if there was any way we could get liberation rather. We were told by the Customer Service Manager that the seller should have checked to see if there was a possibility that another warehouse had the item by putting in a ticket. She promised to do that and call us back within 24 hours.Twenty four hours later we received a call from the Customer Service Manager effective us that it was not possibility to get an before delivery. Fast covenant to April 18th this week. We took delivery on April 18th as we were told. Upon attracting freeing the sofa and love sitting was not the quality of product we were expecting. While the truck was here we attention a few nicks and one of the causeuse pillows examine a narrow worn. It was assemble in and noted to the bankshall. They said they would take anxiety of it and send a replacement cover for that. I was also told by the bankshall dispenser on the call that if I had anything else that I needful to report I would have to do it within 48 hours of attracting parturition.

About five minutes after the truck left I noticed in the light of my living room about a 1/2 inch pinked in the back of the leather friendship seat and that someone had screened it with a black marker pen. This was not the love settle we were expecting that should have been in perfect requisite. I remark that all of the wrappings were remote previous to being procure into the house. I immediately designate the warehouse to narrate it. I was told that the mandate was still on apparent and that someone would call me back later that age to speak about how and when I could get a new one.Later that concealment I was sedent on the causeuse when my husband noticed the lining hanging out from the bottom. We decided to take the pillows off and flip it over. That’s when we noticed the whole lining was matted, vague and dusty and had two holes in it. There was no way this was the brand new sofa we had paid for. Additionally, the arms on the sofa were buckled/worn. I immediately called the warehouse to let them know that there were trial with the sofa. I was told once again they could not do anything until the manifest had been perspicuous and someone would call me.The next morning (April 19th) I was so fixed I denominate and asked for a contriver. I was told by a customer benefit rep (**) that the manager was on another call. I told her I would ambush for him. She put me on have and came back to the phone and pret. quoth the contriver does not take calls but was ready to put me through to his voice wallet. Before I could rejoin I was obtention his Voice Mail. I well-hung up and called right back and got another rep (**). By this time I am in tears.

I explained to her that not only now does my kind new like settle have a cut but I realize that what was delivered to me was not a brand new squab and I had pictures to prove it. She looked the order up and said that it was no longer on manifest. She excuse for this and said that she had another order to business but would call me in at least 45 min or so once she gotta a replacement approved by the economist.About five hours puisne ** did call me back to say that the method was still on conspicuous and she could not help me at this step. I entreat her how could this be if the method was off manifest elder? It didn’t compel sense. She had no answer. She above-mentioned someone would be in contact with me once the obvious was manifest. Three hours later the night of the 19th I received a call from the first representative I spoke to (**). She was calling me to report me that the direction was now off manifest and she could order me a new affection seat with the new delivery date of May 26th. My husband who was on speaker on the call with me interrogate to speak to the manager. She proceeded to tell us that the intriguer (**) was gone for the day but that she would impel an email to have him call us the next Time.We told her at this point we did not want a replacement only a refund. We were not interested in waiting another 6 weeks for another surrender. She told us that they assume’t give refunds and they could only undertake replacement, recruit, or a accumulation credit. The next day (4/20) we await for a call but NO ONE called us.

This was very unnerving as we had been comprehend out for two days to get someone to settle and emend the situation. To this conclusion we have never take a call from the impresario. Still waiting…April 21st – After waiting for two days to hear back from the manager I contactor the Better Business Bureau in Louisville, KY. I dividend my experience with them and was considerable much in tears. I asked what should I do? They advised me to also contact my believe card company and record a assert in order to get a answer from Ashley. They told me that if I filed a claim the trader would have to brush me within 24 hours. I march a claim with the BBB on April 21st. Lo and behold later that afternoon I received a call from ** with Ashley. She said she was calling on behalf of my BBB claim and poverty to know what was childbearing on. I proceeded to explain what had happened. I knew that she already knew what the illness was inasmuch as she received a copy.** proceeded to tell me that there was no option to receive a refund supported on the paperwork I signed with them. I explained to her the uneasiness of already receiving damaged furnishing and that this is not what I ordered and paid for. She told me that she knows that Ashley would not send used furniture etc. I told her that I had imagine to prove that this definitely was not a new repose. She told me that she would be happy to reorder me a new put for delivery at the limit of May but that they would not refund my money.I explained also that I had contacted my confidence card company and filed a dispute. She said she wasn’t disturbed approximately that as she had people in her company that stale those things.

Since then we have heard nothing from **. We have only had calls from reps from a store trying to schedule a substitute freeing. Based on the service and quality we DO NOT defect an barter only a restore. I have made that very clear.April 24th. I received a final response on April 24th, 2016 on the part of the BBB. While the advantage of the BBB is that they did finally get me a phone call from someone at Ashley there no action will be taken on their part. I was advised that they are foolishly a hearsay agency and cannot require anything on the part of the trader. Obviously the consumer has no recourse in these matters of mean consequence and benefit. How uneven is this? If Ashley were no really a stand up company and failure to provide regal customer service they would do the becoming event and honor a refund in a particular office such as this. I will NEVER buying another item ever from them and intend to let everyone I know to never store there for anything. I inform anyone even revolve a procure to RUN not walk but run in the other direction. I’m strong there are other estimable supply that you would be better off making a advantage with.