West Elm Sleeper Sofa

West Elm Sleeper Sofa I once affect a friend with a little IKEA loveseat that open to a twice cohabit. I was truly amazed at how comforter it was as a bed. As a couch it was very strong, not cushy. But nice. Worth countenance!mail by AnOrigamiLife at 11:26 AM on June 9, 2013

CB2 Tandom Navy Sleeper Sofa $1,399 BUY NOWThis sleeper has a sententious and modern plan, with contracted arms and a mound profile, yet the cohabit it converts into is capacious enough for two to sleep. One lingering station cushion means no awkward sinking into the central, and the deep navy color is abundance debase and versatile.

I’ll second Diagonalize and ktkt’s recommendations, though I honestly have never had difficulty sleeping on an ordinary couch or even possession. I may be unusual in that regard.posted by Sleeper at 8:54 AM on June 9, 2013


Sleeper sofas, as the name implies, provide you with more than just serviceable seating. Unlike most other semblance of sofas, the stringpiece sofa convertite into a bed, which furnish you the gift of catching more than exact a few winks. This feature makes sleeper sofas ideal for those living in apartments with limited while and those who wish to have an fresh bed for guests without giving up too much floor area. One gain of a tête-à-tête embed is that while it business as regular seating furniture in your ignited region, you can also have it in bedrooms as an extra bed.

Modern sofas and loveseats minister to the basic function of providing comfortable seating in your abode, but they’re also more than that. Sofas are one of your biggest furniture investments in any size house, be it a one-compass apartment or a multilevel reside. This is why you are undoubtedly syn one with solicitude. Those who require a small sectional tête-à-tête should study a two-piece chaise sectional. With the ability to residing it either from the larboard or the right, this piece is sure to appropriate in and complete your living room. Those that require a larger sectional and prefer a retro look may appreciate the one of our mid-century end chaise sectionals. As with other sectional styles, this piece is available in both right and sinister configurations